Throwing in a belated #facechangefriday! Got a new phone yesterday so playing with the camera settings. Just a little bit of a change. #strongnotskinny #installingmuscles #holidays

I’ve never really carried weight in my face that was until I started reaching 130+kg’s.. I knew my face was changing as the weight kept piling on.. When I started losing weight my face was one of the first places it went! The puffiness still blows my mind! #peelingthefat #facechangefriday #facetofacefriday #facetoface #weightloss #weightwatchers #wwaunz #wwaustralia #wwliving #wwlifestyle #fattofit #igotthis #icanandiwill #followmyprogress #followmyjourney #overweight #obese #obesity #followmyweightloss

FACE 2 FACE 👏🏼⭐️✨
2017’ Sugar & Carbohydrate Face to No sugar Low Carb Face in 2018’🌿⭐️✨
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What if I had never said YES??? 🙏🏻💕 #facechangefriday #tookcontrolofmyhealth #futureisbright #whynotyou #letsdoit

Wow is all I can say! #facechangefriday
Pregnant with Connor vs. Pregnant with Chloe. The difference?! Better knowledge of nutrition, how to properly fuel my body & surrounding myself with like minded people 🙌🏼 #Herbalifenutrition #herbaliferesults #transformationchallenge #fitfriday #healthcoach •people that use Herbalife formula 1 twice a day as part of a healthy lifestyle can generally expect to lose .5-1lb a week•

Grateful 🌟

I may have a few more wrinkles on my face and lessons that I’ve learned over the years but I can honestly say I am loving this aging process!! ❤️ I have learned so much about myself over these past (almost) 10 years and I am grateful for every lesson I’ve learned along the way!! Yes - I’m grateful for my 30 lbs weight loss and the fact that I can actually see my eyes and little left dimple when I smile in pictures now! lol Oh yes, and the energy and no more headaches is pretty darn amazing too! ...It’s amazing what good nutrition can do for your body! #thankfulformynutritionplan
But more important that the outer appearance & feeling great - I am grateful I have learned how to fall in love with myself! That has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do! To forgive myself for past mistakes and take them as learning lessons for how I want to live my life in the present and future! ❤️ I’ve learned that if I wanted good relationships with other people the first relationship I had to work on was the one with myself (self love)! I am also grateful I’ve learned to do things for myself instead of letting others opinions of me rule my life!! By letting go of the fear of what other people think... I have been able to design the life of my dreams!! But let me tell you... letting go of that fear is no easy task.. it is one I still need to constantly work on every single day! And if I stop working on it... for just one day... I can feel it creeping back in!! It’s crazy to look back and see who I was 10 years ago... and I can’t wait to see who I become as I continue to work on myself over these next 10 years! ❤️



It wouldn’t be Friday without a #facetofacefriday post. 13.3kg between these photos.

Today marks my 1 year anniversary being at goal.
Other times in my life when I’ve lost weight it has been temporary. But something has really clicked this time and I’m determined to never go back to my old eating habits or my old size. I much prefer my new lifestyle and am positive I can stick to it for life.
Things I have learnt in the past 12 months:
- just because I’m at Goal doesn’t mean I can eat whatever I want.
- I still track everyday. This is a small price to pay for not gaining weight.
- daily exercise is vital for physical and mental wellbeing
- cooking healthy meals is in fact cheaper than buying rubbish food.
- when you set you mind to a job, you can achieve it.
. - good things are so worth the effort.
. - losing weight doesn’t happen without making good choices, and making sacrifices. But at the end of the day the feeling that I was able to say No to cake was very empowering. It was a better feeling than the sweet taste of dessert.
- some days you’re just going to feel more hungry.This too will pass.
- surround yourself with people who are on your side and are encouraging. You never know how your journey will impact someone else.
How to celebrate a year at goal? A slice of cheesecake? No, not this girl. I’m off next week for a few days in Fiji. Sounds like heaven 🌴☀️👙. .
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And that's a wrap on #LiftLikeAGirl round 1. 🎉 🥂 These 8 weeks just flew by!! 😁 💪🏼
SOOO happy with my weigh in and measurements.
Things you can't measure: how happy, strong and accomplished I feel - IN MY OWN BODY!! 💕


Ahhh, 3 years ago vs this past July.

My coaches, my family. Thank you for introducing me to Herbalife & all the wonderful opportunities that have come with it. Love you both so much.

Healthier, happier & motivated.


Before and after by Kate! New man!

September 2017 vs September 2018 although I only started my journey in March I have noticed a difference in my self and well my face shows the most I believe. #facechangefriday#facetofacefriday #slimmingworlddiary #slimmingworldjourney

This week life has kicked me in the butt! But it’s amazing what can change in 12 months. Felt so good to sneak in an extra cardio session that left me pretty hot and sweaty in my new #twotags tights. Sunday I start the next #12weekchallenge hoping I can build on the success I had last time. Fingers crossed I have the willpower again. #blueprintbodyperformance #instalingmuscles #strongnotskinny #facechangefriday

Never stop chasing new results. 💕 I don’t just mean weight loss. Whatever your current goal is (clear skin, running 1 min faster miles, lifting 5 lbs heavier, consistent sleep, etc..) achieve it and move on to the next one. 🙌 This #fcf does not represent a ton of lbs lost yet I see a huge change. 😍 Not just in the face but with my mindset. The power lies within you. 💯 You just need to find it. Talking to myself too. 👊🏻 #conquertheworld #letstakeover #keeppushing

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