~kpopsilver •°•°•*CAPITULO 3*°•°•° ¿baekhyun dura algun dia quien fue? ¿kasper volvera a tocarlo?
¿que haran sehun y chanyeol cuando se enteren?
¿que pasara con los 3 hermanos?
Descubranlo el jueves con un nuevo capitulo 7w7
Jajaja la firma es por parte de todas las admis xD por el fic lo estamos haciendo todas xD pero vaa chic@s por favor si copian el contenido den creditos plis si no procedere con mis planes malevolos muajajaja muajajajaj

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🕴Ի՞նչ եք կարծում, եթե EXO-ն լիներ բանդա♠️, ով որ դերում կլիներ?? 🕶
Adm: #di_yeol

چینگویاااا ایمـــجین واســــتون درست کــردم😊😉😇
بـــعله!!!زندگـی کـــای بـــدون من اینجوریــه😉😝💕
فـــردا واســتون دیتینگ دور میـزارم😚
کـــپی»»»»بــا ذکر منبـــع😦😕
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چطور میشه این حجم از کیوتی تو یک نفر جا بشه؟؟؟؟ .
پ.ن:فک کنم امروز پستم میاد هی دارم راه میرم پست میزارم:))))
پ.ن2:لامصبا خو لایک کنید:( .
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"شاید فردایی نباشد" رو خوندید؟:'(
افتر استوریشو چی؟:""((((((
هعیییی خداااا 😭😭 .
پ.ن:الان همتون دارید خر میزنید دیگه نه؟:|
بازم پ.ن:من صبح که بیدار شدم دوباره خوابم برد دو ساعت دیگم خوابیدم 😂😂 همچنان پ.ن:خوابالو خودتونید 😂
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وقتی بینه اونهمه جمعیت ببینتت و روشو برگردونه😻💕
اتفاق نمیفته ولی حداقل میشه تصورش کرد که😐❤😂
اقا راستی از همین تریبون اعلام میکنم تولد یک عدد گوگولوژیه دراز به نام تهیونگ"V" هپی مپی باشه😃🎈🎉💫
خب ممنونم که این تریبونو دراختیار من گذاشتین تا تبریک بگم😌...مرسی اه😌💫
#admin_ѕogιw .
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3rd edit for exos winter comback
3days until exos winter comeback🙈😍❤️
ميخواستم گيف بسازم اما هركار كردم عكس گيفم نميومد تو فوتو كالجم😢شماها نميدونيد چيكار بايد بكنم!؟

ست لباس با عكس لي توي فوتوبوك sing for you😍🙈
چطوري دوستش داريد🤔
من كه كلا تيپاي زمستوني رو ميپسندم😊
بعدي از كي باشه؟؟؟

🙈🙈🙈kai edit
بعدي از كي باشه🤔

❤️❤️please read last parts❤️❤️
Chanyeol bday imagine❤️❤️🎂🍰🍫🍩🍬
To be continued✌🏻️✌🏻️ #chanyeol #persianexol #iranianexol #persiankpoper #kpop #exol #chanyeolbirthday #parkchanyeol #park #chanyeol #exoimagine #kpopimagine #exoimagination #exotext #exolimagine #exolover #exochanyeol

فكت كاي!:يا خواب يا مرغ✋🏻🍗🍗🍗

توي اتاقم نشسته بودم،باد خنكي كه وارد اتاق ميشد حس خوبي بهم ميداد
دستم رو مشت كردمو تو صورتش فرود آوردم!؛
خيلي بدي...
دماغش رو كشدم؛
خيلي بدي كه اينجا نيستي...
بستني كه روبروم بود رو برداشتم و با عصبانيت يه تيكه بزرگ ازش كندم و محكم گذاشتم تو دهنم
لب هام رو رو لباش گذاشتم ؛كاش اين بوسه واقعي بود...
دستاي گرمي رو روي صورتم احساس كردم،خرس رو بغلش كشيد و پيشونيم رو بوسيد
-من هميشه كنارتم اينجا تو قلبت،پس ديگه هيچوقت احساس تنهايي نكن

Here's my second imagination. This time with Xiumin with a little bit of Sehun (because you can't have enough of Sehun,right? Or is it just me? 😄) Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy it and comment who do you want my next imagine to be with. Read in comments! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

Since you guys wanted me to continue, here's the second part and also the last one. So enjoy and don't be affraid to comment what do you think about it and also any requests for my future fanfics or imaginations! ------------------------------------------------------------
Read in comments! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

