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Push-up lesson learned: When in doubt always get the 🍕! #pizzaisbae 😂 lol

For all of you who asked for push-up modifications, here you go! And for the girl who asked why there was no pizza in my last post, it's baaack! Here is my advice on getting #strongereveryday and nailing these.


Check this out. So in both the good form full push up and the modified push up, the body stays straight, protects the neck from injury, and gets you closer to taking a bite out of that pizza. Bad form keeps you farther away from pepperoni bliss and makes my neck... my back... bend in a way even the twerkiest music video chick wouldn't wanna do. Best way to get it done is to keep your body in line, modify on your knees, and remember to keep your spine neutral - looking slightly in front of you, down on the floor.


Push-ups follow the rules of planks for your spine - keeping it in neutral (neck not too rounded down or too flexed up, and no hyperextending) will help a lot with body alignment. Abs stay firing even though this is also an upper body exercise! Your core will help with stabilization!


The chest, shoulders and triceps, abs, and back all work as a team in this one, so it's ok to modify for a while before getting a full push up down. All of those muscles have to be strong to do it with good form! It took me about 6 weeks to do one full push-up! So don't get discouraged, and you will get stronger! Phew! Now who's up for some pizza? 🙋🏻🙋🏻🍕🍕#pizzaislife #caligirlgetsform #pushup #pushupchallenge #womensbest

FORM TIPS: STRAIGHT LEG JACKKNIVES!💪😈 Sooo a couple of you badass ladies asked for form tips on Straight Leg Jackknives! I distinctly remember reading and re-reading and reading again the exercise descriptions at the back of the guide and it was SO confusing. Well, fear not! Here's your how-to guide for these babies!
- Glue your lower back to the floor. And I mean GLUE IT. This protects your lower back, so super important!! If glueing your lower back means (a) you can't go fast or (b) your legs don't go as low to the floor.. THAT'S OKAY. It's way more important to make sure your spine is protected. .
- Keep your core, quads, and booty ENGAGED when you're extended out. You should be feeling the burn here! .
- Only lift up your upper back off the ground, NOT just your arms or head. The WHOLE upper body! Make sure when you do so that your shoulder blades come AND your chin still points to the sky. Don't crane your neck or tuck your chin into your chest. .
- Lift your legs and upper body at the same time. Try to touch your toes, but if not, it ain't no big deal! .
- Arch your lower back so that it lifts off the floor. - Bend your legs or arms... unless your hamstrings are insanely tight and you can't keep them straight when you lift. However, they should be straight as you lengthen out! - Tuck your chin into your chest or crane your neck. This puts a lot of strain on your neck and probably means you're not engaging your core to lift your UPPER back as well.

Again, take the exercises as slowly as you need. Quality over speed/quantity!! 💪💪💪Check out my last post for the VIDEO on how to do this exercise!

😂These guys are able to take shots to the groin that would normally leave a man on the ground, rolling in pain... They are able to do this because they have been hitting their groins for years, and this has resulted in their bodies having a significantly low response to neurotransmitters that signal pain. Amazing!😂 Thanks for watching @DollarADayFitness! (via unknown)

Leg day session with my girls... try this booty burner your next workout 💪🏼🍑 🔥.

Movement prep:
1. Lateral band walks
2. Ice skater band walks
3. Side lunges.

4 sets:
1. 10 (each side )Romanian Dead Lift
2. 10 ( each side) Bulgarian split squat
3. 10 Goblet squats - toes pointed out
4. 8 heavy squats
5. Physio ball ham curl burn out.

