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I now cannot work without two lamps

Before I made do with just one, which I always had on my right side, bit it meant that lashing the left eye was impossible due to the lack of correct lighting
Ok I could bring the second arm over but it was never enough
I was so amazed when I got my 2 lamps - what a difference and actually my eyesight has improved as I had no idea how much I had been straining.

Can't afford 2 big lamps? Why not go for the glamcor mono that we sell at the eyelash excellence online shop.
Cheaper alternative, clamps onto the side of your couch and portable too.
I also love the 2 settings they have and I use these in my courses

Sometimes you cannot beat a good old classic set of lashes.
Done by our eyelash excellence trainer Amy Palumbo.
It's not always about volume, but some clients still want and totally rock a set of classics

I wanted to show you my post holiday lashes. After what felt like a ridiculously long day travelling and feeling exhausted and a little worst for wear and unglamorous I wanted to show you how my lashes still looked fab ( at least something did )
This is my new favourite adhesive that I use on my clients and love to wear myself.
It's the most advanced adhesive that I sell, so super quick, super thin consistency, great for classic and volume. I do not recommend it for the novice tech and like every adhesive make sure you figure out HOW to work with THAT specific adhesive - they are like cars, you have to adapt your driving style to each one you drive - adhesives are no different.
Want to try this adhesive, visit my shop at www.eyelashexcellence.com
We have both UK, USA and CANADIAN distributors and we ship same or next day so you can guarantee a speedy delivery from us. Make sure you select the correct shop for your country on the home page.
Not quite ready for the Rapid, then try either Rebel or Ice my slightly slower curing sister adhesives - full descriptions of how they work are on the website.
So buy now at www.eyelashexcellence.com

This is such a great way to assist yourself if you struggle with direction.

The creation of direction in a set is a major part of styling the client - you NEED to get this right
Think about it :
If you have a client with a naturally " sleepy" eye you want to lift - so the direction of lashes needs to be more upright to open the eye

If you want to extend the eye outwards you would create a sweep like in the picture here.

So when styling a client we must consider the direction used.
Eyestyling is a massive subject which is why I created a course solely on this - check out my website www.eyelashexcellence.com for more info
Great post by @winklashproducts
Repost @winklashproducts (@get_repost)
The mapping blue prints. Lash mapping by @wink_kelley - We've all heard it! Failing to prepare is preparing to fail 🙅🏼. Lash mapping helps us keep organized while working and better assists in creating that perfectly fanned seamless shape!

This is the perfect demonstration of the wrap - a volume technique that you hear spoken about.
It seems that not many trainers teach it but this wrap is they key to amazing volume retention.

Look how long I hold that fan onto the natural lash for, then watch it " pop" open at the end and bear hug the natural lash.

You cannot rush the wrap, it takes time - up to 6 seconds - this is why my volume sets can take from 2-4 hours - because of this, I'm not just plonking them on.
To wrap you do need to create the perfect fan with a good pointy base

You need to have a good adhesive and your levels correct
You need to let the fan settle gently onto the nl and allow a slight cure to happen
You need to apply a little bit of pressure
It's not easy and has to be performed step by step and it must be perfected away from the client first.

Volume lashing is technical, not many realise that - but there are sooooo many technical steps that must be applied to create a perfect set

And this is why I pride myself on having some of the best courses out there - because I teach your technical stuff - the techniques I develop and perfect which I learn through hours and hours of practice to learn what works and what doesn't.

I offer a variety on courses both online and in person so take a look at www.eyelashexcellence.com

Super simple yet effective trick to stretch those inners.
No more hating those inners !

Soft fluffy volume.

So what are we looking for in a good set? (Both techs and clients - start to look at your sets to see if they meet the criteria )
1 - clean work, minimal use of adhesive, which remains at the base ( no wicking) the fans should look seamless and pads should be clean.

2- seamless graduation of lash length, starting with short in the inners, up to longer and a graduation to shorter on the outer. There should be no obvious stepping in your lash lengths - the tips should graduate seamlessly. Sadly many techs are trained just to use 8/10/12 😟as such you get ugly stepping and the dreaded cat effect that suits very few clients.

