after a rough business applications class today, some retail therapy was very much needed😘

The news is out! 🔥 #bobcutmag will be bringing #TheShowroom this August to American Craft Council @craftcouncil #accshow #accsanfrancisco ❤️ // Bob Cut will have copies of #bobcutissue6 for sale + a ton of our favorite maker friends in attendance, furnished by our faves over at @roomandboard 👋🏻 // More info can be found in the link in our bio 👏🏻 // ✨ #BobCutPartner

We’ve come so far, it’s drawn in the sky

Gorgeous views and a much more layered past than I expected at #alcatraz. #westcoastin #exploresf

Our only plans this week ⚡️

Happy Hump Day! I am already dreaming about adventures and what to bake this weekend! What will you be baking?

This was a very weird day of paragliding. Wind was moderate, yet I got sucked into a low layer sheer. I ended up way high and way out over the ocean while @bonkerz10 was flying a tandem with our hang gliding friend Saeid.

“The Son of Man” is arguably one of René Magritte’s most iconic works. The Belgian artist has even identified the man behind the floating apple as a self-portrait. Apples and bowler men are a recurring theme throughout his artwork and exhibition at the SFMOMA.

The Exploratorium is filled with timeless art and exhibits 🕓
Art Featured:
▪️ Timepieces by Katie Paterson

This moment was an experience of a lifetime. I didn’t get a good shot of the moment because I set my camera on timelapse mode to get the whole event but ended up with all the shots being slightly out of focus. Sucks but oh well. But luckily got this one frame in focus and without any people in it! .
To describe it, there were storm clouds looming at sunset. The mist heavy clouds caused a rainbow at sunset. And was further accompanied by lighting! Moab during late summers is a mixed bag of weather. Will definitely visit in winters!

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One person rally on Market Street #exploresf

Radiance #116 - Off Market
Mission Bay is on FIRE
..and so is @ninigueco
2 Bed | 2 Bath + Den
Over 1500 Square Feet

Who wants a tour?
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Strawberry 🌹

Life isn’t about the moments that take your breath away. That’s asthma. You’re thinking of asthma🌿
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On Wednesdays, I tour houses/listings of my company Zephyr before they even go on the market/are available to the public! This one in #NoeValley (367 Fair Oaks St) is my very special colleague @matthewgoulden’s (the Great British Realtor). It’s on the cutest street, and I recognized the cutest wall paper while touring!!! This is the Petal Pusher (gold) by @ohjoyco. Wallpaper instantly makes a space so much more fun. “They were popular during the first third of the 20th century though the influence of Modernism soon led to a lot of white walls.”
I think wallpaper is trending again. I like it. It’s a way for a store or restaurant or any space to add more personality and express some style. I don’t recommend it for when you put a property on the market because you want the house to be as neutral as possible and appeal to the largest number of people. Unless it’s one of the amazing @ohjoy wallpapers. What are your thoughts on wallpaper? Yay or nay? This one gets a yay from me.🎈