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Heading up into the mountains with my family and friends for our annual cabin escape, and apparently it's the "official" start of camping season?! (Don't think that applies in Hawaii :p) My mom even busted out the photo album last night to show my friends four year old me hiking holding my mom's hand (sister on my mom's back), seven year old me hiking barefoot in an awful bathing suit + shorts combo. Guess not much has changed :) still in search of no service, epic communal meals, and room to roam. More than Christmas, birthdays, anything.. this is the one tradition I'm so grateful my parents have kept alive💗
Photo by @travisburkephotography on our backpacking trip to Havasupai. Hope you guys are getting outside and doing something wonderful this long weekend! @keen #Keenambassador #mizulife

If you had the opportunity to pack up your bags and go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go to? 🌎

Currently in Italy somewhere. The thing is, I haven't planned anything for this trip. I just started to drive and I thought it would be nice to get to Corsica somehow. I am not taking any highways. For that reason it takes me much longer and also to places I would never see from a highway. I drove over the Appennin on a super windy and wild road with about 50km/h max.! But it was beautiful!

🎶Submission | Gorillaz
Cuando acabas de llorar pero te pones feliz 🌈

Non mi sono espresso rispetto a Manchester perché abitualmente penso che tacere rispetto ad eventi del genere sia una buona scelta.
Ma rispetto all'attentato di oggi in Egitto, che ha avuto proprio come target dei bambini, vorrei esprimere un messaggio di rabbia e al tempo stesso di speranza citando Morgan Freeman ne La Forza del Singolo: "Un'ideologia che ha bisogno di attaccare la cosa che la minaccia di meno è un'ideologia che non sopravviverà alla propria generazione."
Attaccare i bambini, che sono ciò che minaccia di meno un'ideologia, è inaccettabile. Sempre. Ma il terrore non sopravviverà a questa generazione. Ne sono sicuro.
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Ever since I have received the Huawei #Mate9 from @huaweideviceusa I can't stop myself from taking photos at everywhere I go. I took this photo today as I was walking on the Bay Head Beach in New Jersey.

With the second-generation Leica Dual Camera, the Huawei Mate 9 offers exceptional sharpness. It is not only just a smartphone but also a stunning camera to shoot with! 😉 / #discoveraround


Colors of life


Flat iron

big skies tell no lies

@bautiaraneo para @musemgt
Styled by @centxcr

Banyak keindahan di luar sana yang tidak bisa kita lihat dengan mata saja, tapi dengan hati

Friday night lights.

The sun will come out...tomorrow ☔️



"I was born in a flame
Mama said that everyone would know my name
I'm the best you've never had
If you think I'm burning out, I'm never am
I'm on fire!"
🎶Pitbull "Fireball"🎶

Update I'm traveling so much this summer so expect the video and photo content to be insane.

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