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You played me you should have killed me. Money don't mean SHIT to me I'll take your life for fun😈. I sleep when the sun out and eat when its dark. Fuck you and your newborn kids. This world aint meant for everybody. This world aint meant for me

Not a day goes by without the grind! The whole team neva sleepin’ we Eat’n! @warrenbensmokin @yocamg interviews underway! @medboyz_ #BEEPBEEP #whoopsie #MEDBOYZ #808KARTEL #extendogang

My whole life I was a good person who been fucked over by niggas who was willing to fuck over anybody to get them. Now I'm like fuck life, I'm willing to kill your family and go to jail for it. I'm closer the the devil than God. Ain't nun gon change that. You niggas out here living lies, I have no other reason to be here. This world is a joke and imma play it how it's meant to be played. We can work together and become a legacy of hardwork, or you can sit here and be with this "cool" shit to impress these fake ass hoes, you hoes can die with your nigga. I rather have no heart at all than to be a nigga with a real heart who do some fake shit.

#LiveMixtapes We Live Baby!!!! Go Get It TayGutta - Drake (OVO N***a) #TrapsNTrunks #EveryThingGreater #ExtendoGang #Gutta

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