Here's my Sehun imagination please enjoy and comment! If you want I can continue and end it differently.Tell me if you want! ☺😊☺😊. You have a really bad blood circulation, miss Anne." my doctor said after checking me. I didin't want to go to a doctor but my boyfriend made me. He was so sweet and caring but he was just worried too much most of the time. But it wasn't this case. I was glad I agreed with going to a doctor because without taking pills that he gave me I'd have big health problems.I was dating Sehun for about 5 months. After going to a doctor we went to a cafe and then home. We were watching a movie and cuddling. "Thank you for making me to go to a doctor,Sehun. I know you have it hard with me and that I'm stubborn and I'm so so sorry for all the trouble I've caused to.." "shhh" he said and placed his lips on mine. His kiss was soft and caring but suddenly it changed into a rough one and then he was violently kissing my neck like he was never going to do that again. He placed hand under my shirt trying to take it of when a doorbell rung. "Shit, why now?" he sighed and went to open the door.
There was a girl standing with some paper. "What are you doing here ?" he said "I have my own life! So leave me finnaly alone!" he almost screamed . I didn't know what was going on so I just stood there. "I'm pregnant" she said "and what am I supposed to do with that" he said angrily. "This can't be..he couldn't! No he hasn't cheated on me!" I repeated in my mind. "But Sehun,you're the father!" she said. "We broke up 7 months ago! And we haven't slept together since then so how can I be the father?" he screamed. "I'm in my 7th month." "No! I don't belive you! This can't be!!!" "text me when you'll make up your mind" she said and left. Sehun stood there when he finally turned to me. "I'm so sorry" he finally said. "I don't know what to do." "Sehun,shhh. It's gonna be alright." "What am I gonna do?" "We're gonna solve this! Don't worry!" I sad and I kissed him. I felt like I was about to throw but but I had to be strong. Not for me. But for him. He needed me and I needed him. But what are we going to do if that baby is really his?
Continue in coments ☺

Now, we move to them.
Our emergency couple.

My big bro with my sis in law.
I hope happiness in their marriage always be exist. I hope oppa can be a good husband to Ji unnie and a good father to Yoo Geun.

Ship Kim Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo.

#exoimagine #exo #exok #exol #exom #exoimagination

My family.
Let me tell you about my family.

My father is Jo Sung Mo. He's a singer, composer and a good appa. He's love to sing, maybe i got the talent from him. Why not? Hahaha. Then, he met with my eomma, Kim Ha Neul. My mother is a actress but now, she already resign and run a restaurant for business, 'Lovely Cafe', she gave that name. She loves to cook and create a new food, she wish she can give and share the happiness through the food. I knew many recipe and i try to be a good chef, guess what? My mom talent already inside me. Mmuahh eomma.

Kim Jin Hyuk is my eldest brother and have been married with my sister in law, Song Ji Hyo. Hahaha, my big bro not available anymore. Both of them were actor and actress, involved in entertainment world. But now, they already have son, Kim Yoo Geun, still 1 years old. So cute my niece!

And lastly, my youngest brother. SM rookies? Yes, Kim Jae Hyun, he is! Noona wish for your success.

#exoimagine #exo #exok #exol #exom #exoimagination

On 151105, if you remember my patient, Hana, she asked to accompany her, go to EXO Concert in Tokyo. I feel surprised, suddenly. Then, i said ok, because i want to fulfill my promise to accompany her.
On 151108, the 3rd concert day, i saw the banner of 'EXO'LUXION IN TOKYO DOME', the official lightstick everywhere. Oh my gosh, suddenly, i feel nervous. So nervous i am. I just keep quit until Hana give me a lightstick and told me to enjoy myself. Aishh, this kids is really give support to me. Alright, i should enjoy myself tonight.

We enter the dome and find our seatplace, wow, so near with the stage. I think deeply in mind, maybe the guys can see us from there. Hahaha. Maybe not!
Oh my god, the concert already start!!! I saw them, and i saw him, singging, dancing, fan service, smile, i saw him. My heart keep pounding when saw him. And the whole dome, all do fanchant, i just follow along.. Hana too keep singing and i advise her, not too much screaming to prevent her disease become worst.

Suddenly, Hana stand up and go to the front, because of what, because of Baekhyun. I just keep watching Hana, oh this kids, she already High Five with Baekhyun, Hahaha aigoo.. Hana oh Hana. Then, i just tapping Hana shoulder to go back to the seat place, Baekhyun saw me and he bowing to me, i just smile and bowing back to him.

Almost 3 hours, before the concert ending, suddenly all exo-l do the project and make the dome so beautiful and colourful. I feel touched with that project. And i saw one by one, they all crying when do the ment, i saw him crying, its make me feel sad but how should i do. I just keep quit.

Finally, the concert ending. I brought Hana back to the hospital. And i feel happy that tonight.

#exoimagine #exo #exok #exol #exom #exoimagination

'Is that you, Yeon ah?' I heard him, say my name. Then, i said 'Yes, i am, i am Yeon. Long time no see you. But, now i've to go. See you later..' i can't believe this. It's him, Park Chanyeol.

#exoimagine #exo #exok #exol #exom #exoimagination #xiumin #suho #lay #baekhyun #chen #chanyeol #kyungsoo #kai #sehun

Today is monday.
And guess what, i'm on call and already got my first cases in early morning. Sighing. I guess today, i've to treat many patients, it's okay, it's my job.

After i manage and give the treatment, i'm on rest, just a little a bit only, i take a rest for a while only. Then, i saw Hana, she was on drip and she looks very tired. 'Hye, Hana! What are you doing? I think better you should take a rest in your room' |'Hye, sensei! I'm thinking about my condition. Actually, when i can play around like the others kids? I don't wanna to stay in hospital forever.' |'Aiyaa. Don't worry, Hana. You will be leaving soon. But now, you must take your medicine and rest. I know our Hana can do it. Let's go.' Suddenly, Hana stopped and run slowly to the waiting area. I'm startled when she holding someone hand's and he is Baekhyun. Then, someone was approch him from the back. It's him. It's him.
And now, we are looking by each other.

#exoimagine #exo #exok #exol #exom #exoimagination

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