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The mysterious handbag can be seen in old depictions of the Annunaki. It seems to be some sort of technology but the purpose is yet unknown. Any ideas of what it could be?

👉🏽 I want to share with ALL of you that YES, I go through dark periods like the moon. 🌚 And that it's completely fine to feel it all. Its nothing good or bad. It's just is.
And I gotta confess this past weeks brought up a lot for me. And I'm sure it's bringing a LOT for you too.
YES I can definitely feel all the planets retrograding, it's strong. A strong fear for being abandoned came up and I remembered you know what? THANK YOU universe for all these gifts of yours. Thanks for reminding me to NOT abandon myself. ❤️ MOST of us may feel we are in a state of suspension and it might feel VERY uncomfortable. And we really NEED to FEEL all the feelings that come up. They are reminders that there's always things to heal. They are reminders that the roots of them aren't within us. It's carried back from so many generations in our lineages. We have to liberate our lineages, not just for the past but for our future generations.
I'm finding deeper truths within me, and surrendering to the process. Getting more and more in touch with my shadows. More comfortable exposing them.
Life is constant transformation. Always, evolving. Fall, stand up, fall again stand up again. But always falling FORWARD.
The foundation of peace and harmony is TRUTH. If we don't know or truth, there cannot be peace.
I am feeling tender. I am feeling grateful. I am feeling light. I am feeling deep healing. I am so grateful for my angels and guides that help me always in all process. I am grateful to be aware. I am grateful that I choose to incarnate again in this lifetime to do this inner alchemy magic, to be in this amazing time in the universe where so many shifts are occurring within me and everywhere around me. Where love is expanding more and more, where there's light for ALL to see. 🕊💫

Playing around in the new space. Alyssa tested. Yogi approved. #almayoga #wevegotsoul #growth #expansion #iloveyoga #yogaeverydamnday #proud #humbled #inversions #handstands

Celebrating our birthday ( belated ) in #joshuatree I love you @nandymcclean we have gone through so much growth lately and more expansion to come... more freedom, more love! 💗🌺🌷#sisters #twins #twinz #transformation #expansion #transformation

Oh this sunshine in the PNW is making my soul siiiiiiiing!!!! We have had nonstop rain and darkness for months I swear 😆 soaking up all I can of this divine sunshine medicine 🕊✨✨✨✨✨

🎉 Nos nouveaux clubs viennent d'ouvrir leurs portes à AUXERRE et TERVILLE 🎉
📸 Pour plus de photos & d'infos RDV sur notre page Facebook Basic Fit France
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Floors are going down in the new Jeffersonville studio! #502in812 #502SoIn #jeffersonville #expansion #growth #502py


All I see is Teotihuacan.

Or " Teoti-ROCK-ON "as @ritariverafox would call it.
Memories of Power Journeys with @donmiguelruiz @sheri_rosenthal @ritariverafox @meghangilroy @jamie_gilroy @shamansister @donmiguelruizjr ( Miguelito, my brother ) Aaron Bauman, Brandon Landis, Katye Landis, the Portland Crew, the Portland "Cup". A year of "Dreaming". 5 years as an apprentice. Working at @donmiguelruiz's office.
More Power signs from Oaxaca. This one is right outside my door in the courtyard. #everythingisapowersign
Life outside the Toltec "bubble" is so different. Yet the same. I'm in it and I'm outside of it. I remember and I forget. It matters and nothing matters. Labels don't mean anything anyway. Yet this practice of remembering who I really am and shedding lies that no longer serve me gives me back so much vitality and energy and an inner buzz that can be intoxicating.
I just had a deep pressure cooker of a situation in my life these last 3 months that ended with burning down the metaphoric house that I was standing inside that was sucking the life out of me and how I related to men. Once I saw it... a ripple affect occurred. The story of all of my past relationships and the lens I was looking through completely shattered. Broke off of me and left the building. I see every single experience without that negative belief about myself and voila. I am set free.
Can it really happen that fast? Yes.
What. A. Gift. This life is. And all the people who move in, through, around and out of it.
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Games arriving May 8th. Still have time to get your pre-order in and join the bloody fun! Full update available on our Facebook account. 🔪🎲

God it feels good to be back in this beautiful city. Apologies for being MIA, we are back!! #theohrigroup #Lifestyle #travel #luxury #startup #expansion #events #gamechanger #adventure #exploring #bliss #love

ON THIS DAY: April 28, 1987

The NBA announced expansion to Charlotte NC & Miami FL in 1988 and Minneapolis MN & Orlando FL in 1989. #30thanniversary #NBA #announcement #expansion #charlottehornets #charlottebobcats #miamiheat #minnesotatimberwolves #orlandomagic #april28 #1987

Por eso hay que asumirlos y no rechazarlos. Sacarán lo mejor de nosotros: nuestro amor más elevado. Javier Ortiz (contigo siempre).

