We won! Korean & Latino workers at Kum Gang San restaurants win federal court ruling to enforce $2.7 million wage theft judgment. They regularly worked 12 hour shifts without overtime pay. #KumGangSan #Flushing #NYC #Koreanrestaurant #wagetheft #immigrantworkers #exploitation #SDNY #lawsuit #economicjustice

Late night random marker sketch for the mad world and people out there who keep it on the bad side, FUCK OFF AND TAKE A LIFE!🖕😁🖕

Wallace Polsom, “Fuel to the Fire” (23 Apr 2018), paper collage, 17.7 x 27.2 cm.

I never get bored of looking through books of old VHS art and this is a great one. Some real obscure stuff in here. #theartofthenasty #fabpress #horror #vhs #vhsart #horrorart #exploitation #sleaze #grindhouse #videonasty #videonasties #horrorbook #horrorfan

Vous souhaitez devenir un (e) chef d’exploitation ou u(e) associé(e) d’exploitation agricole ou encore, d’accéder à des emplois de salarié(e) agricole hautement qualifié(e), intégrez notre BP IV R.E.A. Responsable d'Exploitation Agricole
Pour plus de renseignements, RDV sur notre site internet :

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Creating exploits is so easy nowadays that anyone can do it. Which puts a greater risk in the cyber space.
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#Repost @belinda_vegan
Early humans had when confronted with the ultimate "other": an animal, they were primarily seen by humans as either prey or predator. Human desire to turn these "others" into animals less alien marks the beginning of domestication. The idea was to make the animals more docile (smaller, with less strength), slower, so that we could catch them more easily, and more willing to accept servitude.
In the case of "farmed" animals, the relationship never approached anything like an even exchange. We took their eggs, their milk, their flesh, their skin, their work, and exchange they got, as far as I can see, the short end of the stick. While we protected them from predators, this was only because we, a more powerful predator, had already earmarked them for our own exploitation, invariably ending with their personal extinction. How it can be argued that this is to protect them has always struck me as odd.
It's not the animals that are flawed but we as humans are. One of the mysteries about the earliest contacts between domestic animals and humans is whether it was the animals usefulness or our attraction to them as companions that was the original impetus for domestication. Whatever it was, we have lost the connection or have grown so ignorant, or so human-centered, that we can no longer SEE THEM.

It's time that we've given back what we so have wrongly taken. Respect the rights of ALL that share this planet WITH us not FOR us.
Embrace veganism!🌱
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Courtesy of @mk_macabre 🙏
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The greatest betrayal!!
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Let us please educate ourselves so that we can align our actions with our values. Step one; watch Cowspiracy on Netflix or free online, to learn about the hidden and shocking truths of animal agribusiness and its rapid destruction of our only environment (51% of climate change, 91% of Amazon deforestation, 56% of all water use, more pollution than all other sources combined, leading cause of dead zones, etc.) .
Then, learn about how “breeding” cows, sows (mother pigs), and hens are genetically modified and routinely raped on what the industry actually calls a rape rack, then, their children are stolen from them and killed (dairy= veal and eggs= adorable male chicks ground up alive or gassed or left in a dumpster to die), and the mothers mourn and cry in agony at the loss. The industry is based on the exploitation of the female reproductive system, and these sweet beings, just like our beloved dogs and cats, are treated as mere objects, beaten and mutilated. .
To support such acts one cannot truly be feminist, environmentalist, or an animal lover, once they have a glimpse of the truth. Humans do not tend to think critically but they must or we will all continue to suffer. Albert Einstein said, “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” Facts do not cease to exist just because they are ignored or hidden. .
Please also watch Earthlings free online to learn more. They live through this violence each and every second of their miserable lives, so we owe them an hour and a half of our time to see it, and our dedication to stopping it. Vegan foods are even more delicious nowadays, anything a nonvegan eats a vegan can eat in a healthier cruelty free analog; it’s 2018, it’s about time we step out of the dark ages and earn the title humanity. .
Final step, or it can be first if you need self-benefitting motivation, watch Forks Over Knives and What The Health on Netflix. Going vegan stops 14 out of the 15 leading causes of death from disease and eliminating animal products is the most self-serving and healthy thing you could possibly do for yourself. It’s truly the epitome of a win-win-win, even for world peace. Read the World Peace Diet ✌️

Coming soon on a double feature DVD from Frolic Pictures!

[Moment Mère Ingrate]

Il a fait un temps pourri aujourd'hui donc même pas envie d'aller dans le jardin...😕 Résultat ma solution pour fatiguer MllePanda avant d'aller au lit... La faire détapisser la chambre de MiniPanda 🤣

Oui, je sais je suis une Bad Mum qui exploite sa fille mdr... Mais alors qu'est ce qu'elle a kiffé que je l'exploite 😂

Ça a duré 5 minutes et je pense qu'on fera ça un peu tous les jours. Mlle comme ça est heureuse de préparer la chambre de bébé et moi ça me permet de faire ça doucement et de manière plus ludique aussi car même pour les grands détapisser c'est chiant (c'est pour ça que c'était la dernière pièce à faire et que jusque là on c'était pas pressé 😅

Et vous, rassurez moi, vous exploitez aussi vos loulous hein ? 🙄 😝

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Human beings are not superior over non human animals.
Certain animals are not superior to other certain animals.
No one is less deserving of life or should be subjected to a life of pain, suffering and exploitation simply because of their species; in the very same way a human should not be discriminated against for their race, sex, age, religion etc.
The world was not made for humans but all beings. -
Stop being speciesist.
Please, respect all life and the planet we all live on together. 🌱

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