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@bran.wolf | #portraits_mf "A photograph doesn't gain weight or lose weight, or change from being happy to being sad. It's frozen. You can use it, then recycle it."

Does this remind anyone else of Jurassic park? Or just me lol
Photo by @laurenlcooper | #expofilm

This is life | you all have been tremendous and I am grateful for your support so much that me and @incurableartiste collaborated in bringing my creation to life, thank you! For the next hour I'll be here liking photos to whomever comments below (showing love) feel free to tag your friends 😍

"Reflejos" - Thank you to Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸 based photographer @devonart_ for sharing this portrait of @carlalinde_ & @sabrinareboll via #PursuitOfPortraits
Jordi is one of the 160 photographers featured in our Spring Issue 02 - Now available via our site (link in profile)
The team at PoP

Estrenando el cambio de look de esta bomba @cookiecukii 🖤😱
Edite la foto de una manera diferente, les gusta? 👀💬

@dolcevita_oficial já pode mandar a coleção toda aqui pra casa, tá?! 🤣😍🙋🏻 Tô no céu com essa pegada cool que AMO demaisss! 💙Ph: @lucaspinhel

عاشق شدن
مثل گوش دادن به صدای پیانو
تو یه کافه شلوغ می‌مونه
اگه بخوای به اون صدای قشنگ گوش کنی
باید چشمهات را ببندی
و از همه صداها بگذری و نشنویشون
بقیه صداها واست آزار دهنده میشه
صدا پچ پچ مردم
صدا خنده‌ها، گریه‌ها
صداى به هم خوردن فنجان‌ها
حتی صدای باد...
تو واسم اون صدای قشنگ بودی
که من بخاطرش هیچ صدایی رو نشنیدم...
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people I believed in they don't even show they face nowww 😒

Pizza happy hour w/ @matisoncard 🍕


Человек едет в лес,к морю,к воздуху,к живому... И вот там,он идет по родной земле и восторгается видами. Живой в окружении живого тянется к бесконечному, враждебному для выживания космосу. Тянется не умом и не родством. И человек чувствует не уют маленького дома, а уют бесконечности. Что это, эстетический самообман или чувство,для которого есть реальные основания?

the canals on a not so sunny day
people & persons

Birds over Manhattan Beach.
#sony #a6500 #latergram

my cousins are secretly bird whisperers

Hot hot summer🌞
📷: @riccocheza

Summer In California 🌞 #35mm

When you try to be like @brandonwoelfel 🙃

Waiting for the light that never come...

Enjoyed my convention so much! It is true that Jehovah will supply us with what we need at the right time, and I truly needed this spiritual banquet!! Now is not the time to give up! Gracias Jehova por tu guía amorosa y por proveerme con aguante. ❤️

Cabin lyfe 🤙

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