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Slow. Each stroke more meaningful than the last. Eyes connecting then going down to where the physical intertwines. Both seeing the arousal. His erection and her wetness. The juices and cream. The light moans and faint inner screams from a constant deepening of his length into her ravine. Her legs on his shoulders as she looks into his face. This is their special place. Their getaway in the midst of everything. Here they find peace, tranquility, arousal, love, happiness, bliss. All coming from the blood pumping through his throbbing length and continuous flow of wetness seeping from her luscious lips.. .
Photo by @_expressionsuntold _

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There's something so beautiful about being in your skin. Shedding your clothes and feeling free. Stepping out from behind the veil of societal expectations and judgments only to be as you naturally are. It's a state of a pure beauty.. .
Photo by @expressionsuntold_
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You begin where I end.
You end where I begin.
You are balance.
You are love.
You are my reflection.
Black love is REAL & unedited.
Photo by the homie @expressionsuntold_ (follow him for REAL images & words of love, sex, passion & the melanated body)

Editors note: "This battle with cancer is not without its casualties. My hair, my right breasts, my energy, most of my eyebrows (a few strands are holding on)and my eyelashes are gone. What remains is my optimistic spirit and my acceptance of my own image that are both still fighting the good fight. Everything in me is trying to beat this Illness. These images taken of me help me heal. I can look back and see more than the scars, the fatigue, the black nail beds, the hyper-pigmentation of my hands, and the other side effects of chemotherapy and see beauty. I can grab my bald head smile and embrace the person fighting to just to live.." .
Model: @optimisticdanie 
Photo by @expressionsuntold_ 
#expressionsuntold #fuckbreastcancer 

💯✔️#rp @expressionsuntold___ To live free from other's opinions. To live free of the patriarchal ideals of society. To just be in our skin and have truth of self as our only need. That is my aspiration. That is my goal. For you, for me, and for everyone that I know. We have been led into believing things that only hinder our growth. Things that distract us from our truth and pull us from our souls. This skin that shelters our spirits is riddled with natures touch. So for the life of me I can't understand why we would ever want to cover nature up. We grow like the trees and shine like the sun. We are a collective of intuition and consciousness creating a massive body of one. Our freedom is our lifeline and we must embrace it free of the mindsets that don't understand. To bask in our true essence and live in our truth is what we must focus on while here in this realm..
Photo taken by @anunaka
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Repost @expressionsuntold___: "Why be ashamed? A life grew inside of you that gives humanity hope of change. You felt things that I as a man will never understand. Even when you first held your baby girl or boy it was nothing similar to when they lay in their father's hands. Your body changed and so did you. It became a look into the past of what you went through. You grew mentally and emotionally and your spirit was taken to places you didn't think it would ever go. Your breasts may sit differently. Your ass may not be as thick as it once was. But why should it be when you gave so much of yourself to help all of us. A sacrifice of sorts if you choose to see it that way. But to me your body now is exactly how it's supposed to be. So don't be ashamed. Don't hide your changes from the world that you and your sisters helped create. Be proud of your story. Be proud of your lines. Be proud of who you've chosen to be..
Muse: @sereneradianceyoga Photo by @expressionsuntold___
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Good morning my #Beautiful #Yogis
"Days like today I don't want what we're doing to end. I want a never ending cycle of love, passion, and appreciation. For us to go from kissing, to touching, back to kissing, to f*king, to making love, to hugging. Over and over again. Climaxing just to catch our breath still holding me inside your warmth deep within. For hours to go by and we be unaware that life exists outside of the space we share. For our arousal to never lessen but go up and down like a rollercoaster of sexual heaven. A mixture of laughter and kisses. Deep strokes and emotional bliss. Days like today I wish wish could never end..."
- Expressions Untold
This is a repost. This picture and caption spoke to me. How beautiful the act of love can be. Go check out my #omie @_expressionsuntold you will be glad you did. Now carry on with your amazing self. Stay #light and #awesome
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No matter how they look or how they fold.
Your lips are made of pure gold.
Whether your beacon of love is hidden behind her clothes or protruding loudly to the one you show.
She is worthy and deserving of so much love.
The ripples in her skin..
The way they part when she glistens..
Whether small and quaint or large and wide..
Whether a hidden pearl or budding flower as your lips divide..
They are everything and please my ladies never feel that they have to hide..


