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I just found out that The Nutshell is not the smallest pub in England!!
The smallest, as of last year, the one in Margate, The Little Prince. .
The Nutshell can host 20 people (how is beyond me!) where the Little Prince can only host six folks at a time. But, I bet The Little Prince doesn't have a mummified cat and a 👻 of a boy roaming about.
Hope your Monday was fantabulous! It's been a day of dodging drizzles, chillier cloudy ⛅️ moments and catching whatever ☀️ shine I could get 💕

#tb to the purple houses of San Francisco, where the sun shines so lovely. ☀️


According to the famous Danish architect Jan Gehl, we humans need a lot of stimulus. 1000 stimulus per hour - 1 per every 4-5 seconds, to be exact. Too often urban landscapes fail to deliver enough stimulus for us. There are few exceptions though. #landscape #turku #urban #urbanism #senseofplace #cityscape #city #urbanwalls #vartiovuori #samppalinna #samppalinnanmäki #architecture #facades #oldtown #oldhouse #oldhouses #love_turku 📷: @tittamarika

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КРИК О ПОМОЩИ в вашу сторону, друзья! Мы с Сашей едем в Берлин, и очень хочется увидеть/посетить/покушать/выпить всё самое крутое, местное и необычное! Если у вас есть какие-то советы (ну или отметьте в комментариях друзей, которые могут ими поделиться), то буду вам премного благодарна и следующим постом выложу программу для неугомонных в Утрехте! А пока желаю хорошего дня и обнимаю! 😉
Hey, guys! Alex and I are going to Berlin for a few days. Do you have any places we should visit or things we should try in mind? I would really appreciate if you found a moment to share your ideas with me! If you have never been to Berlin (like me), maybe you could tag a friend who knows the city well and who could help me? Thanks in advance and have a lovely day! 😉

The Fleet Street Press, London
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Aca va otra de las clásicas fachadas de @rapsodiaoficial en acuarela!! •
This is another @rapsodiaoficial store facade. Very grateful for being part of this project. •

#watercolor #watercolorartist #acuarela #acuarelista #facades #fachadas #arquitecture #illustration #instarart #instaartist #rapsodia

grays inn road // london 19.04.2017


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