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So whilst clearing out my old photos I found some more of my old career and it got me thinking.
Id really love to know who else in this industry had a massive career change and why.
I think we all assume that we have just all been in this industry forever. Or that we look like beautiful swans yet underneath we are all paddling frantically just to stay afloat to either build or sustain our businesses.
So fellow techs I really think it would be great to post your own story below and inspire and empower the other techs around us, I know I'd love to hear them ❤️

A beautiful classic sets for this bride 👰🏼

Thank you Frankie Widdows Eyelash Excellence for a wonderul and hard working training! You are the best teacher ever😘

In curand voi aplica extensii de gene russian volume folosind tehnicile invatate la training❤✔💋
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Little Mo rocking her lashes.
Usually I wouldn't use a D curl on older clients like Mo as I find it doesn't really work, but on her this curl does and helps to open up her small eyes and lift up towards her brow where she has a lot of space, so we need some curl and length to extend into the space. If you had a client with a very saggy or puffy lid and little space between eyelid and brow you would use a flatter curl like a B or C to extend out away from the hood.
But you know what it really is trial and error, even for me to keep playing with curls and different lash maps to figure out what works on that client and it can take months.
MO's left eye is much smaller than her right so I try to balance, her lashes on the left eye are always less and don't extend as far on the outers. So I create fluffier fans on her left eye and ensure I don't lash the very outers on her right eye to balance with her less full left. You can see from the video that the right eye is much better - of course it is as it offers me a better platform to work off, and I'm right handed so my right eye tends to be better than the left, but hey I don't stress. I know I've worked hard, done my best and she's happy - actually more than happy and it's be being over critical of my work! Which we are all guilty of :)

Be honest. Explain the situation. The truth will set you free.

What truth have you imparted on your clients that has made your life so much smoother? 💦 "I'm sorry, but unfortunately your natural lashes just can't handle that length" 💦"You mentioned you've been cleaning your lashes as we discussed, however I'm still seeing a lot of build up in your lash line. This will cause a poor bond and bad retention of your lashes"
💦 "I totally understand that sometimes
life gets in the way, but being X minutes late for your appointment will not allow me the time to perform your service to the quality standards I have in place"

This is how i spent my Friday night. My very first day when I met tweezer #eyelashexcellence А это как я провела свой пятничный вечер с новым пинцетом #eyelashexcellence ещё бы найти свой идеальный клей в такую жару 🙈#наращиваниересниц #ресницыбруклин #обьемноенаращиваниересниц #реснички #eyelashextensions #eyelashes #lashartist #lashesbrooklyn #lashesnyc #minklashes #lashes

🔹Natural/Light Volume vs Dramatic/ Dense Volume🔹
. . .

Each volume fan is HANDMADE during your appointment time and customized to every client's natural lashes to ensure that your lashes are always HEALTHY (my top priority). This is why volume lashes takes a longgg time compared to classic lashes. There is so much more precision that's needed in making volume fans because the lashes are super light and thin. I loveee the ART behind designing lashes. #lashedbyval #volumelashes #russianvolume


When you make your clients laugh because you say you're trying to be an artist while you're taking photos😂

I've been slacking with my photos lately, so sorry guys 🙈 but here is some beautiful fluffy lashes 😍
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Always love seein this pretty lady 😍 Fresh fill today!
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A beautiful classic sets for this bride 👰🏼

This is how i spent my Friday night. My very first day when I met tweezer #eyelashexcellence А это как я провела свой пятничный вечер с новым пинцетом #eyelashexcellence ещё бы найти свой идеальный клей в такую жару 🙈#наращиваниересниц #ресницыбруклин #обьемноенаращиваниересниц #реснички #eyelashextensions #eyelashes #lashartist #lashesbrooklyn #lashesnyc #minklashes #lashes

Love the contrast between flats and volume lashes

2 new Full Sets of Volume Lashes from this week. 2 very different clients and eye shapes. 2 very #beautiful #women rocking they're #eyelashextensions
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Longer lashes instantly make you appear more youthful. The trick is creating a realistic looking set that appears graceful and compliments our clients beauty. What looks fun and bold on a younger client can look overt and tawdry on an older client- and unless they have the personality to pull it off, you'll likely never see her again.
Here, I used a C curl in .15, and used a maximum 11mm, going shorter in the inner and outer corners for a gorgeous, natural lash enhancement.

Lovely lashes on @beccy1611xx such pretty eyes 😍c curl classic lashes #wirrallashes #shellashes #lashlove #eyelashexcellence #lashaddict #wakeuppretty #lashbase_ltd

✌🏼💋 Love Eachother
In other news, my Fb page is still down 😭 looks like I'll be making a new one and hoping that maybe, some day, I can get access to my old one again!

VOCÊ SABE O MELHOR TAMANHO DA PONTA DO MICROBRUSH PARA AUXILIAR NA RETIRADA DAS EXTENSÕES??? Microbushes são aplicadores que dobram-se facilmente até 90º e permitem a aplicação precisa do removedor em cada fio para retirada de sua extensão.
Suas pontas são compostas de fibras não absorventes e resistentes à abrasão. Deve-se utilizar a ponta do microbrush de tamanho adequado e de forma correta, evitando que o removedor escorra para a linha d'agua ou zona lacrimal da cliente, causando assim seu desconforto. Estes cuidados permitem a retirada da extensão de forma rápida e segura, sem que seja necessario deixar o removedor sobre os cilios. , Por ser extremamente volátil, sua permanência prolongada pode afetar os olhos causando irritação e ardência.
O nosso Curso, First Step Artist lashes , foi delineado para capacitar todos aqueles que querem se iniciar na profissão com segurança, proporcionando conteúdo teórico completo e treinamentos de todas as etapas do procedimento de extensão.
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