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A NEW CHAPTER, A NEW HOME. If there’s something you’ve dreamed of doing it’s good to talk about it. But at a certain point it’s time to do it. For 10 years I talked about moving here. And finally it’s happened. I can’t believe I get to wake up to this every day. I don’t speak French but I will learn. My Spanish is bad. It will get better. And as for @viticolewine, expect the import collaborations to reach new heights. Time to grow... #expatlife

It’s no easy task walking kids through the ups and downs of living overseas. We’ve been planning for an International Day celebrating diversity at the girls’ school for weeks now, and it’s brought up some interesting conversations. •
There are 17 nationalities represented among the student population at the school, and today there were booths for all the countries with fun facts, food tasting, and special performances. I was talking to the girls about how we would help out with a booth for Uganda AND the United States, but when I asked Eliza where she was from, she said, “Laos.” •
It’s true that almost all of her life has been spent in this country. And it’s true that many days I have no idea how to parent these kids who are growing up with a completely different childhood than the one my husband or I experienced. But today was just special. Watching the girls with their best friends from Sri Lanka and The Netherlands and the U.S. and the Philippines...teachers from around the world in a tiny school in Lao PDR owned by a lovely Korean lady...honoring each others’ cultures and sharing them together. Days like today give me hope and energy and joy. Vids in my story! ✌🏽
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All the other girls tryna look sexy on these swings and I'm like 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 (post teaching @zayanuraiisland with @guavapassme and @lipton ❤️🙌🏼✌🏼) thanks for the pic @jiiiules !

La vida nos da sorpresas y terminamos donde menos lo esperábamos y ahora entiendo que no es fácil emigrar y no cualquiera lo haría ya que implica dejar todo lo que conocemos detrás, nuestro hogar, nuestras familias y amigos, nuestra cultura, ufff una lista enorme que ya se imaginarán ... Ustedes lo harían? Lo han hecho? A que país te gustaría emigrar? Yo lo volvería a hacer, me siento muy feliz aquí aún que no voy a negar que extraño la calidez inigualable de los latino-Americanos constantemente #unamexicanaenparis #paris #mexicana #mexico #expatlife #expat #girl #yosoymexicana #mexicanstyle #mexicangirl #mexicaine #latina #viajar #travel

November BBQ🍖🍗 #ribs #weekend #life

Family skate today at the rink with the @thomas_sabo_ice_tigers - Thanks! 😌❤️ #hockeymom #expatlife #nuremburg #germany

A veces dejar de pensar en pequeño y empezar a pensar a lo grande es tan sencillo como plantarte, dar un golpe en la mesa, levantarte y decir “ahora me toca a mí”. Sólo quiero animarte a que hagas lo mismo, a que te reveles frente a ti mismo, frente a ese “yo” que tiene miedo a hacer grandes cosas.
Porque la vida me ha enseñado que si piensas en pequeño pasa el tiempo y te lo vas echando en cara, pero si piensas en grande y te decides a llevar a cabo esa gran idea que tienes en mente, ves la vida de otra forma, con una nueva misión que cumplir cada día y con la energía necesaria para lograr tus objetivos.

Síguenos👉 @comunidadvisionaria para más contenido como este.

We spent our Saturday at home. I’ve been enjoying staying home more than ever before. Okay, so maybe it’s because I can’t stand the way they drive here and I’ll do whatever it takes to avoid it. But either way, we enjoyed the day together. Check out my instastories to see what else I hammered besides the hangers to put these pictures up. 🔨🔨🔨🔨😱 #LittleLifeInJo


Making cupcakes // When I was a kid my aunt would always bring cupcakes for me and my cousin and sisters to decorate on Thanksgiving. As we got older my cousin and I would make the cupcakes ourselves which usually resulted in us just eating cupcake batter and frosting with a spoon and the family not actually having any real cupcakes to eat. Living abroad means missing celebrating with my family, but watching my students participate in a tradition close to my heart fills me with joy. #thanksgiving #traditions #expatlife #velvetashes #weareelic

Yesterday, up at 6am, gym for 7am, working from 10am to 2pm... then ready and on it for James & Sarah’s engagement do 🍻 .. although ‘on it’ lasted until about 11pm with Joanne 😂 top night though

Jōzankei, a popular fall foliage-viewing spot in Sapporo 🍁🍂🎨 What a view!!! 😍

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Posting some of my favorite shots from this year’s fall before winter tones take over my Instagram feed. Will surely miss these gorgeous colours... 🍂🍁👋🏻

Life in the city 💗

Living overseas is mostly glorious; (literally) life-changing tastes, constant opportunities to grow and experience new ways of life, simple living, etc. Living outside of my home culture has given me the chance to decide who I want to be and how I want to interact with the world around me. But with all of the benefits, even having a house on a tropical island (that some would call paradise), I find myself missing the familiarity of my original home. You can’t replace the impact that a culture had on you in your developing years. I’m truly and deeply happy in the life I live now; still, the simple triggers of a stranger wearing the same perfume as your mother or Starbucks stocking holiday cups is enough to provoke homesickness. Instead of ignoring my feelings, I’ve learned to lean into them, to validate my needs and heart instead of repressing emotions. Assimilating another culture, honoring a people group and not steamrolling their culture out of ignorance, is important for any foreigners visiting or living abroad. But assimilation doesn’t mean losing yourself or your culture; in fact, appreciating and absorbing other cultures has helped me to do the same for my American culture. It’s important to learn this in order to thrive overseas, to be flexible and sensitive, to be grateful for all of life’s experiences: including the discomforts and challenges. They make us strong and they make us wise and they make us compassionate. So, I’m posting this photo of the last time we were in the United States, taking a little vacation in San Clemente. Because it’s a happy moment I love reliving when I’m missing my roots. And, at some point today, I’ll probably get a holiday pastry at the coffee shop and pretend it’s cold and crisp outside. Cause #impregnant and #idowhatiwant #selfcaresunday

Annapurna Circuit Trek - not even thousands of pictures will capture the beauty and size of the Himalayas. Incredible experience, unforgettable walk.

Rising with the sun ☀️ @hyattcapitalgate

Top 2 second favorite Christmas gift for your #6monthsold

We walked to the end of Long Beach in Russell, Bqy of Islands this afternoon. Absolute perfection, if you haven't been to Russell I simply cannot recommend it enough. It's one of my very favorite places. It helps that there are beautiful people here at @villarussellnz ❤️💯🙌🌴🌊

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