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Те, кто вчера не поленились, прошлепали по тегу, знают, что паэлью на Plaza Mayor в Мадриде заказывать не надо.
Но вот куда же тогда податься, чтобы не наткнуться на овощной китайский микс с тремя креветками?🤗
В каждом из 👇🏻указанных ресторанов большой выбор паэльи, морепродуктов и блюд традиционной испанскох кухни.
Так что смело сохраняйте себе в закладки!
📍Saint James
Первый ресторан Saint James открылся на Calle Juan Bravo, сейчас их уже 5 в Мадриде.
Большой плюс, если вы не говорите по-испанки, можно забронировать on-line прямо на сайте.
📍L'Albufera (avd. Europa 17, Alcobendas)
Отличная терраса летом
Правда далековато от центра, зато вашу машину припаркуют за вам
Бронь онлайн
Не путать с:
📍L'Albufera (при отеле Melia Castilla)
Тоже хорош
Клуб для детей от 3 до 12 лет по выходным и праздникам (большая редкость в Мадриде!!! Так что мамочки, записывайте!)
Бесплатный паркинг 2 часа
Бронь онлайн
Единственный минус - на мой взгляд слишком старомодный интерьер, но паэлья того стоит!
📍Casa Nemesio
Ресторан оформлен в морском стиле
Тоже можно бронировать онлайн

И кстати, не забудьте проверить время работы ресторана. Практически во всех несетевых ресторанах Испании "кухня открыта" на время обеда и на время ужина. Обычно это 13.00-16.00 и 21.00-23.30, плюс минус, но поужинать в семь вечера вряд ли выйдет. 😉
А теперь тест 🙃
Из чего делается классическая валенсианская паэлья?
Save these restaurants if you are looking forward to have a nice paella in Madrid:
📍Saint James
📍L'Albufera (avd. Europa 17, Alcobendas)
📍L'Albufera (Hotel Melia Castilla)
📍Casa Nemesio

Amo ver atardeceres contigo 🌅 👩🏿🧔🏻 #teamo #expatslife #Perú #momentosfelices #yasesienteelverano

The blue and white churches throughout Greece are beautiful, not to mention they also have the most incredible views too! 🇬🇷

Good morning ☀️🇶🇦 #qatar #expatslife #expatfamily #dohalifestyle

Jusqu'au bout du monde 🌎 #couplegoals #love #expatslife

*** 3615 MA VIE *** Je ne sais pas si je vais survivre à cet hiver. Il y a 3 jours nous avons eu un avant goût -3 degrés et OMG quand je pense qu il y a un peu plus d’un mois encore je me baladais en short dans les rues de New-York avec Mamie Toutouta. Enfin moi j’étais en short, Mamie Toutouta c’est pas trop son style 🤣 Heureusement nous avons vite regagné 10 degrés d’un coup mais je pense que les petits dej en famille sur la terrasse c’est terminé! Rita est super équipée pour affronter l’hiver, moi c’est autre chose. Je vais profiter du black friday pour remédier à ce problème. Je cherche des pompes super chaudes, qui ne prennent pas la pluie donc si vous avez des marques/modèles à me conseiller je prends. Même si elles sont moches je m’en fiche lol Je cherche quelque chose d’efficace et tout terrain avant tout! Sinon Rita ira à la crèche ce vendredi donc rdv cette semaine chez le pédiatre! Reprise du sport demain? Non pas demain je suis déjà fatiguée juste en y pensant 🤣 J aime pas le sport c’est trop relou 😖. J aimerais tellement kiffer mais non beurk mais bon va bien falloir se décider. Voila la liste des choses un peu décousues qui me passent par la tête à cette heure tardive. Bonne nuit pour moi, Bonjour, bonne journée et bonne semaine à vous 😘 #nyc #viedemaman #famille #monbebe #expatslife

Walking around marina bay 🇸🇬 #familytime #fridaynightlights #expatslife #lovemyfamily


"Sara.... Be prepared for your career ambitions to take a back seat to your partner’s — possibly for years.’ A message from a friend when I decided to move abroad FOR LOVE because of my husband job.⠀

I didn't like this phrase. I don't like it. I never will like it. ⠀

Yes....your career while you live abroad could take a back seat BUT all depends ON YOU. You can change the situation if you want. You have the ability, skills and talents to improve your situation. One solution is: a portable career. If you want to start right now, grab my free guide "How to start a portable career". Link in the Bio.⠀

