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If you ever think that you鈥檙e not beautiful, know that true beauty is in the mind and the soul. The physically 鈥減rettiest鈥 people can have the ugliest minds. Don鈥檛 let the media tell you what beauty is, define it yourself. Your beauty is so much more than what the world around says. #quote #instagram #thoughts #life #confidence #facelessbeauty #beautifulminds

One of my best friends has one of the kindest souls I know. She always asks everyone how their day is going, not just to make conversation, but because she genuinely cares about other people鈥檚 well being. Whenever I was feeling down she would ask me anytime what she could do. Whenever anyone feels down she feels as though she can and has to help them. She always says hello and smiles at everyone, even though she does not know them. You can hear her laugh from miles away and it will always make your day brighter. She鈥檚 a true sunshine in people鈥檚 lives. I think her mind is beautiful. I think she is beautiful. Share your stories of true beauty around you! #truebeauty #facelessbeauty

In a world where physical beauty has become so predominant, i think we often don鈥檛 remember what true beauty is. I always compared myself to models in ads that I thought were 鈥減erfect鈥. I started to hate the way I looked, and I genuinely believed I was ugly. I would cry in my room asking myself why other people where all so beautiful and I wasn鈥檛. My definition of beauty had been changed by the world around me, and that in a very negative way. That was a rather dark phase of my life, and i am forever thankful to the people who helped me get out of it. Looking back now, I realize that real beauty isn鈥檛 about how you look, it鈥檚 about the way you think, you speak, you laugh, you act. People shouldn鈥檛 have to see your beauty, they should be able to feel it. I started writing poems and stories, which I found to be quite therapeutic, I found beauty in metaphors, images, imaginary worlds. I started seeing beauty in the actions of people around me. Real beauty to me is the sensibility and kindness of a person, not their physical features. That is my definition of beauty. What is yours? #facelessbeauty #truebeauty #mind #thoughts #inspiration #definewhatbeautyistoyou

oh, my

@chefroryschepisi is putting the finishing touches on her very soon to be open 鈥淭he Drunken Oyster鈥. This is seriously the most beautifully designed restaurant, and I can confidently tell you the the food will be equally as incredible. Not to mention she has great taste in art 馃榿馃槈#ICantWait Thanks for letting me post a sneak peek Rory! 馃槝

When you can鈥檛 find just the right tunes for painting, sing your own. 馃槀 馃幎. Making a few changes to an existing piece.

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