3- thinner extension or less volume in the very inner and outer corners. These areas are delicate as such we must protect them. I also call them " ugly" areas ( they tend to stick out like a sore thumb) so we want to draw as little attention away from those areas as possible.
4- good use of direction as per my last post

5- correct use of thickness or volume. Yes of course your client is going to ask for them to look as full as possible. It takes no skill what so ever to create a big thick full set of lashes - just stick loads in. The skill comes in selecting either the correct thickness or level of volume for THAT client - and lashing only the suitable nl with a suitable extension.
6- correct use of Length - no more than a 12mm on most clients. Really long lengths do NOT suit most clients, instead they distort the face - add extra weight - will likely twist - and can look false. On most my clients I'm using a 10/11mm max!
7- perfect isolation - this is so important. This skill is what takes the time. The individual isolation of all suitable nl takes time. Classic sets 1.5-2 hours and volume sets 2-4 hours. These are the takes given in lash competitions showing that even the best techs in the world take this amount of time to complete a set. Very quick lashers always raise my suspicion - those techs in salons that are boshing out sets in 45 mins are usually doing so because they are cutting corners somewhere- think about it!!! Continued below....,

Working on the deep set eye can be difficult :
My top tips :
1 - work on one eye at a time
2- turn the head so that eye is as close to you as it can be
3- tilt the head back too ( this can help)
4- long tip isolating tweezers are needed to get " in " the eye
5- hold your lash higher ( so if volume lashing grab that fan high )
6- take your lower fingers off your tweezers when you place
7- come in from under the nose

Daily question:
"Frankie, Russian Volume is so hard, I'm never going to get this!!!!" The reality is, that yes it's hard - it's bloody hard.
We master our classic lashing and think " how hard can Volume be ?" And then we get the shock of our lives!
I feel that RV Is like learning another language - it's completely alien.

Classic lashing in comparison is soooo easy - you pick up a thickish lash with any semi decent pair of tweezers and you stick it on!
Volume lashing - struggle to see these tiny thin volume lashes, then try to tease them out to create a perfectly symmetrical fan. Then try to grab without it closing ( which it does) then try to remove off the strip without losing part of the fan, or keeping the bases from crossing over.
Then you have to glue dip it just right and get into the natural lash so that it wraps, and that you hold it long enough so that the fan doesn't close.
Woah even I feel exhausted just writing that!!!!
The RV technique is so much more advanced than classic so no wonder that when we learn to do it correctly ( and that's the key word - correctly) do we find that we struggle and that you feel that you are never going to get it.
And guys you do need imo to take lots of classes - taking one and thinking you are done is not enough - you NEED to go to lots of training with lots of different trainers.
Like I said I've taken 9 in 3 years because I felt I had to. This did not come naturally to me - quite the opposite I totally sucked - like omg my volume work was horrific.
And 3 months into my training I threw my tweezers across the room and quit for a month because I couldn't get it!!!! I've practiced daily for hours - ok I'm a bit sad but I don't go out on Friday and sat, but instead sit in my salon practicing.
I go on holiday with my mannequin and lashes and practice by the pool. I have my tweezers and lashes in my hand bag and practice when I have some down time.
Ok maybe I'm slightly obsessed but all this is what's makes me good at what I do / it's not luck but dedication to my skill.
And like I said this did not come easily or did I learn it overnight - it took months/years and I'm still learning.


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Let me be clear, this video is to show you what COULD be. I averaged around $500+/day for about 6 hours AT work (not 6 hours OF work). That included setup, checkout time, prep for next client and an hour lunch break for sanity purposes. This is the schedule that worked best for me in running my business
Those stats and graphics out there that show you how you can "easily make 6-figures as a lash artist" is (pardon my French) horse shit. If it was that easy then everybody would be doing it. There'd be no one serving me my Venti Iced Soy Chai at Starbucks cause they'd all be rolling in the dough doing lashes!
It's not "easy". Just like anything else, it takes hard work, dedication and some mad business skills. But it IS possible and totally achievable by anyone willing to work towards that number. If you think it's happening in your first year or two of lashing, I've got some bad news for you... it's not likely!
Being a lash artist can be a VERY lucrative and financially successful career. But that's not what defines success for me. Success for me is yes being financially stable and having a comfortable lifestyle, but also being fulfilled by my work AND having the time to enjoy the fruits of my labor with those I care about. If I have one without the other, that does not define a successful career for me
What's your definition of success?

More lashes...

Lash set. She likes them full and long.

Beautiful hybrid set! It's not always about length, the longest lashes here are only 10mm but for her eye shape they work perfectly.

A classic set of 1 on 1's for this lovely young lady...
#ccurl #eyelashextensions #eastlondon #loveyourlashes #eyelashexcellence

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