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"shut up you scum! you guys just be ready to lose!!" FREAK HAHAH akashi's english is hilarious im sorry emperor ur still cool as ever but 😂😂😂 #kurokonobasket #thelastgame #extragame #akashiseijuro

รอมาตั้งนาน ได้ดูละ 🙄
#kurokonobasket #extragame

HBD Nash gold jr 💛💛🎉🎉🎊🎊 { all draw © to tmkbnk }
#extragame #knbextragame #knblastgame #jasonsilver #nashgoldjr

I knew it, Lyn is really half of my heart 😂😂❤❤❤
#黒子のバスケ #EXTRAGAME #LASTGAME #劇場版黒子のバスケlastgame

I'm a huge piece of trash hahahaha

#kurokonobasket #extragame

#LNSV #ExtraGame
Miércoles 19 a las 7 pm en el Coliseo Dibos.
Las entradas ya están a la venta en teleticket.
Para ganar y ser campeón hay que ponerle corazón. 💙🎵 VAMOS ALIANZA 🔵⚪🔵

Punya power nggak jamin bisa masuk gawang
#lanangft #extragame #penalty #funny

Heyaaaa I am back.. ^^
After such a long rest, I hope I can post many stories again. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

#AkaKuro #AkaKuroForever #ILoveAkaKuro #VorpalSwords #ExtraGame


Nash is beautiful fight me

#Q: Favourite side character?

i met this guy he's japanese and he asked me about what's my fav anime and i said knb and he be like woah and who's ur fav and i said aomine & i asked him if he watched the anime yet and he said no he only read the manga and then he went on youtube to search aomine clips for me akdkskska fck i was so hyped everytime aomine scored (sorry kagami bby) and scream a bit here and there like a fangirl would do & he laughed his ass off and everytime kagami scores, he would say "look look he's beating aomine" and i would always respond dang u kagami jokingly and he continue to laugh at me jsjdksks i'm happy

Haaaa Finalmente consegui assistir . Muito Bom. Sem palavras. Quero Parte 2 . Quero continuação ... #KurokoNoBasket#ExtraGame 🏀
# ♡🏀
#💚 🏀

from a fragile girl into a strong woman;;;; a development that i will always love and respect !!!!! go yona !!! ♥️♥️😍😍

does anyone notices these? 😏
Stephen Curry is from the Golden State Warriors basketball team, and Ray Allen is of the then Boston Celtics

thank you for 1.2k! 💙❤️💛💚💜🖤

AWWW CUTIE 😍 honestly though, akashi is an actual sweetheart ♥️
do u like akashi? TOTALLY


knb seasons' first airing dates 💖 it’s been a loooong time and i miss knb very much and it’s so great to see that last game is made into a movie too!
which is your favourite season?

#extragame onset 2017..

i must say i thank the gods for the current sketch since the original sketch seems off somehow lmaaaaoo 😂
longer or shorter hair on aomine?

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