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Sé que nunca me alcanzarán los años
Para agradecerte todo lo que me has dado
Confieso en algún momento haberte subestimado
Haber sido egoísta y poner mis necesidades antes que las tuyas
Confieso que siempre se me ha hecho difícil compartirte
Pero nunca es tarde para decirte que gracias,
No solo por haberme dado la vida, si no también, por hacerme creer en ella, y más que nada en mi.
Feliz día Papi💙

Y feliz día a todos los daddies and daddies-to-be 💙

🤙ice ice baby 🌴
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Amazing race! Awesome day!!#justkeeprunning #fabfamily #cheersquad

@tarisquat and her beautiful girlz.
Mum's outfit by @classybabesrock
Asooke by @classybabesrock jewellery/purse @tarisquat
#fabfamily#stunning#classybabesrock #classyandfashionable

Tag Team 2017
w/ @stereoflow_id .
Full wall: @dripsndrops

"Mach mal n' Foto von mir und @kivihd ! okay und jetzt gib mir mein Handy wieder du pisser @fabg_antijumper " 😂😂 #FABfamily #Käasekuchen #carglasstauschtaus #nokiaverbindet #veganfitnesmodelmitlegginstwerken

Tag Team 2017
w/ @shakeyacan

Ang aming reward pag-uwi.


Halo: Unsere zweimaligen Halo Europameister und ein mal HWC EU Qualifiers Gewinner auf einem Bild. 💪 wir sind mega stolz. Danke an euch für den Support über die gesamte Saison! Danke auch an @kimbo_elzein welcher beim ersten Titel beteiligt war! #FABfamily #FAB4TheWin @luciano_calvanico @brandonstones


I have to tell someone!!!! My husband and I have been keeping a secret from our little ones for 5 months now...we are taking them to Disneyworld tomorrow!!!!! I just have to take a moment to say how thankful I am to all of our amazing customers that have supported our family business and as a result made this dream of ours come true! When you shop small it impacts families more than you will ever know. Thank you to the moon and back!

Ang aming reward pag-uwi.


It's PLAYOFFS time! And now, GILAS and SHOCKERS advances to the Semis.

RUN & GUN ran out of ammunition as GILAS outran them, 54-42. "Dark" Angel Latoreno powered GILAS with 18pts, 11rebs, 4stls,1blk, and 1ast, while Aniel "The Bullet" Nuguit chipped in with 15pts and 6rebs. Third De Silva lead the losing team with 18pts and 6rebs.

In our last game of the day, VM definitely felt an intense aftershock as SHOCKERS emerged victorious with a lead of 20 points, ending the game with a score of 91-71. Dwight Abad once again lead his team with 36pts, 11rebs, 6stls & 3ast, and Jason "The Assasin" De Guzman chipped in with 27pts all 3-pointers. Kirby "the H-Bomb" Halog lead the losing team with 32pts, 10rebs, 2stls and 1ast.

GILAS 54 - Latoreno A 18, Nuguit 15, Colindon 11, Latoreno M 5, Mabutas 3, Flores 2, Paysan 0, Maing 0.
RUN & GUN 42 - De Silva 18, Chen 13, Tan 8, De Gracia B 2, De Gracia I 1, Ogata 0, Valiente 0.

SHOCKERS 91 - Abad 36, De Guzman 27, Mejia G 12, Mejia B 6, Puno 6, Masinda 2, Leung 2.
VM 71 - Halog K 32, Pagsolingan 14, Halog G 13, Rabuy 6, Lee 6.

#FilipinoAsianBasketball #FAB #FABBasketball #FABcares #FABFamily #FABtastic #FAB4ACause #FABisLife #ForTheLoveOfTheGame #BallIsLife #BasketballNeverStops #ThisIsWhyWePlay #Hoopify

#fabfamily These gorgeous gerber daisies just arrived & MADE my day!!! #famdamily #theVillage #bdayflowers 🌼🌸🌺💐

@tarisquat and her beautiful girlz.
Mum's outfit by @classybabesrock
Asooke by @classybabesrock jewellery/purse @tarisquat
#fabfamily#stunning#classybabesrock #classyandfashionable

Join us at the Filipino Asian Basketball Fourth Season PLAYOFFS this Sunday, September 17, 2017 at the Matt Jimenez Community Center Gymnasium 28200 Ruus Rd, Hayward, Ca. Games starts at 12 noon.


Ps.: No games at Sunset this Sunday!
#FilipinoAsianBasketball #FAB #FABBasketball #FABcares #FABFamily #FABtastic #FAB4aCause #FABisLife #ForTheLoveOfTheGame #BallIsLife #BasketballNeverStops #ThisIsWhyWePlay #Hoopify

📚📓My Freshman in H.S.📚📓 God Bless him always🙏🏼📚 #mykyle #fabfamily #fabellafam2017 #fabfam2017 #myhappiness

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Filipino Asian Basketball Fourth Season Team Standing as of 09/12/17:

1. Supreme
2. Progistics
3. Gilas
4. Shockers
5. VM
6. Run & Gun
7. STS
8. Eastbay
9. Fast
*clinching playoff berth

#FilipinoAsianBasketball #FAB #FABBasketball #FABcares #FABFamily #FABtastic #FAB4ACause #FABisLife #ForTheLoveOfTheGame #BallIsLife #BasketballNeverStops #ThisIsWhyWePlay #Hoopify

Head on to facebook.com/filipinoasianbasketball for the latest deets on the 09-10 games!

RUN & GUN 59 - De Gracia I 12, Macias 10, De Silva 9, Tan 6, Chen 6, Ogata 5, De Gracia B 5, Valiente 4, Laurel 2.
FAST 39 - Suarez 17, Mendoza Mv 7, Mendoza Ml 4, Liu 4, Pabalan 3, Mai 2, Mendoza J 2, Cauanan 0.

SHOCKERS 72 - De Guzman 24, Song 22, Mejia G 14, Masinda 8, Leung 4, Mejia B 0.
VM 67 - Halog K 21, Pelobello 14, Eijansantos C 10, Rabuy 7, Lee 7, Eijansantos D 4, Lin 4, Halog G 0.

GILAS 97 - Nuguit 34, Maing 21, Latoreno A 15, Paysan 10, Mabutas 7, Flores 6, Latoreno M 4, Colindon 0.
STS 65 - Lopez 22, Mendoza 14, Guba 13, Pasoot Ru 8, Ababan 6, Ladiana 2.

PROGISTICS 64 - Salumbides 19, Belonia 14, Espinosa 13, Catamco 9, Almuete 4, Manansala 3, Cuevas 2, Baldon 0.
EAST BAY 62 - Amit 28, Belga 13, Dasigan 12, Mangaoay 9, Resurreccion 0, Morano 0.

#FilipinoAsianBasketball #FAB #FABBasketball #FABcares #FABFamily #FABtastic #FAB4ACause #FABisLife #ForTheLoveOfTheGame #BallIsLife #BasketballNeverStops #ThisIsWhyWePlay #Hoopify

Pumpkin candles and puggles= a good afternoon. My little helper 🐶

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