So, your career ambitions doesn't have to take a back seat. ok?⠀

With love, Sara⠀

Earlier this year, an opportunity found me that would change my life forever.
You see, I had spent my entire life investing my time and money into an education that would help me find a job working for someone else. But when I finally got it, I felt unfulfilled and depressed. 😔
I was stuck in a vicious cycle 🔄 of dreading going to work, going and hating my job/boss, doing meaningless work, and going home only to dread going to work again the next day. I was channeling so much negativity within that it was starting to affect not just my emotional, but also my physical, health. 🤕
One day I woke up and realized I had to make a choice. I could either continue to allow myself to drown in my cycle of negativity, or I could take responsibility and control of my life and do something to change it. ✔️
I realized that my negativity created my lows. Which also meant that my positivity could create my absolute best life. 💡
My new mindset and positivity led me to an amazing opportunity to create my own online business. 🙏
So, for the last 9 mos, I‘ve been on a mission to not only crush it in my online business, but also to teach others and give them the exact tools and methods I used to make as much online as I was making as a lawyer in my first 3 months of working online as a complete newbie. 🙌
Since I’ve been able to create my FREEDOM LIFESTYLE, I am now on a mission to help others find their freedom as well, and I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU! 🙋🏻‍♀️
From now until the end of December, I am accepting 10 new people to join my exclusive team and receive the exact training and system I used to help me sustain my current lifestyle of travel, comfort, and most importantly, choice.
You'll be added to my private FB team page and chat, get a personal business coach to walk you through the training steps, and learn exactly how I leverage IG to create a full time income. You‘re on IG already, so why not learn how to use it to make a living online? 💻
All you have to do to get started is go to the link in my bio 👉 @thirdculturekidtravels & you’ll hear from me as soon as you sign up!
There are only 10 spots available, and just as a heads up, they WILL NOT last long!

Kayak foto buku tahunan sekolah nih! 😅😅😅 #Lunch #Friends #IndonesianFood #EnjoyLife #ExpatsLife #ExpatWives #LifeInSingapore #Singapore

Amo ver atardeceres contigo 🌅 👩🏿🧔🏻 #teamo #expatslife #Perú #momentosfelices #yasesienteelverano

As long as you're okay, you'll be really okay.

Modernly designed apartment with high-end finishes and great amenities available now for rent in Juffair 😍 For more information please contact us on ±973 33411644 or visit our website. #bahrain #juffair #juffairapartments #juffairbahrain #apartmentforent #apartmentdecor #modern #furnishings #amazingfacilities #swimmingpool #gym #mybahrain #lovebahrain #realtor #realestate #bahrainrealestate #bahrainlife #expatsbahrain #expatslife #realtor #realtorgoals #realtorlife #dubai #uae #bh #ksa #gulfcountries

The blue and white churches throughout Greece are beautiful, not to mention they also have the most incredible views too! 🇬🇷

As an expat, you have valuable skills and want to put them to use and help the people you should be helping.⠀

Maybe creating your online business is the answer, but if you don’t know how to write code or aren’t familiar with the laws that govern business, the task can seem daunting.⠀

I used to feel the same way and put my dreams aside. Or I tried. My business ideas kept bubbling to the surface, and finally I decided to figure out how to start a business online as an expat spouse.⠀

In the guide - Link in the BIO - I share all my best strategies, the Three C’s to Build Your Portable Career--no matter where you are. Grab it now for free if you want to go deep about HOW to Build Your Portable Career Abroad.⠀

With Love, Sara

Who said were not having fun while working? Its just a matter of time management ⌚️☺️ Colleagues & Friends #nofilter #friendshipgoals #expats #expatslife #mydubai #yourland #ourhome #blessedland #uae ☝️🙏😘❤️

2017 is almost finished and it's been a year full of surprises! 🎭

From getting engaged 💍, moving across the globe 🌏, discovering a new culture 🎎 and country 🇰🇷 and having a new job 👩🏼‍🏫 to making new friends 👯‍♀️ It hasn't always been easy but I can only be thankful for what's happened and being able to share this with the most important person in my life ❤️@yo_zentobi

2018, here we come... 🤗

#engaged #wedding2018 #newcountry #expatslife #adventures #teacherslife #thankful #love #happyday

Before we moved to Australia I had never even heard about The Elf On The Shelf. Now December arrives and the antics of this guy takes over the whole house! #elfontheshelf #elfontheshelfideas #christmas #blogger #blog #expat

I’m super excited to be featured on my first ever podcast! Head over to @amandakendle and discover her podcast, The Thoughtful Travel Podcast To year little old me talking about cultural differences between South Africa and Australia. #thoughtfultravel #podcast #proudlysouthafricaninperth

The world is no doubt full of amazing places. This one is a small village in Japan called Shirakawa-go. It´s known for its incredibly steep roofs that were made to withstand some of the heaviest snowfall in the world.

