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She's ready to go back to church! #Ezrastrong #chdawareness #prayforezra

Everyone meet Ezra. He's my cousins little 2 year old brother.
Ezra has a tumor in his Prostate/Urethra and Bladder. On May 30th 2016 he was diagnosed with stage 3 Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma.
Every picture posted of him he's smiling. He's a strong little boy and we all know he will kick cancers butt!! I got a snapchat of him today. His brother was asking him if he remembered kissing Robyn. He just laughed and said no. lol It was the cutest thing ever. When I went up to Washington he kept telling me that Robyn was his girlfriend while he hugged her ❤
His parents have started a Facebook page for him where we can all keep updated on him and his progress.
I'm asking for everyone to keep little Ezra in your prayers.
There is also a GoFundMe page for him called Ezra's Battle if anyone will like to donate money for him and his family.
#EzraStrong 😇❤

I guess my woody wasn't waterproof 😢. #newbracelet #ezrastrong #stilllovingit #woodenwatch #stickfiguremusic

Yesterday, we had the honor of spending a couple of hours with the most amazing superhero any of us had ever met. Ezra (left) is only 4 years old and he's already stronger than the rest of us combined. We spent our time with him and his family making superhero masks, completing a superhero training course to earn superhero capes, and having fun on the playground. When you shop LYM, you help kids just like Ezra and his family, and seeing the happiness LYM brings them reminds us all why we do it ❤️💛🍉
Check out loveyourmelon.com to help little superheroes just like Ezra! Don't forget to choose the UCF Crew at checkout so we can keep visiting families and bringing smiles to little faces that deserve it
#superheroday #loveyourmelon #ezrastrong #ucflymcrew

This is Ezra! He's 3 years old and I met him while at Seattle Children's Hospital today. His mother posted this picture online and I couldn't be happier to share it with you all because this little guy captivated my heart in a big way. I saw TONS of great kids while at Seattle children's today and Ezra's visit was one I will never forget. His personality is so BIG! He was so talkative and responded with the cutest answers possible! In this picture he's flexing to show me how strong he is. Nurses and parents couldn't help but huddle around Ezra and I as we had the most incredible conversation. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. Everyone had the biggest smile on their faces and his ability to just be a child while fighting is a testament to his strength. I was so blessed to meet him today and hope I see him again! It was also a great honor to have Ellie Walton's mother Sarah (@prayersforellie ) volunteer with us today. Ellie was one of my favorite little girls who passed away January 15 and her mother helping today was beyond brave in honor of her daughter's life and fight. What an incredible day all around. Thank you all and god bless! #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #EzraStrong #Ezra #SeattleChildrensHospital #SeattleChildrens #Love #PrayersForEllie #EllieWalton #Flexing #strength #GoBeGreat #inspireothers #fightlikeakid #Faith #motivation #MyHeroEzra #Hope #Blessings #Washington #Seattle

Officially made it to Soccer Mom status at Ezra's first game today! It mostly consisted of watching kids follow butterflies and not the ball- but we're so proud! 😂

"She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future." Proverbs 31:25 Makes me cry every.single.time. This verse is perfect for my daughter, as a heart warrior who has stared death in the face and rebelled. Who has overcome many more battles in 9 months than some of us ever will. Who may not know what the future holds but that will never stop her. Her heart beats harder because her soul is on fire and her heart is burning with passion, I can see it in her eyes, I can tell by her gestures, she is wise and she is here for a reason. She is my hero and I will always fight for her in life as she has fought so hard herself and us as well. Can't thank God enough for my angel. #chdawareness #EzraStrong #9months #heartwarrior #survivor

Today is a beautiful day for my main man! To see a 3 year old fight as hard as he has, has opened my eyes to so much and made me a better person. Cancer fucking sucks and I hope one day nobody has to fight it! Ezra you are an inspiration to me and you're family and we love you so much dude!🎗💪✌
#FUCKcancer #ezrastrong #remission #mymainman @_xoxo_mmmeriah


She's ready to go back to church! #Ezrastrong #chdawareness #prayforezra

•Ezra Gabriel Anes•
Baby Ezra,
I'm so sorry I won't be able to fly down to Florida and celebrate with you, your wonderful parents, big brother macho, family and friends next weekend for your upcoming arrival!! We all can't wait to see you!! 😌 I can't wait to meet you and your big brother one day. Here, I made you with much love a baby scarf just for you!!! You're ready for 2018 winter season. 😝 Tell your big baby brother his is next. 🤗 Love, Jenn 💙
#babyezra #ezrastrong #babyscarf #floridafam #babyboy #couplemoreweeks #anesfam #2018winterready #babyblue #navyblue #handmade #withlove #tovarscarves

Excited to say I've found an awesome, dependable guy who is working on our #Ezrastrong T-shirts for you guys to purchase! Now, available sizes will vary between baby, toddler and adult. I just need to get an accurate head count once and for all on how many for him to make initially. So comment or PM me so I can get it all together! Thank you all for your patience and support!!! Costs:
Adult: $20
Toddler and baby: $15
💙❤💙I can meet whoever once we get these all processed and we can figure out mailing them on a personal basis as well. We will accept checks and cash! ❤💙❤
⚠⚠⚠We can work out deals for bulk orders, PM me for more info on that!⚠⚠⚠
❤💙❤ Due to baby shirts being much smaller, we will have to do them a little different than what's shown below. Baby t's will have the same color scheme but just say #Ezrastrong on the front 💙❤💙
#shareforEzra #chdawareness

Love this little boy so much ❤️ I still continue to pray for him daily. #ezrastrong

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