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{This is us right now}
I don't know if she'll still have her latch in 6 days when I return from Denver. As much as this doesn't even feel that great anymore... feels mostly like dry nursing... and she nurses probably about once a week as it is... I'm still feeling a deep sorrow... being away from them is so hard. And facing the possibility that I might not be a nursing mama AT ALL when I get back from my trip is giving me some pretty intense emotions right now. So here we are. Laying in bed at 10am. I'm taking aalllll the selfies. Because this could be it. Aaand the rollercoaster of motherhood continues.
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Hah! What other things do you use breastmilk for? #magicmilk

Today we were tourists in our own city. No biz. No hustle. Just happiness. There's only just over one month until we hit the UK 🇬🇧 #InsertNervousSqueal Yep. Overseas with kids. Thank God for family travel planners like Jenna @theworldandkids, who has tailored the perfect itinerary for us! Who's traveled OS with kids? Where'd you go and what are your tips? I'm totes taking my @_vixsa wrap! #BabyWearingFTW #MWHLife

#pesslpie is a champion lounge-nurser these days. I'm pretty sure Hannah didn't think it would ever get this easy. #extendedbreastfeeding #nursingtoddler #sixteenmonths #normalizebreastfeeding

To think that I started my breastfeeding journey with hopes to at least make it 3 months. 1 year and 4 months later we are still milking strong 💪💪, and even with the stigma that is sometimes attached to extended breastfeeding, we wouldn't have it any other way! #extendedbreastfeeding #BabyRain

My lip gloss be poppin...

Love my little Kyvor so! #brelfie #extendedbreastfeeding #love @instabrelfies He's so alert in this one!

✨ 2 8 M O N T H S ✨
We made it, 28 months of nursing. We made it through 7 months of tandem nursing. We mad it through struggles, sleepless nights, going to work and him not taking bottles to finding a wet nurse. There are no words that can describe how I'm feeling at this moment, here in this photo. It was the last time he nursed. I have emotions that circle that are of excitement because let's face it, nursing is tiring. But I am also filled with sadness. I am sad that the snuggles we used to have all the time are not there anymore because he's too busy playing and being a kid. I am also happy. I am happy that I chose to breastfeed and that I proved myself wrong. That I could nurse, that I could nurse past a year, that I could tandem nurse, and that I didn't care what people thought. I did what was best for US. I'm also going to miss how you held your little sister's hand while you nursed along side her or the times you wrapped your arm around her to give her hugs while nursing. 😩 Although I do have a little one who is still nursing, I'm going to miss these moments with my son. It's a bond that I can't even explain and something I'll cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you, my dear son, for going on this journey with me. .
📷: @mdrx3 .


Today starts the breastfeeding celebration week. I will be posting every day about someone who supported Min and me this far. For us BF has been all the things they tell you about: convenient easy, beautiful, soothing (for me and her!)... but it has also been intense, isolating, frustrating and draining.

Now I am BFing a toddler we are entering the territory where society starts to think its a bit weird (despite it being recommended by the WHO and the NHS until at least two.) We still think it's pretty great so on we go. .
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Did you know you don't HAVE to start with an oils kit if you aren't convinced essential oils are something you need? AND you can still get the 24% off lifetime discount with Young Living so you can keep taking steps toward a toxin-free home and healthier lifestyle??
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Just like many of you, Nathan and I started out simply looking for something natural to clean our home with. It felt overwhelming to replace all the toxic cleaners in our home, so we decided baby steps were best for us. We had just had Harbor, our first babe, and our attention to these things were higher than ever, naturally. .
The main thing my oily friends talked about back in the day (while I still doubted them😳) was this "Thieves" oil. It could apparently deeply and safely sanitize my house without having to breathe in toxic fumes AND could be used in other ways for my family's immune support. The list went on, but it clearly sounded too good to be true. Therefore... I had to try it to see if it lived up😆 It was our first oil purchase and still the most used to this day, if that tells you anything... our gateway oil, if you will😏
Now, I've discovered just how many Thieves products are available that are infused with this powerhouse essential oil blend and I'm so so grateful it's allowed us to replace about a dozen different toxic things so far. Think about that... a DOZEN! And that's just Thieves, not even mentioning other oils that have replaced even more chemical laden things in our home! In all honesty, I was so smitten with Thieves, that I may have purchased this starter kit first, had I known about it, to ditch and switch multiple things in one swoop. Simple. Swipe to see what it includes along with the 24% discount fo lyfe👌🏻
You all know by now how obsessed we are with Ningxia, but I've blabbered so much about Thieves I'll have to save that for another post😂 If you can't wait to know what's so incredible about that one, just ask:)
If you're at that same starting point Nathan and I were years ago scratching your head about where to start... let's make it simple. Start here.

🌸 Feeding love 🌸 #breastfeeding #extendedbreastfeeding

Worried your man won't be on board with oils? Been there!! Does he think they are witch craft? Heard it! Will he have a change of mind once he gets these oils in his hands? Ummmmm....... heck yas!!! There are so many great oils for men, and shutran is my number one fave and he agrees 😉 Confidence, masculinity and libido ... three things all men can benefit from! Message me for more info on oils and guys!

Check out my post at @rainbowandthedroplets for details on how to get this offer.....Today only!! 🎉

Though I shared my happy birthday blessing to Rhys yesterday, this one is more for myself. Midnight last night marked TWO FULL years of direct breastfeeding for us. My milk has been the only you have ever had. I never, ever imagined we'd make it this far but I am SO proud of us for never giving up & preserving through nursing in toddlerhood.
I've nursed you as a baby.
I nurse you with teeth.
I nurse you with your ability to walk and run
I've nursed you through sleepless nights and healthy nights
I've nursed you almost always to sleep 😴
I've nursed you when you hurt yourself & when your big emotions took over.
I've nursed you through toddler gymnursitics
It is the number one tool in my parenting toolkit & I've followed your lead through it all. Many challenges could have derailed us but we marched on! So thankful that my body has not only been able to create and develop and birth a wonderful little human.but through much dedication, has nourished that body & mind for these last Two years.
We did it! 🎉#breastfeeding #breastfeedinggoals #twoyears #twoyearsbreastfeeding #accomplishment #extendedbreastfeeding #yay #instagood

For Monday morning!!! Young Livings got ya covered! #youngliving

So to mark the first day of Breastfeeding Celebration Week I'd love for you to share and give a shout out to the person/s who has given you the support you needed to achieve your breastfeeding goals. Who was that person who believed in you, was there to give you food and drinks, cuddle you and hold your little one when you needed a rest. Who is it that's got your back? It’s so valuable to have someone who believes you can breastfeed and that breastfeeding is important. Don't forget to use the 👉🏼#bffriend17 .
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Those sweet little eyes! This is why I can't wean her, she still finds such comfort in her milk, I feel too guilty. #21monthsofbreastfeeding #extendedbreastfeeding #breastfeedingtoterm #normalizebreastfeeding

He's a very sick bear 🐻 although he keeps insisting through his sniffles & tears he's "KAY!" 😂 hope it's just teething #nursing#nursetosleep#sickbaby#bedtime#efb#extendedbreastfeeding

It really was... Breastfeeding on demand, attachment parenting, following your child's lead and gentle sleep training are not for the faint of heart. Nothing about parenting is! My baby is almost a toddler and we are going though a rough phase I'm soaking in the cuddles and keep telling myself this won't be forever. Any other mommas with me? 💤💤💤✨

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