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✨ daenerys targaryen ✨
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Only the best love song by The Boss and This Goddess of a human. @officialpattismith 🦄🙌❤️🙌 🦄THANK YOU TIMES INFINITY. #brucespringsteen #eyewitness

I miss them
Rm of an older edit
(originally a rm of @coupsvine)
Dt Jess bc Philkas
this is sloppy but just pretend I put effort into this thx

This honestly made my heart melt. Dorothy, one of the most supportive #Eyewitness fans, organized a group of beautiful souls who put together a book of their incredibly thoughtful letters and illustrations to send to me. During a time in which I hardly ever feel like I can make it out of bed, this truly did cheer me up and make my day. I'm so honored to have been able to touch so many of you through Lukas' story. I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and belief in me, not a single person goes unappreciated. ❤️

#Eyewitness 1x05: "The Lilies" airs tonight on #Showcase, at 10pm! Don't miss it 💕 This EP is in my personal top 3 favourite episodes of the season! If you missed 1-4, catch up on their website. You have time 😉! #Philkas (P.s the chilling ending of this episode still has me shook months later. One of @thisisjamespaxton best scene of the season. The emotions and intensity.)

14 Freeway Santa Clarita!! Fire jumped the freeway!!! Hot ASF Outside!! #eyewitness

Just 4 dudes (what is going on with my look?!) hanging out in a cave.
What a beautiful day for a hike with these cuties and @ili.ray @thisisjamespaxton @mattmurray28 @tyler.matthew.young ❤️ #onceamonthcrew #eyewitness


Me to Elena me to
I love delena to so don't get pisses at me
I just love stelena more
Cr: @_siredtpdonovan

I can't believe that reign is over too 😭
Cr: @stilesdream

Tomorrow the first "grown up" show that I ever watched is going to end
I'm tearing up right now
I still remember the first time I watched it. I was at my grandmas house and my older cousin turned it on and I fell in love with it. I was 10 when I started watching this show now I'm 17. I've literally grown with the show and I'm sad that it's ending
Wow. I'm crying now
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I honestly still don't understand
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I don't mumble I got bars they sick like a diabetic they need insulin #july24 #eyewitness #fucktheplugandthesocket

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i really want a cute girl to make out with. whoops.

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