Hullo! This week I have been asked some strange coffee requests (including a skinny soya cappuccino which doesn't exist). Do you have any fussy coffee orders? Do you always drink the same thing and never try anything else? I try to remember everyone has the right their own taste, but I can't help secretly hating it when I hear the words "wet skinny vanilla one shot extra hot latte to drink in but in a take out cup"🙈

„How can you have it all?“ was the question I recently received. And it got me thinking that many of you tend to believe that the life I show on Instagram is based on the reality.
It’s not. I‘m no extraordinary person with super powers of having it all. Neither do I aim to be one.
At my 32 I‘m still struggling with finding balance between family, work and my inner self - the never ending process of a persons life.
The photos you see are part of my creative life, the one I love and the one I keep pursuing despite all the difficulties.
But I also have house chores, I overindulge on ice-cream and I have family issues. I might forget to comb my hair or leave the kitchen dirty overnight.
I do travel with a kid and I can‘t sit still, but this also comes with a price of sleepless nights, frustration and avoiding the routine.
I started this page and later my blog to share my passion for travel. At the moment I find it hard keeping up with all the „travel specialists“ sharing their unique itineraries, insights, routes and thoughts and I don‘t want to force it.
Long story short, i’m happy with what I have and achieved, but please don’t let a pretty photo fool you into thinking that that’s real life.

Expat’s life.
Какое оно утро в Бангкоке?
Во-первых, оно раннее. Очень. Часов 6 утра - самое позднее. Для моей совиной биологии на первых порах это было смерти подобно, но сейчас чирикаю, как птичка и утро обожаю!
Во-вторых, совсем рядом с домом обнаружилась французская пекарня, шеф которой учился аж в самом Париже (смайлик с манной небесной). Из-за постоянной влажности багет не хрустит и больше похож на резину. Ну хоть пахнет Францией!
В-третьих, кофе! Кроме нашумевшего Black Ivory в Тайланде производят отличный кофе!
В-четвёртых ( хотя эта цифра тут, как и в Японии, не в почёте и у нас отсутствует четвёртый этаж. Он просто плавно перетекает с третьего на пятый ).
Значит, в пятых. Я люблю Бангкок за утро. Когда школьный шатл увозит «электрический веник» в мир французской грамматики и таблицы умножения, а над городом рассеивается утренний туман.

You must do the things you think you cannot do...
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Not in the least the perfect shot, but it was the one the cat decides to be in 😹
#YogiSpringintoNature day 4 headstand

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"What makes you happy doesn't need approval from anyone else" 🌿
Some amazing #humpday wisdom from our friend @sabibo ❤️
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Details about of darkness.

Peace 🙌🏻

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