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Let love alter you by making you a mirror,
let it brighten you, by making you the light,
let it do both, by teaching you to reflect,
let love do its work, you just do your best...
#ezarawrites πŸ₯‚

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// memory // #ezarawrites

✨✨✨be free✨✨✨
#ezarawrites #apoemaday #poetsofinstagram #POETRYISNOTDEAD

Vowels #ezarawrites

This is how you heal:

I will tell you.
Every single thing you wish they would do,
you begin to do for you.
You wake up tomorrow
and make yourself tea.
Flavour it with mint or rose petals or cardamom or ginger -
whatever you like most.
Then drink it listening to Billie Holiday or Dusty Springfield or anyone else that makes your bones come alive.
Water is the refuge of the broken-hearted
because crying in the ocean is like replenishing it.
Cry in the shower,
it's the most graceful place to do that.
Wear the dress you had reserved for him
when you reserved a table at the Italian restaurant
you thought he might like.
Put on your red lipstick.
Do not wear heels. Your life is not a balancing act.
Work. Work so hard your castle descends from the air for you, brick by sturdy brick.
And when your day is done,
stop by the flower shop
and buy yourself some tulips.
Bring them home and place them in a tall glass vase.
Lay down...
Now book a ticket
to that place you thought you would go with him.
Pour a glass of wine.
This is your life
and you're going to be fine. .
(A poem I'd written when a friend asked me, "What is the best way to make a heart stop hurting?" I've tried these things. They worked for me, maybe they'll work for her. Maybe they'll work for you.) #ezarawrites

Hold on β™₯️ (Image by @tshrmhra.) #ezarawrites

What a waste of all this skin; when all she dreams of day out, day in, is making vowels come to life with him - #ezarawrites @karunaezara 's words capturing a spectrum of infinite moments, making it unnecessary to write any of my own πŸ’—photo by @ben088 for @jaline_resort @bergdorfs


πŸ’« #ezarawrites

For all those earthy girls made of strong bones and sturdy thighs, solid hearts and wicked laughs. #ezarawrites

Girls! First you swim, then learn to soar. Because - you are not one thing alone. You are the wind and the water both, you are the fucking storm. This sari stole my heart - fish gliding through a sea of silver silk. Shot by @theordinaryclicker, sari and styling by @sienna_store. (ZOOM for sari details!) #kolkata #calcutta #sarees #silk #sariswag #siennastore #ezarawrites

That #environmentalscience life. #Repost @karunaezara (@get_repost) ・・・
sweet dreams πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒŸ #ezarawrites

sweet dreams πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒŸ #ezarawrites

πŸ‰ #ezarawrites

Nd it did !!🌞🌚 #Repost @karunaezara
only love β€’ happy saturday β€’ 🌿 β€’ πŸ•ŠοΈ β€’ #ezarawrites

only love β€’ happy saturday β€’ 🌿 β€’ #ezarawrites

🌟 ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️ 🌟


πŸ™πŸΌ #ezarawrites

Everything she writes is gold. Also, I think she's in love right now and I'm gobbling it all up. #ezarawrites

#Repost @karunaezara (@get_repost)
Haven't posted a poem in a while, and I'm sorry about that. So here's a tiny one to get the ball rolling again...and where better to start than rain and gratitude? πŸ™πŸΌ #ezarawrites #writefirsttalklater #poetsofinstagram

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