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I’m very excited to present the latest @truecallingmedia episode I cut! [Full link in bio] As head of the electrical department at Nuytco Research, Mark Arnott helps build submarines that will allow researchers to explore the depths of the ocean.

Great fun talk last night about #exploration to #europa in search of #life with an astrobiologist. #science #nasa #friday #presentation #nerd #nerdy #sciences #stem #scicomms @scicommcamp #scicommcamp #funtimes

Wide angle or prime?

Happy Friday and welcome to day 23 of 30 days of gratitude. What are you grateful for today? It was a glorious day here in NYC. I’m really grateful for the sunshine, how precious it is. It’s a powerful technology that sun of ours. To think of how far those rays have to travel to our planet in order to keep us alive?! It’s chronicle! I feel incredibly grateful feeling the warmth of its rays. I love watching our gorgeous plants thrive as it lights them up on those yummy sunny days. Thank you sun for being yet another gift in the whole balancing act of living on a life-sustaining planet such as ours.

I will be at a workshop and technology free this weekend, yay! I am already grateful for the exploration and what I will find. I will resume our work together either Sunday or Monday.

I am grateful for all that is transpiring and am really looking forward to what is to come. We are in a state of birth as the season shifts into Spring for us in the northern parts of the northern hemisphere. Soon enough we will be smelling the flowers and witnessing the beautiful green leaves of the trees. I can already see buds scattering the branches which is my favorite sighting every year.

I’m grateful to be in the world with you all. I am wishing for more love, more partnership, more respect for our fellow beings. Have a beautiful weekend, you will be in my heart.

I love you. Me.
www.thisisthedownload.com (still beta) #live!love!ignite! #transformation #grateful #gratitude #thankful #joy #spring #newbeginnings #sun #exploration #love

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