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Manhattan Skyline captured by Sony Imaging Ambassador Jan Kesjer. Read below for some #behindthelens info | α7R II | FE 35mm F1.4 | ISO 1600 | f/8 | 1/15s | "I shot the image in ‘live view’ mode using manual focus for optimal sharpness and my all-time favorite lens, the FE 35mm F1.4 ZA, which is incredibly sharp and gives fantastic colors. It was very dark and so I had to use an ISO of 1600, however, the great dynamic range of the a α7R II sensor meant I was able to take this as a single shot, rather than use HDR. I used Capture One for RAW processing, with some minor tweaking in Photoshop."

Now you can find things to do on Airbnb that might defy your assumptions about a city—even if you live there. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
As the owner of an urban hiking company, Alexandra knows all the city’s hidden trails and stairways. You’ll join her and fellow explorers through patches of untamed wilderness and up to the top of Twin Peaks for a 360-degree view of the Bay Area. Then you’ll descend through a dense eucalyptus forest (who knew?) and climb another scenic hilltop before slipping down to the Castro on little-known cement slides. Where you take your day from there is up to you, but you’re already sweaty and happy, so why not hit the dance floor?
Click the link in our bio for other eye-opening San Francisco experiences, from beach art to Turkish cuisine.
Photo: @ali_horne

Sometimes life punches you in the face & all you can do is hope that it's actually a blessing in disguise 🙏🏻

The desert is asleep at 4 am. Except for us, of course. My footfalls are even, my breathing erratic as the uphills. We run to keep the night creatures away. The real ones and the imagined ones too. We stop at the star gate on the edge of an inky black abyss. Here I am, a small creature admiring the delicate intersection between storm and starry silence.
Photo of me by @travisburkephotography at Delicate Arch, UT

Been busy working on building the YouTube channel.

Full Banff edit coming soon, but in the mean time, go check out some recent Oregon films, link in bio 👍🏼 would appreciate some feedback!

Song: @kygomusic remix of @mattcorby Resolution


Aerial view of one of many unnamed glaciers feeding into the massive Ruth Glacier as it descends through the Great Gorge and its terminus. This was one of my last images from a 10 day stay in the Ruth Amphitheater in early spring of 2005. It's still one of the most beautiful places I've been fortunate enough visit. It's so big and rugged, it's nearly impossible to wrap your head around it. #wilderness #glacier #icefall

Dreams are pretty dull compared to this reality...

I have got so many winter shots to post before I go to Australia next week and then no more winter! 🙅🏼‍♂️❄️ Here is Athabasca falls! Do you love it or what!

Campfires on the beach with your friends 😊

It was chilly that night so @adammckibben and @hikeolympic tried their best to stay warm by the fire on Second Beach.
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Throughout life, one is faced with many hardships, trails, and tribulations. On this day, our major bump in the road was making a fire out of rain and snow soaked wood. Needless to say, we prevailed. Bear Grylls would have been proud.

یه دیزین فراموش نشدنی
یه فصل تموم نشدنی
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Story bh @gerryprayudi - Selat Solo yang enak, murah dan instagramable cuma ada di Kantin Balai Kota Solo. IDR 10k aja udah kenyang kok. Buat yang belom nyobain cuss kesini semua orang boleh masuk balkot kok. Yang lagi mampir Solo pada cobain yaahh

Selat solo adalah sebuah hidangan khas Kota Solo yang terdiri dari daging sapi yang direbus dalam kuah encer yang terbuat dari bawang putih, cuka, kecap manis, kecap Inggris, air serta dibumbui dengan pala dan merica. Makanan ini kemudian disajikan dengan telur rebus dan sayur-sayuran seperti buncis, kentang, tomat, selada, mentimun, kol atau brokoli dan wortel, serta ditaburi keripik kentang dan ditambahkan mayones jawa

Loc : Balai Kota, Surakarta, Indonesia
Jangan lupa, tag foto kamu ke @indonesiashare.id agar foto kamu kita repost guys 🙋


Bayon temple's bas-reliefs depict everyday life and the scenes at the markets and of hunting, cooking and feasting that tell us so much about how people lived, cooked and what they ate. I've been studying these, along with temple inscriptions, archaeologists' academic papers, annals of Chinese emissaries and travellers who spent time at Angkor, and more, as part of my research for our Cambodia culinary book. Join us on our Cambodia Culinary Tour or our Travel and Food Writing and Photography Retreat and we'll take you here and I'll share my insights. To fill the last remaining spots on our April trip we're offering a 15% discount and extending 10% discounts on May and June; dates and prices on link in bio. #siemreap #cambodia #asia #food #travel #traveller #travellers #travelgram #instatravel #traveldeeper #exploremore #neverstopexploring #food #foodie #foodies #foodietravel #culinarytravel #culinaryjourneys #tasteintravel #foodiesofinstagram #foodgasm #foodporn #foodlover #cambodianfood #cambodiancuisine #khmerfood #khmercuisine #markets #eatlocal #localtravel #angkor

Stopped in Santa Cruz for tacos, cookies, and a day on one of my favorite beaches. Heading back to the Bay tomorrow for some R&R.
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Feeling so blessed that views like this one are right down the road. @joannatang03 and I have the best walks. 😊 | Playa Del Rey. March 28, 2017. | #fujifilm_xseries #xt1 #fujifilm #dockweilerbeach #playadelrey #xf50140 #stayandwander #liveoutdoors #traveldeeper #beachin #sunset #palmtrees🌴 #exploremore #californiadreaming #losangeles

Back from Bend earlier than planned but hearts are so so full.
In other news, got in a fender bender on the drive home because the punk behind me was TEXTING. THE FUCK.

They want me to look at my dreams... My dreams are chaos.

Beer Heaven = Belgium

The beautiful giant manta! Always happy to see you @paulgauguincruises #mexico . #diving #snorkel #swimcell #waterproofcase

The first night in Havana was warm and humid and the Malecón was lined with people into the late evening. The following nights were cold and windy and the waves crashed up and over into the middle of the street.

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Go on and do as the wise Mr. Shakes says: seek #happy nights to happy days. 🌞🌛💫 #theglobe #fieldtrip #teacherlife #latergram

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