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Barcellona come a casa 🎈

This will be my last post for a while. I have to take a break from IG. But I´ll be back, I just don't know exactly when. Thank you all for all your support, the hearts and comments and I´m sorry that I couldn't always answer. Stay your beautiful selves!
Und bei meinen deutschen IG-Freunden möchte ich mich mit den unsterblichen Worten von Paulchen Panther verabschieden: Heute ist nicht alle Tage, ich komm wieder, keine Frage!
#exit #exitenter

went on a hunt for my favorite street art today🎨 #exitenter #8nian8

❇C'è qualcosa nell 'arte che ci rassicura.... e qualcosa che invece ci turba... due sentimenti in perenne lotta.. la ricerca dell'ordine e il fascino del caos... ❇

#ru_streetart #publicart #exitenter course you pick one of my favorite subjects while I'm far from home and have little access to some of the amazing street art I've managed to photograph recently.


Alien love 👽❤️👽 #exitenter HELP!!! Нужны идеи романтического подарка к годовщине свадьбы. Пока в моем списке оригинальных идей: 📍я (то, что точно понравится); 📍тёплые носки (зима на носу); 📍пылесос-робот (очень нужно в хозяйстве) 🙈на этом фантазия иссякла

Barcellona come a casa 🎈

brEXIT enter. Barcellona come a casa..

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