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Steamy 🌥

Good news: @shawna_rosee looks beyond gorg at @wearehappyplace in @dtlaartsdistrict LOOK @ those curls 😍 Bad news: My entire Adobe Suite crashed along with my external drive, sooo its a waiting game to see if my old data can be restored, and as to when I can start using my processing systems again so I can do anything to my photos. Whoohoo! #stayingpositive

inhale the universe inside her skin @malandajeanclaude

Lovin in the am w/ @jessicamaganda_

Gratzie 🌴✨

Exploring norcal is my thing now🤘🏽

It’s a metaphor, see?🚬 (No we didn’t light it in the hotel room I promise)

here’s a lil flowa 4 u

What ever happens on Earth, stays on Earth 👹

While we’re young, I think we should do somethin crazy @shawna_rosee

My taste in music is your face 🎶

bees came for honey //
flowers giggled as they undressed themselves for the taking//
the sun smiled

simmer down & pucker up

Your ways are poison, they fill my lungs lungs

I am made of water of course I am emotional @rupikaur_ 🌊

Ways to express what’s gone unsung 🎶 @quinnxcii

Head in the clouds but my gravity’s centered🌱

Pick up the phone, baby (like brrrr)

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