چن کیتھاں گُزاری آئی رات وے۔۔۔ مینڈھا جی دلیلاں دے وات وے۔۔۔۔

lo sai che mi perdo nelle luci, se guardi fuori altre luci troppo lontane da me? #CristinaDona #Invisibile

tell me i'm pretty. before you go away. go hang out with your friends. let your body divert the mind, divert the thoughts, divert the attention. i am about to do mine too. but i prefer to be alone. drugs work better with soft music and self loveliness. it's not cold outside anymore. and i do not wanna to control. we are going to wait tonight. for each other 'til is time. to intertwine our souls again. and forevermore.

head in the clouds

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