Workout fueled by @1stphorm 🔥


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Post 6, the final post of this Quadratus Lumborum series shows how the QL can prevent rotation in a single arm row on a TRX.
When it comes to core activation, it helps to fight the "set it and forget it" mentality.  In order to do this exercise efficiently, it's important to know when and where, and by how much to brace.  Practice targeting your core bracing with this exercise.  The most difficult portion of this exercise is the deceleration and acceleration phase.  Anticipate this point and be ready to brace accordingly.  As you approach the bottom and change direction, the core will have to brace extra hard to prevent the spine from rotating.
Leave suggestions in the comments below!  I'm considering to make the next series all about transverse abdominis activation or global core activation.
DM or email for personal training, coaching or business inquiries.
👉Email: EatSleepTrainSmart@gmail.com .
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🙆🏼TARA’s TIP TUESDAY🙆🏼 Over the next several weeks, I’ll be posting some of my favorite bodyweight exercises and what muscle groups you are working for each!

A squat is a full body exercise that trains primarily the muscles of the thighs, hips, glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings. The squat is a staple in every gym and workout routines across the world! A well performed squat has several parts to make sure the move is done correctly. Keep your back straight, with a neutral spine, and your chest and shoulders up. Keep looking straight ahead of you as you move. As you squat down, focus on keeping your knees in line with your feet and your shoulders back.

How do you like your squats? 💪🏼🍑 #tarastiptuesday #sponsored by @womensbest

Ring Shoulder traction. Great for labrum health #shoulderhealth

Workout tip Wednesday: One thing I want to start sharing more are ways that I learned how to build up to certain exercises that at one time seemed to be IMPOSSIBLE. I’m no trainer, and I’ll never claim to be but when I started working out I had to modify basically every exercise and it took me a long time to grow the strength that I needed to be able to do a workout guide the way it was intended. So I figure I’d share tips and tricks that worked for me and things that weren’t so helpful so we could all just grow stronger together!
One thing I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to do was a chin up. To me, it was something I felt was always out of my reach and I was confused that anyone had the upper body strength to not only hang onto a bar but then PULL THEIR BODIES UP. Like what? In my mind you just had to be ripped and basically superwoman to do chin ups so I avoided them 😂.But then I thought, why not try? If I could teach myself how to do pushups, there had to be a way to teach myself how to do chinups. So I started playing around with different things and what I found worked best FOR ME was training NEGATIVES. It allowed me to build my upper body strength and was a way for me to progressively reach my goal. So what is a negative chin up?
1. Grip an overhead bar, a pull up bar, a $20 over your door bar that you got from amazon- any bar will do and get to the top position of a chin up exercise- your head is over the bar and your arms are bent. (Use a partner or a bench to get there if you need to!)
2.If this is your first time training these- just see how long you can hold on and train this 3x4 times a week.
- if you find yourself struggling with this: take it to something a little easier and train dead hangs- where you’re gripping the bar and your arms are extended and you’re just seeing how long you can hold yourself up.
3.As you build strength, start from the top of the bar and slowly lower yourself until your arms are straight. This should take you about 8-10 seconds- you want slow controlled movement. Try this 3x and train this 3x4 times a week.
Start training with negatives and as you feel yourself getting stronger progress to assisted chin ups!


Build your upper chest with #inclinepushups - an awesome #bodyweightexercise you can do just about anywhere 💪www.exercises.com.au/incline-pushups/

This neck stretch will help keep your neck mobile and healthy. You don't realise how much you take your neck for granted until you injure it (🙋🏾😫I've been there before and it's not fun). This stretch is one of many basic exercises that will help with mobility and injury prevention.....
Drop your right ear to your right shoulder. Use your right hand to gently pull your head further into the stretch while dropping your left shoulder away from your left ear to maximise the stretch. Exhale slowly as you drop your head to your ear, and then breathe in slowly as you bring your head to centre, repeat on the other side. Don't force this stretch - move carefully and mindfully through the motions. My dance students are all too familiar with this exercise - we use our necks A LOT in class. You will also find that if you do a lot of upper body weight training that your neck is most likely tight - add this stretch to your regime regularly to prevent strains/muscle spasms.

Adding some whey back into my diet. It was 30% off. So why the fuck not?..

