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Wow.. forgot that i've been smoke free for 1 YEAR!! Belated smoke free aniversary to u my lungs😙

Former Marlboro Man 🚬 I quit smoking cigarettes 4 years ago today! #4YearAnniversary #SmokeFree #QuitSmoking #ProudOfMyself #Exsmoker 🚭🚭🚭

My daughter inspired me to quit smoking on 23/1/16. Took up cycling, swimming and running ever since. Today i completed my first ever triathlon at 42 years of age. Never imagined id become a triathlete, it was always golf golf and more golf. If i can do it you can too. Quit now! #pdinternationaltriathlon #olympicdistance #exsmoker #whatinspiresyou #letsgohomeb

Before everyone hates everyone #drivingtomaine . I don't know what face this is. #smoker #exsmoker @sleazyrider4life 💋#breakfast

Well proud...15 days and counting 🚭🖒 #smokefree #exsmoker

Driving with a smoker. #exsmoker #secondhandsmoke

Happy Lungiversary to me! Celebrating 4 years of being a non-smoker today! One of the hardest things I've ever done, took me years to finally do it but I'm so glad I did and I look forward to each year to say it's been another down #nosmoking #exsmoker #smokersarejokers #celebrategoodtimes

Going strong 💪🚭 #quitsmoking #exsmoker #smokingsucks


‼️Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them or you stay afraid of taking them. 💥
I made a few SCARY 😬decisions in the past few weeks. Do I know if they will work out?? Nope! 😳Did I trust my gut?? YUP! Was I scared? Of Course!
Follow your ❤️ it may be telling you to drink some #tones !! 😜
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3 MONTHS. HOLY SHIT. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!! #smokingkills #exsmoker #maidennewyork

🚧The scale or measuring tape are NOT going to show the transformation I'm looking for 🚧

I'm part of a test group kicking off Monday- following a ✨NEW ✨workout program with eating guidelines. I am excited, as I need structure and thrive off of a positive community with other ladies who don't make excuses ✌🏼 However, I felt a little 'off' when thinking about tracking progress for this 3 week group. The progress I want to see is more internal...Can photos show internal transformation? Or weight and measurements?
Sure, I want to be physically in better shape after 4 weeks of traveling/vacations ✈️🍻🍹🍽😆 But if you refer to my last post, there's some internal things I am still working on.

Do you want an internal OR external transformation?? Or both? I'd love to hear from you today ✌🏼❤️✨ Wish me luck!!! #31dayssmokefree #kicktheaddiction #upgrade #betrue #bebold

Tough mudder training coming on nicely with my furthest run yet. Bring it on!!
#toughmudder #run #8miles #stillneedtoadd5miles! #eeek #exsmoker

This little beauty has helped me #quitsmoking & I couldn't be happier.. #smoking #exsmoker #quitting #betterlife #healthier #health #happy #pleased #workinprogress

Cuando quieres que tu vida cambie, entonces tu vida cambia... Lo que no necesariamente significa romper con todo, sino con mucho. Vamos con el método #konmari!! Me encanta!! 📘🤓🤸🏾
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#isabreakingfat #mariekondo #reading #book #bookstagram #lectura #libro #leer #instadaily #instapic #zen #relax #organizedenergy #energy #organizar #energia #love #knowledge #learning #amateuryogi #howtochangeyourlife #change #newlife #newlifestyle #healthy #exsmoker #fengshui #lamagiadelorden

😬✌🏼This isn't easy to share, but I am STOKED and damn PROUD ✌🏼😬Some of you are going to judge me. Some of you aren't going to like me. That's fine. I'd rather be hated for being my true self, than liked for being a fake. That's just me.

Before you do judge (smokers and non-smokers), there's two things I'd like you to consider:
1- Nicotine is a DRUG. It is just as or MORE addictive than cocaine and heroine.
2- People who smoke don't have a bad 'habit.' It's an ADDICTION, not a habit.

