Love this charming hilltop town on the Cote d'Azur, with its beautiful cobblestone streets and gorgeous views of the Mediterranean. 🎈🎈

Saying goodbye to @nadiavdc #FeelingBlue that college gives you amazing friends for 4yrs and then they leave. It’s almost like leasing an asset but the difference is that during these 4yrs the value of friendship increases and I cannot pay a residual value to make them stay. (#Accounting101 thank you Mario Perez). If after reading this you are the type to comment “no worries you have social media to keep in touch”, I kindly ask you to move on to the next post. Social media does not fill the void. I know it is natural and I know we will remain friends but it bothers me to think that each of us will form our lives apart and that these four years will only be remembered as a chapter of our lives.
Ñaña, I will mis your dark humor/jokes, making fun of your strange Bolivian accent, and your 24/7 appetite for junk food. Thank you for the nights out in which your personality had more effect in making us laugh than the tequila. Thank you for being one of my first friends in the #Stanford dorms. Thank you for being an honest friend❤️. I will miss you more than I enjoy a cocowhip.
Don’t get too comfortable in Bolivia because we will come back for you!

Tonight Tonight tonight tonight !! It's going down at Ebar Club13 downtown las olas !! ⚡️Best of HIPHOP-REGGAE -TOP40 - TRAP⚡️ Everyone come party it up till 4am!🔥Ladies come before 12 drinks on me ! 🔥
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Y así andamos, transitamos, convivimos, crecemos... Siempre cerca, siempre juntos ❤️❤️ #amor #eze #treinajuntospermanecejuntos

↠ Last week, two friends of mine from college visited me at home, in Monaco. Scrambling to show them around the touristy parts of town, I also had to show them around my favorite spots on the French Riviera, one of them being a vast lookout on top of the old Èze village, which overlooks Èze, of course, but also Villefranche-sur-Mer, and Nice. You can even spot Nice Airport’s runways from up there!
On a morning hike, we were greeted by eerie fog. Cornering the cliffs, while the fog engulfed them, was one of my favorite parts of the hike. It very quickly reminded me of Caspar David Friedrich’s romantic painting “The Wanderer above the Sea of Fog”. The wanderer gazes into the sea of fog, contemplating the unknown.
What a great start to our morning!

The beautiful medieval village of #Eze, perched high above the Mediterranean Sea. ⛰🏰 🌊 #frenchriviera #cotedazur #france #southoffrance #castlesinthesky

Who's a Big Boy!!? ❤️👶🏻🍼 #ezekielis #eze #ezekielmars #papa #tummytime #bigboy #lilcarlito

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