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Do you love watermelon?? I do!😋🍉🍉
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Who loves unicorns? 🦄
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eggsis and eggbro wedding cake success! and now i'm pooped 😝💩 and also i miss @extracelestial who came all the way from portland to capture the wedding and these cakes and mum who made all of the frosting!!! ok let's open presents @annaelizabethdesign!!! #satherssayido22 (📷 @extracelestial!)

Swipe 👉🏻 to see some serious #yolkporn! 🍳 Want to know some of my fav places to eat in Osaka? Link in bio to see more! #hungrynycosaka #hungrynycjapan

back in my kitchen & it feels so good to be reunited💁🏼 one of my favorite things about traveling is how special home feels when i get back🙌🏽
|| 2 crispy eggs cooked in ghee + topped with sea salt + 1 slice millet bread topped with 1/2 an avo + hemp seeds + sautéed kale in avo oil with sea salt + black pepper || 💯
happy monday everyone, hope you have the most wonderful day❤️

Gosh!I find Polish food so easy to love and really all I crave these days is my mum's cooking!Tell me this is normal!
Anyway,I was tagged by some lovely people to tell you 20 fun facts about me,and although I was VERY nervous to share it,here you go 👇 (hope someone will read 🙈)
1.I come from Poland.
2.So yes, I love pierogi,soured cucumbers and pickled fish (no judgment please!) 😉
3.When I was 20 I packed my bag and bought a one way ticket to England.
4.I've been here ever since 😉
5.Some people say I was brave but really I was just irresponsible.Mum how could you ever let me do this?
6.It took me 34 hours to get to England by coach,the coach broke down on the way and we were hit by the storm while crossing the channel on the ferry. 😱
7.I am scared of travelling.
8.But really I am only scared of travelling by coach,ferry or plane 🙈
9.I am going to New York in 3 weeks time!.....By plane 😱
10.I didn't cook until I was 20,I moved out the family home and lived on ready made pizzas for 2 months.(ekhh 😝)
11.My favourite food is pizza,however I am much more selective these days and try not to eat it every day 😂
12.I don't watch television.
13.I love the smell of books.
14.My favourite way to spend Friday night is in my pyjamas,in bed,with a book.
15.Ok,ok!A glass of wine is always welcome too 😂
16.I smile at strangers on the street.Yes even when I'm sober.
17.They don't always smile back 🙈
18.But I love meeting new people so I keep smiling 😁
19.My dream? It's actually happening -being married to my husband. 💃
But I ALWAYS dream about being a better photographer too.📸
20.I really don't like talking about myself. 😜

Now that you know 😉 (and that we are friends here after all) I'd love to hear something fun about you!

PASTA. Would die without it. So if you don't know what to cook for dinner this is nice: Boil some spaghetti 2 minutes less than it says on the package, drain and save a bit of the pasta water. Mix spaghetti with lemon zest, lemon juice, minced fresh garlic, olive oil and some pasta water. Top with butter fried scallops and arugula. And some more olive oil, salt and pepper. If you don't like/want/prefer scallops just fry some mushrooms instead. THAT WAS EASY RIGHT. Puss

Happy Monday with raw salad sushi rolls: lots of greens from the garden, courgette and carrot, watermelon, plum and avocado, tightly rolled into a sheet of nori seaweed.
The courgette (zucchini) and carrot are sliced in thin strips with a Thai peeler designed for Som Tam salad 😍 I've had and loved this peeler for years; search 'Kiwi thai julienne peeler', it's the best! If you've been to my workshops may know what I'm talking about ;)
These were dipped in a simple shoyu soy sauce / fresh lime and chilli dressing but if you want more dressing tips, see my post with the same type of rolls in a single bento box a few posts down!
I served these a memory plate, one of those I'd eat off when staying with my maternal grandparents as a small girl .. ❤️ If only they'd known what would one day happen to their plate! ;)
Much love, Sara x
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Roasted garlic, parmesan cheese, blistered cherry tomatoes, capers, olive oil, chives, parsley and oregano baked onto a buttery puffed pastry base is for everything from appetizers to brunch to lunch to dinner all summer long. [Link to Herbed Tomato and Roasted Garlic Tart on smittenkitchen.com in profile]


Brownie Mondae (get it, like sundae, but it's Monday... kk just checking)

#Blueberry Apple Crumble 💜 ⠀
Herzerwärmender Apfel Blaubeer #Crumble mit Vanillesahne – Mein ganz persönliches #Soulfood. Erwärmt das Herz, den Bauch, die Gedanken und schmeckt am besten zusammen mit den Lieblingsmenschen.⠀

#Rezept in Kürze auf ➡️madamedessert.de⠀

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#ravioli 😋🍴

Торт Добош / Dobos cake

Традиционный венгерский торт, состоящий из шести слоёв бисквита с шоколадным кремом и карамельной глазурью.
Рецепт в комментарии под предыдущим фото👉


Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Stop by to try our wide selection of Cerimonial Grade matcha drinks!

Stopped at @eatflowerchild right before heading to the airport to pick up a quick & healthy dinner! Top is the Mother Earth bowl and bottom is the Mediterranean salad with chicken. Until next time AZ ✌🏻

Por aquí estuvo @gastro_cali deleitándose con este delicioso waffle. Compartimos sus comentarios con ustedes 😊☺ #Repost @gastro_cali (@get_repost)
Hoy estuvimos en típico plan de domingo: paseo por San Antonio 🏞️⛪️ con una parada dulcera en @lawaffleria.co 🥞 antes un #foodtruck y ahora con un local para recibir clientes. Pedimos el #waffle hecho de la mezcla de canela, con banano y durazno 🍌🍑 topping de arequipe y helado de vainilla 🍦😋💕 nos hizo falta el cafecito para acompañar, ojalá lo tengan pronto ☕️

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💙Ripening blueberries💙

Mushroom + Beet Dish over at our friends @feedcompanydallas 🙌🏽 // Every vegetable was cooked to perfection and that celery root purée was AMAZING! Order without beet butter and it's completely vegan 🤗

These blueberry cobbler chunk (no churn) ice cream cones were favored by a few readers on @food52 this week, and I think with good reason. 😏 First of all, they are no churn, then they are also inspired by @nigellalawson , and last but not least, who doesn't love the contrasting texture of cobbler chunks and creamy dairy every now and then? It's an old recipe with a subpar video. Find it on my bio 🤗

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Stay fresh with our pizza with arugula. #TramontiPizza (Photo: @thedishelinguide)

Wear sunscreen ☀️🕶
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