Overlooking an arch of volcanic rock from Dyrhólaey in southern Iceland.

I'm off on my next adventure with this lovely babes @irina.puzakova. Ready for some much needed me time to continue to become the best version of myself, richer in knowledge of culture and history, self-reflection, self-care, and meeting all new walks of life, which is my fav! What I've learned the most this year, no matter how others may treat you good or bad, I've come to understand everyone has their own life story that has shaped them, and why they are the way they are. I have a much deeper sense of empathy and doing my best to find a piece of goodness in each human I come across, no matter what the circumstance is at hand, and to remember them that way, though not always easy. Instead of thinking, did I do something wrong or questioning myself, sometimes you just gotta let others be who they are and just keep truckin along. People will always come and go but the ones who are meant to stay in our lives will always stick around no matter what. Cheers to living our best lives!! Off to Europe I go!! ✈️✌️💛

Here's a shot from about 8:30 at night driving through the lava fields of Iceland.
Traveling here had been a dream of mine for a while, and it wasn't to photograph a wedding or a couple-although I would love to travel for work-but it was honestly nice to get back to the heart of things, to get back to why I fell in love with traveling in the first place: for the experience, to see new things, to get away, to be fully present, for moments like these.

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