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I miss the muskiness of fresh jungle in the air.
The feeling of ground moving underneath your feet, because it is.
Everything is alive. Everything is growing fast. Everything is beautiful.
Like a centipede gliding over a delicate toadstool. #throwbackthursday #eyecoolmayanseries #tikal

Saudade ....

The Tree of Good Will - (Pic II of II) This tree is different. A perfectionist might call it a failure. A dull mind might try to cut it down because it's not acting like the others. I call it the Tree of Good Will; a natural bridge that supports an amazing, beautiful, network of plants and vine that wouldn't survive on the jungle floor. #eyecoolMayanSeries

The Tree of Good Will - (Pic I of II) It doesn't grow straight up, like all the other single trees in the crowded jungle. The Tree of Good Will grows over and across, exposing it's back. This tree is like the playful father or proud mother who gets down on her hands and knees for her children to ride her piggyback. Here you are seeing the base of this tree and the start of it's magic. #eyecoolMayanSeries

This weekend, do your community a favor: buy local, pay cash. Everyone wins!

Tall trees and eyecool jr sitting on the steps of a 3,500 year old pyramid. (roughly 1,500 B.C)

Dripping wet tree fruits. The colors remind me of Christmas.

Everywhere I go, the only thing I see is: Beautiful People

Jump in to the weekend. It's FR🐸G Friday! This pic is a headshot of the Ancient Mayan frog. (Remember the shot from behind last week?) I've never seen eyes like this. They are all black. It also has a pointed nose, which I don't ever think I've seen before. Show this pic to your science or biology teacher. Maybe they know what it is. (and you won't get in trouble for using your phone @school... teacher's pet!)

Bromeliad growing on the ground.

"I'm at a pay phone trying to call home, help get this song out of my head...🎶". Hope everyone has a great week!


Standing tall since A.D. 700 Nearly 200 feet in height. 100 years to build. It was built to last, not built for a quick profit. #eyecoolMayanSeries

The Honey Badger's Mayan cousin - El Pizote (I might not have gotten so close had I known it was related to the ferocious honey badger) #eyecoolMayanSeries

Hanging out on the top a pyramid. Next stop: the 2 pyramids in the background.

eyecool jr standing in front of a literal 'tourist trap'. Once they get to the top of the pyramid, they realize climbing down is much more difficult than climbing up.

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