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If you are using social media marketing for your business then you need to check out these 11 social media marketing myths that are not true. Click the link in my bio to read my latest blog post! @yourmarketinglady.com


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I get it... it's scary to show up online - all your friends and family could judge you. ⠀

I was afraid of the camera for 8 years. I wanted a YouTube channel but didn't have the guts. ⠀

It wasn't until I finally had a reason bigger than myself, that I decided to take the leap. ⠀

So if you are hiding right now, and you know it, what do you need to push you off the edge and start being more visible online? ⠀

Let me know in the comments!

Care less about what doesn't matter
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Just like when a friend tells you bullies and it makes you feel icky, the same goes for your Social Media 🤦‍♀️📲💻✨ Us Humanoids can't form connections with lies 🙅🚫 and remember that even behind the BIGGEST Social Media accounts there's always just a human trying to connect to other humans 👫👭👬🤝 You can automate likes and buy followers but you can't automate content selection and strategy! Na-uhhhhh gurlfriend! **insert dramatic clicks across face from left to right** It's so important to always be real, always be authentic and always be YOU on your Social Media in order for your audience to form connections to you and your brand 💃🕺👏 You'll attract the RIGHT peeps, see REAL results and build genuine connections A LOT faster than if your strategy is to copy the person next to you ❣️ 📸 @sjanaelise

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But if they can't find you , no chance they will end up making the purchase, just reinforcing how important it is to implement a solid seo strategy for your business so you can get ranked on the first page! #RiseAbove #Risemarketing

Building my home office. I love working from home!

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Fina Stockholm med tåg som åker förbi när man blickar ut från slussen.

Please directly message me if you have experience in Facebook Marketing and can run an Ad campaign. All Ads will be provided, no creative needed. You must have an understanding for how to manage the account behind the scenes. All systems and processes in place to feed you clients within the week.

Onde o Sol encontra o Mar 😎🌴🌊🌄 #rotanordeste

Sitting in the bosses chair! A girl has to do what a girl has to do right? I finally got to check out HQ of one of my clients offices and it was impressive. @benjaminsimkin I promise I was only in your chair for 2 seconds 😇

Curso Gratuito e Online dia 05 e 12 de setembro com o Rafael do Virei meu chefe! Bora aprender com quem sabe! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Já sonhou em Virar Seu Chefe trabalhando apenas em casa? 💡
Falta pouco menos de um mês para o 2° Workshop Virei Meu Chefe na Era Digital e o número de inscrições já está 3 vezes maior que o da primeira edição!
Esse treinamento é ideal para você que:
✅ Quer trabalhar como afiliado no Hotmart.
✅ Quer aprender a fazer vendas TODOS OS DIAS pela internet.
✅ Quer aprender a desenvolver Marketing Multinível online, recrutando pessoas do Brasil todo.
✅ Quer atrair mais clientes, parceiros e até investidores para o seu negócio.

Nesse treinamento você encontrará as seguintes informações:
🔹 Como criar um funil de vendas automático.
🔹 Como ganhar dinheiro com a internet mesmo sem ainda ter um negócio.
🔹 Como virar o seu Próprio Chefe, podendo trabalhar em casa ou em qualquer lugar que você queira.

Se ter um empreendimento totalmente online te interessa, você precisa participar do 2° Workshop Virei Meu Chefe na Era Digital.

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O Facebook está fazendo testes com uma versão desktop que libera a funcionalidade do Stories. A versão para PCs está apenas chegando a uma pequena parcela de pessoas. E aí, o que você achou do recurso em desktops?

Se o elemento água te descreve venha conferir o óculos ideal para você! 😍 #ChilliBeans4elementos

⬆️ What do you love ❤️ about this kitchen ?? 🤔. Shared from IG @betterhomesandgardens I love so much here 😍 look at that chippy table, the cool industrial lights and the bright airy space 💕💕 Let me know what you think 🤗

Se o elemento água te descreve venha conferir o óculos ideal para você! 😍 #ChilliBeans4elementos

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