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After walking down Tverskaya and just before you go for fireworks. Visit park Hermitage. It will host theatrical marathon. On 9th sep starting at 12h and on 10th starting from 13h. Different theatres, ballets, kids theatres will perform. Entrance is free. Get into the Russian culture!#wableaks #moscowlife #expatinmoscow #theatremarathon

Party make-up! Александр @makeuplovers.ru воплотить в жизнь любые идеи!
Записаться можно по телефонам указанным ниже.
Mal Patriarshy Per., 3

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If you want to try some great Russian cuisine, you can do it here VARENICHNAYA ( Вареничная). Tasty & cheap #foodinrussia #russiancuisine #expatinmoscow

Learning how to move around Moscow is one of the basic steps. If you want to read my miss adventures but also what I have learned check out my new blog. Link in bio https://funnynotesblog.blogspot.ru/?m=1 #expatinmoscow #learningitthehardway dway#funnymoscowadventures

Midsummer Night's Dream 10/06/17. Фан-бекстейдж Ближайшее мероприятие 29/07 Midsummer Night's Dream Royal Garden Party с 15:00-21:00. Line up: Musical interpretation and story of William Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's dream", Gospel music, Moscow International Choir, children's hour, English improv comedy, DJ Taff, cocktail bar and delicious food! A fun packed day in the baking hot sun! БИЛЕТЫ flyingbananas.ru #shakespearelive #gobananas #gardenparty #openairstandrews #showinenglish #realenglish #expatinmoscow #britishenglish

Happy New Year to you guys and gals and everyone else 🎄🎉🥂🎁💃🏻 It's holidays in Russia for a whole week.
RU: Выходные длиной в неделю 💪 С Новым годом всех девочек и мальчиков и всех остальных 🎄💝🥂🎉

Don't miss out on the light spectacle in Moscow this weekend. Circle of light, amazing light show, will take place from 23rd till 27th Sep. We asked some of our Expat friends and they recommend not to miss show in front of Bolshoi theatre! The weather forecast is also promising, so get some sleep and enjoy Moscow at night in amazing colors! We also found a schedule for you on the link😀!
http://bigtimemoscow.com/circle-of-light-the-schedule-sept-23-sept-27/#wableaks #expatinmoscow #moscowlife #circleoflight


Vivid colors are all the rage! We got you covered! At the Expat salon! Have fun and let us brighten your life with colors😉😂 __________________
Mal Patriarshy Per., 3

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Winter is starting and we need to find interesting things to do indoors. As is this, Young Actors musical theatre. Unique in the world, showing musicals with kid actors. Now the ‘Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ are playing! On the link you can find out their schedule, and enjoy something new during these rainy, cold days!!! http://dmtya.ru/index.php?id=220#inited=1 #wableaks #expatinmoscow #moscowlife #moscowkids #enjoyingthemusicals

If you ever wanted to discover Finland on 14th this saturday (from 13h till 21h) you have a chance. In Design zavod Flacon, 100th anniversary of Finland will be celebrated. With food, coffee, movies and fun activities for kids. All comming from Finland. Have a great weekend!#wableaks #expatinmoscow #moscowlife #timetovisitfinland#finlandrevival

Although, forecast is not really great. You can warm up and have a relaxing day in Ekaterininskiy park. There will be a festival of Coffee and Tea this weekend. Preparing you for long and cold Russian winter. The festival will be from 10am till 18pm. And, on Saturday from 14h till 15.30h, you have the possibility to enter Guinness book of records by drinking Tea at a 1km long table.#wableaks #moscowlife #expatinmoscow #teaandcoffeetime

If you want to get warm and have fun time for yourself and your family, join Novotel Moscow city brunch on Sunday 8th october at MCTraders restaurant. It starts at 13h, possible to book before on +7 (495) 664 8999. Last weekend there was jazz for grownups and magic entertainment for kids, and amazing cuisine from all around the world.#wableaks #moscowlife #expatinmoscow #moscowkids #brunchsundays

Mobile planetarium is open at metro station Vystavochnaya from 3rd till 10th oct from 10h till 18h every day. 15 people can participate per show. And it is one of a kind chance to get to know our cosmos on the go. Below schedule of shows. Go to the stars — 10:00–10:30 — научно-образовательный фильм «Удивительное путешествие по Солнечной системе»;
— 10:35–10:45 — визуальный аттракцион «Полет фантазии»;
— 10:55–11:20 — научно-образовательный фильм «Розетта»;
— 11:30–11:55 — научно-образовательный фильм «Возвращение на Луну навсегда»;
— 12:00–12:30 — научно-образовательный фильм «Удивительное путешествие по Солнечной системе»;
— 12:35–12:45 — визуальный аттракцион «Полет фантазии»;
— 12:55–13:20 — научно-образовательный фильм «Розетта»;
— 13:30–13:55 — научно-образовательный фильм «Возвращение на Луну навсегда»;
— 14:00–14:30 — научно-образовательный фильм «Удивительное путешествие по Солнечной системе»;
— 14:35–14:45 — визуальный аттракцион «Полет фантазии»;
— 14:55–15:20 — научно-образовательный фильм «Розетта»;
— 15:30–15:55 — научно-образовательный фильм «Возвращение на Луну навсегда»;
— 16:00–16:30 — научно-образовательный фильм «Удивительное путешествие по Солнечной системе»;
— 16:35–16:45 — визуальный аттракцион «Полет фантазии»;
— 16:55–17:20 — научно-образовательный фильм «Розетта»;
— 17:30–17:55 — научно-образовательный фильм «Возвращение на Луну навсегда». #wableaks #expatinmoscow #moscowexpatlife #planetariumonthego#metrovystavochnaya

Есть гардеробные для мужчин, а есть для женщин. Все зависит от того, кто делал квартиру: мужчина или женщина. Чья-то мужская мечта воплотилась в этой квартире недалеко от Цветного, и скоро она станет  чьей-то реальностью! Арендаторы, welcome!
P.S. сегодня сдала квартиру девушке со змеями🐍. Интересы собственника представлял любитель держать крыс🐁чудесный тандем👫. Не правда ли?😆 всем весёлых сделок!

Amo questa città, imponente, vanitosa, contraddittoria ma affascinante. #ILoveMoscow #expatlife #expatinmoscow #instapic #instatravel #Moscow #fountain #вднх #park

Don't miss Tverskaya square this weekend. There will be 200 varieties of cheeses ( mozzarella, burrata, ciacotta and many more) from all around Russia. The organisers claim that Italians themselves cannot tell the difference between Russian and Italian mozzarella😀! We will definitely test it this weekend. And if you prefer fish, you can walk down to Kuznetsky most street. Enjoy, maybe sunny but cold weekend😊#wableaks #expatinmoscow #moscowlife #cheesefestival #autumninmoscow #eatandgetwarm

You cannot live in Russia and not know some basic stuff. If you haven't tried to do sirniki yet, you need to. This is a very grafic recipe, just need few translations. Творог (cottage cheese), сахар (sugar), мука (flour), яаицо (egg), сол (salt). Mix it, make small fat pancakes, put it in flour and then fry it in pan. And you are a true Russian. Post pictures how it went, we will too😀😀 #wableaks #moscowlife #expatinmoscow #russianfood #lovesirnikiforbreakfast #doityourself

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Mal Patriarshy Per., 3

#expatsalon #expats #expatinmoscow #expatriates #expatlife #beautysalon #moscowexpats #патриаршиепруды #патриаршие #тверская #patriki 🍂💐

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