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D-29 #FELMYEONproject
— 03 ; eyes
thick, perfectly formed eyebrows, naturally long and soft-looking eyelashes, and pupils like melted chocolate🍫mixed with stardust💫. junmyeon’s eyes are warm🌤, but they are like a maze🗺i couldn’t help but get lost🗾in. every time i look at them, even if they are just in the form of pictures, i could feel him searching deep🙇🏻‍♂️ into my soul, seeking for love💞. Whenever he blinks👀, his eyelashes would flutter like a pair of 🧚🏻‍♂️butterflies🧚🏻‍♀️descending from the heavens🌈, and beneath them, two orbs of such an intensity💎 that they struck me dumb without the slightest effort🔮. they are addictive💓, and i believe that it’s radiance is what makes everyone who sees them feel the irresistible impulse to smile widely😸, for his eye-smiles shows the most sincere and pure emotion😘. in fact, i love it when his eyes smile, forming a perfectly formed upside down parabola😁— they show his happiness clearly and it washes all my fears and worries away🎆. with make up or not, junmyeon’s eyes are always the prettiest🎀, in my opinion, as they never, ever fail to lure me into fantasy🌌.
💌 jun-ah, to caress the tips of your eyelashes and immerse in the ocean of your eyes, to lie on the darkest sands of your pupils surrounded by the mysteries of the deep, to spend the rest of my days giving name to every shades of its hue..
and to willingly die..drowned in your gaze..
that’s what i want❤️

D-28 #FELMYEONproject
— 04 ; nose
🐰junmyeon’s nose is straight, it’s really beautiful👑and it must have took a long time for God to perfectly “craft” it. and just above it lies a scar💋, an additional decoration to top his magical facial features💞. his nose scar is really precious to me, it may not be so visible at times where he wears makeup, but when it shows, my eyes would (legitimately) form into😍hearts😍 and shoot love💘💘💘!!! its small, not deep, and its right beside his right eye, on the glabella (there’s also a tiny cute mole here😫!!) his nose wings are also my kink🤧💓all the oxygen that hv passed through his nose all the way to the rest of his respiratory system ARE SO LUCKY i swear☹️
and yup! i do not only breathe oxygen, but i breathe in his carbon dioxide too~🌬
&!!! the way he twitches his nose when he speaks and laughs☀️, it’s literally one of the cutest things!!! i just wanna boob, kiss and caress it forever!!! 🌟🌟🌟

D-31 #FELMYEONproject
— 01; hair
like a baby’s hair 👶🏻that is soft 💞💓💖and smooth💕💘💝, i can never stop myself from wanting to ruffle his head with my own hands☹️💓. junmyeon’s hairstyle has never failed him, short sides n chicken cut that made me fall hard, altho we all find it funny now, it was epic and yep you pulled me into your trap with it, so🤤hehe~ bowl cut, one word, KAWAII. damn boi i can tell you, no one else can never slay a bowl cut like you😭😍 you brought love me right to a whole new level, and yep i really loved your hair cut right😏
comma, MY. FAVOURITE. thank you for keeping your comma hair for a long time now, how sweet of you to know what i like😩 short or long comma, which one do i like more, you ask? well thats Goddamn hard..... because.. ya know,, i just kaboomed every time before making a decision🤪 permed curls made me go KOKO, it was definitely a BOP😌 just stating facts here~ ❤️ wild bunny huhuuuu :< hair styled in the middle, curtain hair was on him for a looooong time and my love for it deepened 🤫💞 jun with this kind of hair, aaaHHH HIS ~FLOOFINESS BLOSSOMED~ a total husband💗💗💗
just name it, junmyeon has tried and slayed it all~ his blonde may come and go, red for a day, pink for two whole eras, grey? majestic! but natural colours will always be my favorite<3
‘hair up, pushed back’ makes him look like a total bad boy, dADDY, hot man, DEADLY. ‘hair down’ and !!boom!! he is my soft lil babe:3 never have i seen any other grown up man looking ever so good with any kind of hair, they just compliment his overall royal look so well~~ my prince, here is a short note to appreciate your hair, one day, i will smell, pat, kiss and ruffle them, one day💕

D-30 #FELMYEONproject
— 02 ; forehead, skin
💓💓junmyeon’s forehead that glows like the skies🌅 before sunrise🌥, skin as white as snow and as soft as a newborn🌷, i can stare at this 😍wonderful masterpiece 😍all day long. small crystal clear droplets of sweat💧 would drip from his wide forehead and leave me awe-struck. his face shines ✨brighter than anything, it bursts in beams like 🌟spotlights🌟, like something, something so powerful 💥and blinding, but is velvety🔮 and flawless, something i want to touch, love 💙and give my all for the rest of my life💍. that something.. there’s only one in this world... it’s junmyeon, every part of him gives me feels that no one else can give❤️

⇢exo, growl ✧ collection {nfs/t} ⠀⠀⠀⠀
♡this pic is really old but i'm too busy at the moment to take new ones😪 And I archived my last post because it was being reposted everywhere lmao.
Q.🃏 Favourite weather that you like?
This question is a bit random but winter is my favourite✌️✨

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