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My favourite morning show! Love the entire @cp24breakfast team! Thanks everyone, I always have a hootenanny.
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Eye witness report: Happening now in Artisan market junction in Enugu state. A truck driver carrying sachet water apparently lost control of his vehicle and slammed into the traffic light pole at the junction. The traffic light pole fell and landed on two moving vehicles.
Fortunately no lives were lost. Right government agencies are yet to make an appearance at the scene at the time of this report.
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Hi, this is something​ I had started yesterday but honestly no matter how hard I try it won't come out as any better than this... sorta rough sketch? Idk :/ but anyways I still wanted to post it even tho it's not my best (hope you still​ like it) because this scene!? and the flower!? and evak!? Although the rest of the clip made me so sad... I just want Sana to be happy!
And I'm still shocked, sad and devasted about what happened last night in Manchester. Please don't let hate and fear win. That's what they want. Do not give in and let them have the satisfaction of winning. And remember that hate doesn't come from religion, it comes from fear. My heart, my thoughts go out to all the innocent victims, their families and everyone who this horrible horrible attack affected. ALT ER LOVE 💘

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I wish they made season 2
part of a collab

* stays home and binge watches eyewitness for the 25th time *
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Imagine the look on Bellamy's face when he finds out that Clarke is alive
He didn't think with his heart. He thought with his head
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Lindsey can make anyone question their already questionable sexuality
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I'm crying 😢
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Bellamy Bradbury Blake thinks Clarke is fucking dead and has been for 6 years
I can't! 😭
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i don't wanna ruin my order but i'm gonna do it anyway

my part in Sophie's collab [ @suicidvll ]

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