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Here are some old yummy food pics to celebrate my 1 year anniversary on thatfoodfeed!

Swipe left! 👍

Hi guys, it's been a while since I made Vanilla Chocolate Waffles. So I made them again today and served them with a chocolate drizzle and delicious fruits. So here we have three slices of watermelon, one plum, one orange, strawberries, blueberries, bananas and half of a kiwi. The waffles are of course vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free and they turned out super fluffy and thick, I will share the recipe soon. 😍

Since I made these two-colored waffles the first time, some months ago, the picture got shared many times, even twice on @detoxpage and they were remade by many foodies. My favorite one is my sweet friend Kirsten @thehealthyhazelnut who served them to her kids and since then they have fallen in love with the waffles and call them "Ela waffles". Now they want to get "Ela waffles" only and no other ones. 😂 How cute is that? 😍

Today Christina and Ray @3.bunnies made "Ela waffles" too and I also saw them on @cities_and_food 😍 definitely check out all these beautiful accounts as well. I am sending you all much love 💗
Hallo ihr Lieben, heute gab es mal wieder zweifarbige Vanille-Schoko-Waffeln. Seit ich sie das erste Mal gemacht habe und bei meinem Instagram Account gepostet habe, wurde das Bild mehrfach geteilt und auch von vielen Foodies nachgemacht. 😀 Dazu gab es leckeres Obst, und zwar: Wassermelone, Pflaume, Orange, Erdbeeren, Blaubeeren, Bananen und eine halbe Kiwi. Die Waffeln sind natürlich vegan, glutenfrei und frei von raffiniertem Zucker. Ich werde das Rezept bald mit euch teielen. Ich wünsche euch noch einen schönen Abend 😍
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Pastel dreamz protein smoothie bowl whip 🤗😋 froZen nana with vegan vanilla protein powder and coloured with blue spirulina & Pitaya powders (@e3liveaustralia / @knowrishwell ) This ones for you T! Glad you're back @talinegabriel ✨😘 As you may have noticed there's been so many horrible instances of accounts being hacked - stay stafe people! 👯‍♂️

Happy Sunday! Tonight's dinner is a Tunisian Chickpea soup with toasted ciabatta and all the yummy Mediterranean flavors that I love, another @sunbasket meal inspired by Paula Wolfert. I'm pretty much obsessed with chickpeas, eggs and olives so all the flavors in this bowl are on point. If you want to try out @sunbasket and get organic ingredients and recipes delivered to your door you can get your first 3 meals free with the link in my profile. Have a great night!

The Cream Parlor Pixie Float! ❄️🦋✨ @creamparlor #PHAAT

Stop swearing off pasta salad -- just the gloopy ones. This one is all texture and zip: al dente noodles, slow-roasted tomatoes (even the off-season ones work), crunchy nuts, salty cheese and a garlic oregano vinaigrette. I wish I always had some in the fridge. [Pasta Salad with Roasted Tomatoes on smittenkitchen.com]

Watch me Whip. Watch me NaeNae.
📍 @islandtimefloats
🍍 DOLE whip Floats
🔥 GET IT AT @gafoodiefest
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These milkshakes brought me to the yard 🍨🍫 @rallypizza peanut butter salted caramel concrete w/ choc pearls & 🍒 on top / seasonal: rhubarb crisp w/ oatmeal crumble

Meatballs for Sunday supper from locally sourced ingredients. Can I just tell you how much I’m geeking out over my new @hestanhome NanoBond skillet?! I have 2 words for you - molecular titanium!
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Need ideas for a make-ahead meal this week? Try these savory Individual Beef Pot Pies! (Recipe in link in profile).

Such a delicious meal 😍
• Credit @sorrynosalad

harissa chickpeas (from great @bonappetitmag recipe!) on flatbread w poached egg. so delish!

Get that Sunday Slow-Cookerin' on with this easy-peasy crock pot shredded chicken! ⠀
This is my FAAAAAVORITE way to prep protein for the entire week - cook it all day, shred it up, pop it in the fridge, and BAM! You're ready for lighting-fast salads/pastas/pizzas/soups/tacos all week long. 🌮🥗🍕🥘

Our Mac and cheese bites are perfect for a windy day like today! 🧀🧀🧀 picture by @skinnypignyc 🙏🏽 #bouncesportingclub

My hand looks like a lobster claw 🦀 Also, burger! @northstarcafe

Strawberry fields in my breakfast bowl!

#Strawberry #BreakfastBowl

Last month we celebrated 10 years of being married. This was the little 🎂 we got from a great restaurant manager who overheard our conversation. What an adventure it has been. Here's to 10 more!! // St. Helena, CA

Nueva #TortaDeLimon flambeada 🍋🍋 preparándonos para un gran día mañana lunes, día de todos los que trabajamos día a día por nuestro hermoso país 🇻🇪 #LibertadParaVenezuela #sosvenezuela #venezuela

Come have a taste of the good life.

Hoy hicimos en casa papa a la huancaina y sin galleta. Acá una foto antes de ponerle la aceituna 😬😎 #huancaina #homemade #sunday

Coconut Chia pudding with fresh fruit. Breakfast, snack or dessert. 😚

When you open a jar of this wonderful orange blossom honey, you will enjoy the fragrance of a Florida orange grove with every breath you take. It’s crisp and floral, bold, sweet and finishes with pure citrus.

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More like 16 love handles 😅 helps cure our Sunday scaries tho📍Murray Hill, NY

Low-FODMAP soup. Been trying to follow a Low-FODMAP diet the past couple weeks to see if it helps my ongoing stomach issues. Legumes are high in FODMAPS, but it seems I can handle smaller amounts of lentils (than my usual serving size) as well as chickpea tempeh.  But, considering my go-to soup is a very onion and garlic heavy red lentil dalh, I've had to come up with alternatives. Enter this carrot and dill coconut soup. Recipe is super simple and I've included it here.  Have you ever tried a #lowfodmap #vegan #glutenfree diet? 😃 What's been your experience? And shoutout to @thevietvegan for suggesting I try this out 😜 - we met up in person, got along great, and one outcome of our hang was that I try this diet out.
6 large 🥕, peeled and diced
5 cups water
1 teaspoon (t) sea salt
1.5-2 t dried dill
3 tablespoons coconut CREAM blended with 1 cup water to become thick coconut milk. (You could use 1 cup full fat coconut milk too and I'm sure that would work.) instructions:
add water and carrots to pot with half the sea salt, bring to boil then simmer for about 10-15 minutes (until you can easily pierce carrots with fork). Turn off, and let cool for a bit (if you want/afraid of hot soup splashing as you blend), then blend in batches in your high speed blender or food processor with the coconut milk, dill and remaining salt. ♨ Make sure steam can escape while you blend/process, otherwise you may burn yourself.♨

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