I know the pros of Muscle Milk but does anyone know or have any cons for Muscle Milk??? We would love any input!! Thanks!😁😁💪🏻💪🏻#musclemilk #musclemilkprotein

New blog post is up!

When it comes to monitoring progress on your physique transformation, the scale sucks.

In this article I outline five different ways to track results without ever stepping foot on the scale.

[link in bio]

Thankful Thursday : Desire, Passion, Direction accompanied with Action will surely take you towards your destination. There will most likely be bumps and wrong turns in the road but when you keep your eye on the goal you will have a beautiful journey. ☆ Cheers #healthy #inspire #inspireothers #exercisetips #exercises #exercising #healthykids #healthykidsfood #healthyfamilies #foodmatters #healthymama #eattherainbow #getmoving #healthychildren #foodmatters #healthymama #eatyourveggies #choices #agentsofchange #realfastfood #healthfoodrevelution #healthagents #juiceplus #juicepluscomplete #motivation #fitfam #activelifestyle

CHEST and BACK today. I was pretty weak during this one. Probably due to not getting enough sleep last night, so I just did 4 pairs of alternating sets instead of 5.

BB incline bench press 4x12
Pull ups 4x10

DB incline fly 4x10
BB bentover row 4x12

DB bench press 4x10
BB reverse grip bentover row 4x12

DB bench fly 4x10
DB bentover reverse fly 4x10

The mind is where it starts, 45 - 50 minutes high intensity is 10x better than 3 hours doing pointless sets, go in, one muscle group a day if needs be, kill it, all out focus in that time period, tear the muscle down, get the fuck out! #5percentnutrition #5percenters #5percentlifestyle #loveitkillit #5percentmentality #welcometomyworld #whateverittakes #alldayyoumay #killit #bodybuilding #weightlifting #motivation #gymmotivation #gymlife #gym #fitness #striveforgreatness #naturalbodybuilding #exercisetips #supra #suprafootwear #loughborough #fit4less #like #follow #instagood #photooftheday #love #life @5percentnutrition @1dayumay

"I'm not here for a long time so bring on the sunshine ☀️ " 🎶 #throwbackthursday to this past summers family vacation... this girls 🙋🏼 ready for that sunny and 75' weather! 🙌 suns out guns out 💪. #throwback #summer #vacation #cleaneating #healthandwellness #fitness #fitfam #exercise #muscles #workouttips #exercisetips #calisthenics #handstands #selflove #balance #kettlebells #acrosports #gymnastics #basketball #bosuballs #functionaltraining #girlsthatlift #stronggirls #fitgirls #gogold #childrenscancer #cancersurvivor #cancersucks ~"don't stare at me, don't look past me, just be there for me."~

Booty, Back & Hamstring home exercise! This is one of my fav moves to boost your 🍑!
Eccentric Glute Ham Raises
✅remove the seat off the Pull Down station or any station on a machine that has 2 round padded rollers that usually anchor your thighs
✅place a bench across where the seat would go so you can kneel on it and anchor the back of your calves
✅place another bench in front of you where your hands will land
✅slowly lower yourself (count to 4) toward the bench by squeezing you booty, back, hamstrings and calves - avoid just "dropping" onto the bench which would indicate the back of your legs need to be stronger for this move
✅keep your chest up and hips flat as you lower yourself to the bench and catch yourself lightly with your hands at the bottom
✅press lightly with your hands to pop you off the bench while squeezing you booty, back, hamstrings and calves to raise you back up to the starting position - the less you have to push with your ha day to get back up, the stronger you are getting
✔️to make it harder, lower yourself slower - count to 5 on the way down
✔️to make it easier, place a higher bench in front of you so you don't have to go down and up as far
✔️make sure you heels are anchored and your knees are supported or it will be uncomfortable
✔️prepare to be very sore from all the eccentric lowering work
✔️try starting at 6 reps for 3 sets, then increase from there.
Have fun Boosting that 🍑