The last time I was 'one month smoke free' was probably when I was 15 years old. I grew up and was raised in a rural area near a small town. Everyone smoked. Athletes even smoked. Smoking was much more popular then compared to now.. it was in restaurants, bars, and other public buildings in my small hometown. Again, no excuses, but northern Michigan is where I fell into the trap... and didn't shake it until 14 years later at age 29. I thought it made me feel better, I thought it reduced anxiety, I thought I enjoyed it. I thought I could still be active... and live a positive life. Actually, I knew the truth but ignored it. I was addicted to a drug- nicotine. (In fact, 2-4% of athletes today smoke 😳) Cigarettes are a big mind f***. 'I don't want to quit smoking. I need to quit smoking' were the exact words I told my dr just over a month ago. She prescribed me Chantix. I'm not a big fan of just taking a 'magic pill' or 'quick fix' so I did a ton research and reading- Allen Carr's book was game changing. Knowledge is a powerful tool. Both Chantix and Allen Carr's book were a great combination. (I'd be more than happy to share my Chantix experience- the good, bad, whatever 😜) A month later
✨I can smell better
✨I can taste things better
✨my workouts are more powerful
✨I'm more productive
✨I smell better (I was so excited that I could smell my hair- and it smelled good 😂)
✨I don't need to 'plan' or 'schedule' smoking times in my day
✨I'm saving money and trips to the store
✨I have more time
✨LOST 2-3 pounds when everyone said I'd gain 8-10 😂
It's not all rainbows and butterflies though.... trust me 😔 I've had days and times where my anxiety is up, I feel lonely, and like so

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#run done! This time of year it's best to keep the head covered when running in this kind of heat, it softens the direct sunlight. Even if it helps cool it off but a couple degrees it's still help. Happy to be base building in any time of year. #grateful #getactive #stayactive #nevergiveup #exsmoker #thyroiddisease #teamnuun #nuunhydration #nuunlife #zensah #withoutlimitz #xc #running #fitlife #teamzensah #athlete #0vg #brandambassador

So excited for Monday! My body, mind, and soul need a shift and some ❤️as I transition into a new school year 🚌 Love that this workout program lets you EAT 😍

#ilikefood #backtoschool

Seven years ago on New Year's Eve I decided to quit smoking. I smoked almost a pack a day for 19 years. I didn't even enjoy it anymore. It was a bad habit that made my body feel horrible. So I started my fitness journey, started running and biking. Entering multiple 10km runs, 3 spartan races and a tough mudder. This lead into Crossfit for the past 2.5 years and now Krav Maga amongst other things. As I started getting more fit I still wasn't very efficient at breathing feeling short of breath most times. So I went to the doctor and after some testing they located I have permanent damage from smoking. Diagnosed with copd, I went for my first lug efficiency test last year and the results came back at 88% capacity. I was placed on a steroid inhaler I have to use twice a day. Today is my next test, so we will see if I've gotten worse. There isn't any going back from the damage that's done, so I must keep at it. Working out and keeping myself as fit as possible. There are still days during workouts that I can feel that I can't breathe as much as I need and slows me down. If anyone reading this still smokes, quit now!!!! It is literally killing you☠️. I stronger and healthier than I've ever been and this won't stop me. Just a minor hurdle to hit head one at full force💪#copd #exsmoker #smokingkills #lunghealth #crossfit #crossfitter #health #healtylife #healthybody #healthandfitness #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslife #fitnessjourney #fitnessinspiration #fightingfit

Blended For:

Chest Congestion, Bronchitis, Asthma, COPD, Chronic Cough, Lung Repair After
Quitting Smoking, Detox Protocols
Organic/Wildcrafted Ingredients:

Mullein, Pleurisy root, Fenugreek

There are 25-30 tablespoons per container. You may also double or triple steep your daily tablespoon of tea and get 60-90 cups per month. That's roughly .30 cents per cup!
For Best Results:

Drink 2-3 cups everyday for 30 days straight. Because this tea is medicinal, it
isn't meant to be drank inconsistently.

Steep 1 tablespoon of Lung Helper in 12 oz. water for 5 to 30
minutes. Drink 1 to 3 cups daily, or as needed.
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Each tea purchase comes with an instructional video by health educator, Kevin
W. Reese, on how to make the tea medicinally.
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