RepostBy @seshata_rose: "I want your precum tantalizing my tastebuds. The sticky sweet nectar leaving your tip. I know you love seeing those attempted deep throats that lead to chokes. Sloppy kisses and subtle sucking. Circular jerking and firm stroking. I’m here to please. Brag to me about your length, then make me gag on it.
Photo by: @_expressionsuntold
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I want your precum tantalizing my tastebuds. The sticky sweet nectar leaving your tip. I know you love seeing those attempted deep throats that lead to chokes. Sloppy kisses and subtle sucking. Circular jerking and firm stroking. I’m here to please. Brag to me about your length, then make me gag on it.
Photo by: @_expressionsuntold
Words by: @seshata_rose
#seshatarose #sloppytoppy #pleasehim #fellatio #sensual #soultouching #soulsucking #blackart #blackauthor #blackpoet #blackerotica #atlantaauthor #atlantapoets #poetryismyart #poetryandprose #expressionsuntold #mood

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I want your precum tantalizing my tastebuds. The sticky sweet nectar leaving your tip. I know you love seeing those attempted deep throats that lead to chokes. Sloppy kisses and subtle sucking. Circular jerking and firm stroking. I’m here to please. Brag to me about your length, then make me gag on it.
Photo by: @_expressionsuntold
#seshatarose #sloppytoppy #pleasehim #fellatio #soultouching #soulsucking #blackart #blackauthor #blackpoet #blackerotica #atlantaauthor #atlantapoets #poetryismyart #poetryandprose #expressionsuntold #mood

RepostBy @_expressionsuntold: "There's a power in sex. A feeling that can't be described but only felt. A freeing of ones soul while giving birth to physical pleasure that makes us feel whole. It's like everything is right and nothing could be wrong. A supercharging of our senses to heighten our own experience. The passion that is emitted, the energy that's shared, the simple message conveyed by looking into the others eyes feeling the exact same burning desire that they have. Sex is a culmination of so many feelings, emotions, desires, passions, thoughts, and expressions. The ultimate message. The ultimate gift to give. The type of experience we all hope to re-live..
Photo by @_expressionsuntold
#expressionsuntold" (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)

Sex is so beautiful. So euphoric and awe inspiring. It can heal. It can uplift. It can transcend. It can enlighten. It's something that we all think about. It gives us feelings that we've all craved. The act of connecting with another is something that comes so natural to us as humans and is apart of our DNA. It has been since the beginning of time and sadly still to this day so many feel shame. For the life of me I'll never comprehend why we treat sex this way. Something so.. passion filled and marvelous has been stolen from us in so many ways to the point that now most are completely unaware of the glory of pleasure sexuality can actually bring. Most of us are taught from actors who are paid, inaccurate magazine articles, and gossip that is completely untrue yet is still believed day after day. When sex became synonymous with sin and nudity went hand and hand with shame we lost apart of ourselves as well. We became disconnected from the source of creation from which we came thus not seeing the beauty of our skin, the beauty of our organs, or the gifts that we were born with. How can we give fully to another when we can't even be real with our self? We're taught about sex from a society that is hyper-sexual yet lacks any understanding and appreciation of the act. We can see a woman's breast on a billboard but not when she feeds her child. We can listen to music that promotes sexuality yet can't even have a real discussion about it unless it's "after hours". We have to get back in tune with ourselves, back in tune with our true nature, we have to take the topic sex and sexuality from the shadows and back into the light because whether you agree or not the act of sex is what brought you into this life. Something so beautiful can't be sin. Something so natural can't be apart of you thats meant to be secret and hidden within. We need more open and honest conversations, more open and honest displays of sexuality, nudity, and intimacy. We have to rid ourselves of so many of the harmful, hurtful, ignorant ideas and beliefs surrounding the act that we all love.. .
Photo by @expressionsuntold_
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excuse me if my words project pure ignorance of the opposite sex;
I apologize.. let me explain
you see all the men in my life were absent or short lived
greedy or lazy; either way i could not honor.
I couldn’t look up to a man who’s existence is purely to cause me pain.
i grew up seeing men in only the light of... this one sells drugs
this one pays for sex from this woman
this one touches that girl at night
this one cheats on his wife and now he has AIDS
this one doesn’t have a job
this one dropped out of school
and that one, well that’s the one that touched you.
Now don’t get me wrong, my life consisted of more than just sleezy men
I’m a niece of a physician
I’m the daughter of a doctor, inventor and so much more.
but those men were absent so “ain’t shit niggas” is all i know.
My God, My Women wear feminity in their aura yet ooooze testosterone carrying the weight of not one, but the burden of two.
I get on my knees and Thank everything I believe in for the sacrifices the women in my life has made for me.
Their selflessness has branded me.
Their willingness to understand.
Their amazing intuition.. can’t be bought with titties and a pussy.
You see.
WE are the oppressed and the oppressor.
the Omega and the Alpha
the beginning... and the end.
and if your reading this and you just so happened to be blessed with a penis
know that i love you, i don’t hate you
i don’t trust you, your kind has forsaken me.
know that I️ will seek change in your essence
and pray you’ll alter my perception.
... but you probably won’t.
and that’s okay.
I’ll love you nevertheless... I’ll care for you, even tho you’re a mess
I’ll wash your dirty laundry,
then dry, fold, and put away every bad thing you’ve ever done.
just desperately hoping... that you’ll change.
until your shitty drawers domesticate again...
Muse @azia._
Words by @azia._
Photo by @expressionsuntold_
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Had to repost this from our favorite photography @expressionsuntold_ I was reminded today that so many woman do not know how to ask for their own pleasure #expressionsuntold #poetictigress #afrosexual

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