Сегодня подрабатываю эльфом на мастер классе у Санты, так что заглядывайте в сторис 🙌🏻
А пока читайте мой пост про то, как правильно выбрать и заказать паэлью у @inter_moment 🙌🏻
С вас ❤️ этому маленькому гномику, а я обещаю поделиться вечерком с вами лучшими рестиками в Мадриде, где можно заказать обалденную паэлью 🙌🏻
Договорились? 🤗
Today I'm working as a Santa's elf at the school Xmas workshop, so don't miss my stories today 🙌🏻
And show some love ❤️ to that small princess 😊

Something to look forward to this week! Poison Doughnut isn’t your usual neighborhood shop; it packs a venom of flavors and extraction of wit and creativity. 🍩☕️👋🏻
Read more on our blog!
#philippineprimer #primer #poison #poisondoughnuts #thealleyatkarrivin #makati #lifestyle #eats #doughnuts #donuts #coffee #yardstickcoffee #heyhydra #tastelessfoodgroup #lamarzocco #expatslife #foodie #foodtrip #karrivinplaza

Good morning ☀️🇶🇦 #qatar #expatslife #expatfamily #dohalifestyle

Eve's always making new friends!

The Sultan Mosque is a mosque located within the Kampong Glam precinct of Rochor in Singapore. It’s considered one of the most important mosques in #singapore. The prayer hall and domes highlight the mosque’s star features - a must see for expats. Thanks @fafko for capturing this amazing shot 🙏
##expat #expats #expatslife #expatriate #expatsg #exploresg #exploresingapore #singaporestyle #singaporelife #singaporeflyer #singaporeinsiders #expatlivingsg #expatblogger #expatblog #instasg #instatravel #instagood #instatraveling #instagramsg #relocating #relocate #beautifuldestinations #natgeotravel

A meditative moment.

HI Everyone,
On December 16 - 17, I am offering an amazing global workshop called ReSurfacing® here in Barcelona.
Are you interested in improving the world?
Would you like to learn a very effective and compassionate way to accelerate changes in your life and in the world? Learn more about the power of the Avatar® course.

Avatar® is taught in 78 countries and 26 languages of all ages, religions, races and backgrounds take the course.
In the workshop you will learn 30 experiential exercises to help create more tolerance with others, work better together, reduce stress, ability to see more viewpoints in situations and with others, improve focus of attention, manage your attention, more understanding of how your mind works, increase in peace and control over your environments and much more!
Free complimentary one hour Introduction!

Contact Summer on Instagram messenging or email me at compassionavatar@gmail.com

Tayte was probably around 6-7, when taking these photos (the angle gives it away). To my horror, @php_boilerplate gave him his VERY expensive camera to play with, I just made sure there was a strap securely around his neck. We were all hanging out at Sotto Cinque, on UES, at the bar - like you do with kids that age. @monikamillion making magic behind the bar, and @70saber came to support me that night - for what ever the heck I needed supporting in. #throwback #mykid #photography #bar #bestbartender #yellowlight #redwalls #friends #nyc #ues #newyork #expatslife

If you missed the first Lisbon, Portugal vlog, here is a recap of what happened. Stay tuned for the second vlog in the Lisbon, Portugal series later tonight! It's a good one.

Even on it's gloomiest day, Portugal is still lovely. #Lisbon

Nasza magiczna ulica w zimowej scenerii😍 #zima #ulica #haga #centrum #snow #magic #evening #expatslife #thenetherlands #placetobe

We will be collecting clothes and blankets for the homeless and the poor in our community during our last aperitivo of the year.

If you can’t make it to aperitivo but would still like to donate, please take your donations to:

via del Lavatoio 4, from 16 to 19.30, (Saturday closed), o to the Centro Diurno in via Udine 19/e from 9 to 12 and from 16 to 20.

#expats #expatslife #expatsintrieste #expatslivinginTrieste #igersitalia #triestesocial #igers #italy #italia #igersroma #igerstrieste #fvg #friuliveneziagiulia_love #globetrotter #globetrotters #adventure #love #life #adventureworld #amazing #friulidoc #friuliveneziagiulia #udine #udinese #igersudine #lagodifusine #barcola #MyTs

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