Thankful Thursday : I wish I could give you my exact recipe for this Powerful Almond Pesto but like so many recipes I create I eyeball measurements. I can tell you this, I eat a whopping teaspoon of this just as is.
My ingredient list is Basil, raw almonds, pink Himalayan sea salt, olive oil and two cloves of fresh garlic. ☆ Cheers #healthy #healthyeating #healthyfood #foodie #smartfoodchoices #choices #realfastfood #healthfoodrevelution #healthagents #herbs #nature #naturesmedicine #alternativehealth #healthykids #healthykidsfood #healthyfamilies #foodmatters #healthymama #eattherainbow #getmoving #healthychildren #eatyourveggies #agentsofchange #warriorsforchange #don'tsettle #inspireothers #exercisetips #exercises #exercising #fitmom

How long can you hold a plank like this? Try alternating lifting each leg. Keep your knee straight and your hips still. Try lifting your leg and holding...then switch. Do this 15 times on each side. You should be able to feel it in your glutes! 😄💟

Shoutout to @tscheee for getting #shredded with our new ebook! It's great because she can perform these workouts anywhere even at the courts after basketball practice 🏀 it's an honor to have such badass and hardworking people from all over the world trusting us to help them become better athletes. Keep up the hard work, it's people like you who make me love my job and keep me motivated to never stop improving! ----------------------------------
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Is the 🔑

😂These guys are able to take shots to the groin that would normally leave a man on the ground, rolling in pain... They are able to do this because they have been hitting their groins for years, and this has resulted in their bodies having a significantly low response to neurotransmitters that signal pain. Amazing!😂 Thanks for watching @DollarADayFitness! (via unknown)

This is how to properly train calves. Extending the foot up and down super fast is NOT how to optimally train the calf muscles. You must feel the contraction! Check our SnapChat (ramsdenf) to see more. #RamsdenEliteFitness #calves #calftraining #calvestrainijg #fullrangeofmotion #ROM #fullROM #gymworkout #exercisetips #fitfam #fitnesstips

"We are what we repeatedly do."

This simple thought by Aristotle has helped me overcome procrastination, fear, laziness and plenty of the other self-limiting beliefs I've told myself to avoid the prospect of pain.

Want to be a writer? Are you writing? Want a better physique? Are you working out? Want better grades? Are you studying? Want to become an entrepreneur? Do you have a plan of action?

Success comes in small steps. That extra rep in the gym. That extra cold call. It's the little decisions that add up over time.

Final thought: In my college Art History class I had to come up with a 3-D art project that represented a famous artist. I decided I would recreate Andy Warhol's Campbell's soup can by duplicating it in the form of a cake.

I spent several hours grocery shopping, gathering ingredients, mixing batter, different colored icings, and eventually baking the cake. It wasn't until I began to put the finishing touches on it that people began to notice.

Classmates wanted to taste it.
Professors came over to check it out. Random students stopped me to chat.

All this made me realize one thing — people don't care about the hard work; most of the time they won't even notice it, but they do recognize and respect the results.

Bake your cake. Do the work. And enjoy your success.

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Support strength is an important component of #Chineseweightlifting. #Squat recovery's are similar to jerk dips in that they are a type of supportive movement to help athletes get used to heavy weights. You can perform these at various heights, statically or dynamically, for a few seconds or longer depending on the objective. But this version with 350kg performed by #mastrength friend #LiaoHui (69kg) is particularly used for core strength in preparation for heavy #squats in later #Weightlifting training. Additionally they can be used within the session they can provide extra intensity after a squat session.
So if you find your #technique breaking down after a particular weight or want to add mass to your back, try incorporating squat recovery's to make sure your support #strength is strong enough to keep your #balance and muscle tension. #GymLife #GymMotivation #GymTime #GymRat #GymFreak #PersonalTrainer #Training #ExerciseTips #TrainHard #TrainHarderThanMe #Fitness #ISSA #Canfitpro #FreeWorkout #TrainingTips #Fitnessfreak #cbbf #freakfitness #TrainerOfTheYear