#Budapest is one of my new favorite cities. So unique, unpredictable, eclectic, vibrant, beautiful. Amazing trip with these two beautiful people. @violaine.mars #victormars #family

Dear Beloveds! In the higher dimensional awareness which is an expanded perception of multidimensional Self, our creations are not set in a linear time fashion, meaning that any focus on achievement and completion is based on separation which the linear time construct constantly re-creates. In such a way, we are always like a hamster on a wheel, within the infinite repetition loop. When the focus becomes the Now simultaneous time in which everything already Is and exists perfectly within itself, there is no need to focus on achievement and completing something, as that still keeps our focus on a linear time construct of a lower 3-4D reality matrix. In a higher dimensional awareness our work is simply creative play, and everything is always complete and incomplete at the same time, existing within its perfect imperfection. And that which is fueled with Joy is always anchored in a Now reality which is not an artificial construct but rather a paradigm of Universal understanding of ourselves as All That Is. It's time for us to move into that spontaneous creative play, and especially Now as the Moon's nodes are changing into Leo-Aquarius polarity. It's time to use our inner creative Light without being fixed on a sense of outer completion, but rather a feeling of feeling complete in whatever we do ... always Now! #ascension #newenergy #newearth #newhuman #transcendence #awareness #awakening #spirit #wisdom #consciousness #expansion

(There's Always Another Level) ☝🏾 There's almost like a hidden reserve of Creative Power, within a person's body. And it seems to reveal itself more as you grow, in pursuit of your Personal Dream.
I remember being in the very back of the room knowing I'll be on the stage one day. And as I grow, that creative power allows me to reach higher levels. 💯

Sharing my name in front of 24,000 people.. one day God willing, I'll be Training in front of 50,000.
Nowhere to go but UP☝🏾
"Success Is The Pursuit of a Worthy Ideal."

Yoga studio for the week. Indescribable..., the birds, the sound of the waves, the warm breezes, the dragonflies in flight..., something to last me after my return. #grateful #internationalyoga #sarahpascualyoga #omvibez #expansion #beauty

✨🌿 Thank you Universe and energies of this Earth that keep spiraling my life into the most beautiful "accidents". As life continues to unfold I understand why the seasons of my soul keep changing and shifting into new horizons. I have my heart and the faith of my people circulating in my blood every second to guide each action and each question with a curiosity to keep expanding. Thank you MAPS.org for the beautiful 5 day conference on advancing Earth medicine to heal the soul and human physical manifestations that plague our current society. Immense loving blessings to everyone I was able to share a smile, get connected to, recounted from a past life :) and to all the researchers that let their hearts show in their work. An extra firing embrace to @kolato_reigns for your existence, strength and depth to your eyes. Mujer you are a walking Angel leaving trails of fire to burn anything that needs to leave and bring light to everything that seeks growth...te amo 😘🔥Thank you to all my friends that have supported me on this journey, thanks for always listening to my crazy ideas and fueling my self love 😸✨💗Above all I give my thanks to all the indigenous people of the Earth 🌏 🕊🌾🌸🌬💓 #maps #ps17 #psychedelic #psychedelicscience #spirits #earth #soul #peyote #psilocybin #blessings #ayahuasca #expansion #5D #dimensions #unity


Do you have a harsh inner-critic?

Telling you: "It's wrong." "I could/should have done this better." "I should know this by now." "I should be further along." "I've already 'worked' on this, why is it coming up again!" "I have to do more more MORE!" AND...to make things worse, sometimes we tell ourselves that it's our intuition or higher self speaking to us...😬... Ouch! 😲

This is something I have to constantly work on, which has surfaced for me this week...and sometimes you don't even notice it is there until you get still...or a loving friend points it out.

There are many reasons this comes up...perfectionism, having an over-critical parent, fear of humiliation/rejection/abandonment...and even though you may have done the inner work in this issue...when ever we uplevel or strive towards a new goal that expands our beings..it will resurface at a deeper level...the whole peeling off the layers of an onion analogy.

But what ends up happening is that we go chasing and seeking approval from others - family, romantic partner, work colleagues, clients, customers, etc - often exhausting ourselves...when what we are REALLY wanting is approval of ourselves.

Once we get approval of ourselves...we make our inner child happy, which makes us happy - we can be more "us", and BEAM our beauty and gifts to the world...which of course brings results that we have oh-so-struggled been trying to achieve!

Today...I invite you to go on a BINGE!
Spend 15-minutes going through everything that is going on in your life and APPROVE of yourself in that situation...regardless of what it looks like.

Then, throughout the day...notice your inner dialogue - then approve when your inner critic barges in to take over with, "I approve of myself, even with this thought.

#mindfulness #mindbodysoul #mindbodyspirit #consciousness

To all of our supporters, creatives and music lovers. . . The leeds team has closed it's showroom doors behind the big blue door.

It is time for us to expand to the greater Los Angeles market where we will be opening a like location come fall 2017. Our local offices remain here in the heart of Ketchum and you can stop by or contact inquiries@leedslooklisten.com at any time to schedule an appointment. With love and good vibrations...stay tuned!
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