Peek-a-boo🌙 I see a new week coming in🌻 resting up these hands for another creative week ✍🏼👁 @ebllashes @xxultravlnc

There are times I get so attached to a set of lashes, it hurts a little 😭. Thank you to everyone who has scheduled for mentoring, I have ✌🏻 more spots left. There WILL be donuts involved.

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Just look at that no filter magic 🙌🏻 haaaaaay girl haaaaaaayyyy!! 😻😻 @ebllashes D curl 6-12mm kitten eye
Also... notice a few things here:
1. I don’t lash baby lashes. It’s an extremely personal decision.
2. Look at those little guys in there 👀 it’s my personal opinion that they shouldn’t be lashed. i admit it. They’ll grow long n healthy soon and they’ll get a lash of their own 🙌🏻

When you say drama, I say, “YAAAS QWEEEN”. I may also take so many pictures your eyes water from being open for so long 🙆🏼‍♀️. This is an example of a dramatic set, with long outside corners, but sets can be dramatic with short corners as well! [CC curl 8-13]

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This whole picture explains my current situation.. 1. I love @whitjxoxo
2. Please “just love” me right now. (her shirt) Getting ready for this trip is CRAZY! I still have so much to do! If i don’t message you right away please give me 24 hrs and after that buuuuuug me! Seriously, don’t feel bad
3. Lashes are life.
I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL!! 💜💜 Aaaaaand.... any tips for Stockholm you have for me, put em down there 👇🏻

👁 I LOVE using my EBL L+ lashes on the bottom lash layer when the natural lashes grow down (into clients ray of vision👁). I always use 2mm shorter than the top layer when mixing these L+ lashes in. Details on this set👇🏼
Top layer- 13mm D curl
Middle layer- 11mm CC curl
Bottom layer- L+ 11mm
Tapered inner corner to 9mm CC
Tapered outer corner to 11mm CC

“I want my lashes to look fake AF”🦄 I got you boo✨
•C-Curl, .05, 10-14/15mm
• Using @honeybee_lash_co products🐝🖤
•DISCLAIMER: This babe has extremely long/thick natural lashes so she is able to handle longer extensions than normal. This look is not for everyone & not everyone’s lashes can handle this length. As a lash artist I try to do styles/lengths that are healthy for each individual person. •

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Recieved this message from another lash artist today and while it completely made my day, I also had to laugh out loud (literally) at it because I have NOT always been “amazing” (that’s even a stretch to say now😉). Swipe over if you’re ready to cringe at the .20 classic lashes that I lived and breathed by for a solid 2 years😬😂😂 Everyone starts somewhere and whether your just beginning of your career and still rocking the struggle of classic lashes on two clients a month or whether you’ve mastered mega volume with a full clientele, you should never stop striving to learn something new or continue mastering your skill.
P.S are you still cringing at the old pictures? 😂😂 Because lord knows I am🤦🏼‍♀️

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Hi, I’m baaaaack 👋🏻

D-curl 7-13 volume •

• •
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💭Why would our minds let us think otherwise?!? ♦️WE♦️ matter🤗

I seriously die over the contrast of those jet black @jbrandbeauty lashes, and the white gel pads 🖤🤤 | link to book in bio ✨ |

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