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Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak #ExtraDope

Model : @olivvvia_c
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Clothing: @extradope_society
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Good times getting lit fam dab dab with this guy on stage. Who would have thought this guy would end up here, and we'd be doing this together! 🏯🌌 #canberra #goestokyo #duragonmyhead #dopesick #extradope

Super glad to be back home with all my hommies and family!!☠️🤙🏼🤙🏼 sorry haven't posted much recently , been rlly busy with moving and all that fun stuff 😭😂😂, but thanks everyone for there likes and follows , I'm gonna be posting way more soon and get back on YouTube , @glc_skateco shirts will be here super soon ,🤙🏼🤙🏼🔥🔥 @extradope_society @spaz_boardshop_official #skatebording #onthegrind #extradope THANKS TO ALL MY DUDES FOR THIS AMAZING BOARD ! @justinkincaid567

Didn't have but a hot minute to get to him, but I made it my business to do so..
Me and Jazz Legend #BobJames talking HipHop at the #MaymontJazzFestival2017
Y'all act like I won't gonna make THAT shit happen...
And we ended the night with Common and the Richmond Symphony..


Ladies or gentlemen in a bad or ever have been ina bad relationship. Damn is this ever true. To my exes #youdidntdeserveher #lovedyousomuch #extradope #womensheis #somethingwrongwithyou

Harvest season is everywhere in Cali right now, if one was so inclined they could find pounds of solid greenhouse for less than a G. The market is changing so fast, I️ really don’t think many growers will be around this time next year if they don’t start to adapt and get in the brand making game fast.
We jetted to a good friend of ours to catch the last days of harvest before the rains came. The dude is on point as you can see he’s not playing. A majority of this whole crop which was many many boxes will be turning into lovely live resin dabs!!! I️ can’t wait to try some, the aroma of fresh cut cannabis was already making my head swim from the oils.
Chopping and sealing packs is some of the most satisfying work for me. Especially when I️ know the work is guaranteed to go to good homes and generate beaux coup dough. This is what we’ve done out here for decades in one way or another. Only the strong, wise, nimble and fast will survive the next few years. I️’m glad my folks are ready to surf this wave.

Good morning text are the ABSOLUTE BEST! Its the simple little things that mean so much! #SimplePrettyGirl #ExtraDOPE #MakeSomeOnesDayBrighter #JustBecause #TheyDontHave2BeYourBoo #KindWordsWithASmileWillDo

Fun little clip we made let us know what you think!

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📸: @tj.pg
Model: @olivvvia_c

Pink bape camo mask 🔥🔥👉🏽coming soon to the store,LINK IN BIO👈🏽 #poshmark #bathingape #bape #bapemask #pink #authentic #extradope #buymystuff #hypebeast #buymyfashion

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