Friday fashion is all about dynamic duos with @woolworths_sa! Edition & Studio W join forces to create a functionally fresh edit to keep you warm and wonderfully trendy! #todaywithwoolies #ExpressoShow

Matthew Carter and the Carters breaking it down for our Friday dance! #AfricaDay #ExpressoShow

From strength to strength..
For some reason, every now and then I get a bee in my bonnet to take on a new project. This could be something personal, business related or even to do with trying something new. I feel like it's an "only child" syndrome.😂😋 Always being busy & quite independent. 🙈
Long story short, I've felt the itch again recently. 😳🙃 So I'm readjusting just a little & stretching my teeny tiny leggos! 🕺Not because I don't already have a lot going on but because I crave a sense of growth, the accomplishment of always learning & the sweet taste of something new(whether it be a win or a fail) both are FABtastic!
So today is more a message to PUSH! Step outta your comfort zone & try something you've always wanted to. You may just suprise your own beautiful self!!! 🤗😘
P. S. Did you catch my nutrition talk on the @expressoshow this week?! Loved chatting with the beautiful ladies, @leighanne_will & @zbzoebrown, I'll pop a link up really soon!
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Celebrating Africa on #ExpressoShow
with @zola_nene

Celebrating #AfricaDay with @bongeziwemabandla LIVE on #ExpressoShow

Had a fun time on Wednesday chatting about the @fifaworldcup with @graemerichards on the @expressoshow @sabc3! Also great to catch up with @bokrugby captain @ebenetzebeth4 and meet the legendary @pjpowers1 | @iolsport @iolnews @iol_lifestyle #expressoshow #springboks #sabc3thestageisyours

TBT - about last night - @mccradys Thank you for the great service and wonderful food!

Jaffle joy! Grab a bite of this @cloverwaybetter @creamonaise Smoked Chicken Jaffle with peppadews, mozzarella and a cheesy mayo crust 🤤 #ExpressoShow

Shine bright with pearl accents and rock the coat that will turn heads wherever you go! @studiowlife's update to the winter essentials, only available at @woolworths_sa in-store and online.
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🤤😋we just love @zola_nene! #ExpressoShow

Cheeeeeeeeesy Grits in the South - love Charleston at @huskrestaurant Where is my @chutupcondiments Peri Peri Hot Sauce!

#wisdomwednesday __________ (Bishhh, I'm too tired to fill this in myself, so why don't ya'all have at it). ❤️💝❤️💝❤️ (also, pink and red nearly never pair well.....hmmm, maybe that's my piece of wisdom for the day after all). #inspiringwords #speakyourtruth #fashionedit 📸 @guntherschubert

‼️DIE WAS NIE 'N VIDEO WAT EK OP SOCIAL MEDIA WOU POST NIE...WEL NIE NOU AL NIE‼️ Vandag is ek trots!! Om videotjies te maak is my grootste passie! Niks anders nie. Net 'n passie!! Die bietjie mense op my fb en Instagram is my gehoor wat kyk. Ek waardeer en geniet julle almal se terugvoering en reaksies. Die kritiek ook! Dankie vir julle wat altyd iets LiKE, share of comment.
Dan kom daar 'n geval soos vandag waar ek in verbasing staan en om eerlik te wees my baie emosioneel maak van trots en blydskap. Net om jou passie op TV te sien vir 2min is 'n onbeskryflike gevoel. Iets wat mense waardeer het toe ek self daarin getwyfel het. Wat ook al van hier af gebeur is nie in my hande nie. Die was reeds genoeg. Maar vir nou wil ek net dankie sê vir julle almal wat so in my glo...meer as wat ek in myself glo.
PS: Die is nog net die inskrywing vir die kompetisie.
Dankie Henk Henderson, Nadia Vosloo, Jaco en Lucky dat julle my actors was op die dag. Ek waardeer dit so baie.
Oja... Verskoon maar die engels! Haha...en ja daar was 'n fout...luister mooi. 😄 @carlwastie

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‪Get your iphone, Samsung or Huawei phone fixed today😁 call us and set an appointment. We will come to you. 0729120144 #SameDayService #BlkOplxSomizi #FreshBreakfast #POWERBusiness #slikouronlife #ExpressoShow #WednesdayWisdom #jacabreakfast #YMornings

‪Get your iphone, Samsung or Huawei phone fixed today😁 call us and set an appointment. We will come to you. 0729120144 #SameDayService #BlkOplxSomizi #FreshBreakfast #POWERBusiness #slikouronlife #ExpressoShow #WednesdayWisdom #jacabreakfast #YMornings

Catch me on @expressoshow this morning just after 8am

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Today we had the privilege of talking to Dr Michelle Meiring about the @icpcn conference. Find out more about children's palliative care on icpcnconference.org #ExpressoShow

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