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@chelseakauai "Just landed on beautiful Maui with @michaelmatti! Our plan is to hike to 11 waterfalls in the next two days... ambitious anywhere else, but there are so many here! The weather is clearing⛈ so crossing our fingers we’ll be camping/exploring for the next few nights in the National Park😊 he took this one of me a few weeks ago in Bali "


ഗ്രാമം... ഒരു വെള്ളായണി കാഴ്ച്ച.. #lakeside #vellayinilake #framerslife #birds #tractor #greenaryscenary #photographian #shehins_album #explorenature #savenature

Don’t blink, or you might miss the six-lined racerunner. Visitors to Palm Beach County’s natural areas that contain Florida scrub habitat may see these speed demons along the hiking trails. Let’s explain the name. The first part of the name is easy – there are six lines running along the back and sides of the lizard. You can see four lines in this photo. The second part of the name is also easy – these little guys can race across the sugar sand at speeds up to 17 mph. Check out the back feet with the super-long toes. They act like snowshoes – or in this case sandshoes – and allow the lizard to skim over the sand without sinking in. Six-lined racerunners are active during the day, usually on the hunt for insects. This lizard was photographed at Yamato Scrub Natural Area in Boca Raton. #pbcnaturalareas #yamatoscrubnaturalarea #bocaratonflorida #palmbeachcounty #sixlinedracerunner #wildlifewednesday #naturephotography #pureflorida #enjoynature #explorenature #getoutside #greatoutdoors

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Comment below what you know about Pompeii! #italy is so different compared to #switzerland , it is more #historic vs #nature , here in these #photos you see the bigger stadium and the place where the #gladiators trained for the show. Just imagine that all this was built before the year 79 AD, and this definitely takes a few days to walk if you want to see everything.

Camp at Valens is an excellent choice for inquisitive campers who love to explore outside! Build self-confidence and teamwork skills in a natural environment that provides opportunity to discover new activities including archery, canoeing, and swimming in the lake. Plus, participate in traditional camp experiences like making s’mores on the campfire!
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Impromptu field trip. @butterflyworldflorida. Sometimes we forget all of the outings that are right in our own town. So magical. #brownschooling #butterflyworld #homeschooling #grateful #explorenature

@alexandrabilisi | Lasst uns weiterhin an eurer Sicht auf die Schweiz teilhaben. Wir werden die besten #blickheimat-Bilder teilen!

Took this just before getting the most lost I’ve ever been backpacking. The fog thickened so much we couldn’t get our bearings or use land marks to navigate the high peaks of Denali. Hiking on the steep scree in the direction we hoped was right was stressful and worrying. We finally made it down into the next valley after 12 hours or so. With blistered feet and only food on our minds, just as we set up to eat the biggest grizzly bear I’ve ever seen comes waltzing into our vicinity, time to keep moving. What a day.

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@venturelist "Taking in the vastness of the Grand Canyon!
Photo by: @matthewhahnel


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