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Current nail situation feat #flossgloss Dinge, Mrs. Tony Montana, and Palazzo Pleasures. Rings from @forever21 #f21xme ✨💅🏾✨

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ferris wheel swag
looking like a remixed version of Baby and Sporty Spice 💥
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Flamingos + 🌿 #shotoniphone

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Do you prefer contrasting colors or more natural, subtle dimension? I love both! I can never decide 🖤
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Congratulations for your amazing work 🌟
Photographer: @oreeeo
Model: @audrerosee

Because nothing makes me feel prettier than wearing red! 💄💋💃🏽

Tell me why I look darker than usual today🤔😂anywhoo just wanted to give a little shoutout to @lotus_heights absolutely in love with everything💞and my order came super fast💨Keep it up🤙&check them out fam👌
📸: @ohhhhmann ❤️
@anastasiabeverlyhills Brow Wiz in Granite, Matte Lipstick in Resin and Blush Trio “Berry Adore” in Velvet&Exotic
@beccacosmetics First Light Priming Filter
@benefitcosmetics Rollerlash in Brown
@nyxcosmetics Extreme Shine Eyeliner in Sunrise Blue
Hat&T-shirt: @lotus_heights
Shorts: @forever21
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This top reminds me of a pirate shirt. so here are some corny pirate jokes to get you through your Thursday ☠️⚓️ How much did the pirate pay for his piercings?
A buck-an-ear.

Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?
Because they can spend years at C.

How did the pirate get his Jolly Roger so cheaply?
He bought it on sail.

Okay I’m done now 😂 enjoy your day!!

top switcharoo for the pool & always twirling 💙 (ps this skirt is on sale, shop the look at bloomwithzum.com/shop!)

If I could live anywhere in the world, I would still choose New York. Where would you choose? New post on the blog from my little Day venture in Chinatown yesterday! 💌

No one loves this 15 pounder more than me 🤗 (except maybe Paul) #iphoneography 📸 @hannah_brandenburg #f21xme

And if I asked you to name all the things you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself? 🕊

The journey to Ethiopia begins...
Let’s start this series. A few weeks I backpacked around Ethiopia for almost a month.
Let me start of with telling you that travelling around this country, was unlike anywhere I’ve been before.
You might be thinking why did I decide to go to Ethiopia instead of any other country, possibly one you’ve heard of...it’s because I wanted to experience something that was completely different to anything I know.
I’ve travelled around Europe, Asia and South America and I was tired of th backpacker route, it all became too easy and I wanted to go somewhere utterly raw, untouched and filled with adventure!
That’s when I stumbled across Ethiopia and this country provided all of that for me and more.
Ethiopia is the first proper African country and first predominantly Black Country I’ve been to (in my future posts I’ll explain why this is important).
So join me over the next month, where I’ll be showing you this incredibly country and everything it has to offer and I guarantee you that by the end, you’ll definitely want to to travel to Ethiopia.
So Ethiopians are one of the most photogenic people I’ve come across, therefore I revelled in portrait photography here.
This is my first portrait: Meet Madamo.
We were driving to the Omo Valley region when we came across a Teff Terrace, as soon as Madamo saw us he ran down from top of the hill and proudly showed us one of the plants he was growing. It’s called Moringa, it’s a vegetable that everyone eats.
Madamo was striking, he looked like a warrior and he had these piercing dark eyes that almost seemed like he was looking through your soul.
The people of Ethiopia are incredibly strong and prideful and Madamo is a clear example of that.
Have any of you ever been to Ethiopia?!


🎡 Hella Coachella 🎡
After my 3rd year in a row, I’m currently coachillin and jet lagged 😴
Choker: @ettika
Top: @forever21
Shorts: @fashionnova
Sandals: @forever21
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