..There's nothing like guaranteed success anywhere, someone somewhere must have paid the price. Nothing is free. Even freedom demands a price!
Plan to win, prepare to win, work smart and hard to win. *repeat the process*
Frequency is the name of the game!
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After a second reading of The Outsider by Albert Camus after over twenty years since I had first read it, the feeling is still the same, that of the realization of the 'ball and chain' that is conformism and the idea of the 'absurd': the situation that arises from the human tendency to seek inherent values such as goodness, divinity, truth, fraternity etc and the meaning of life and the human inability to find any. Meursault, like Sisyphus, is expected to do the society's bidding as per societal decorum or be found guilty, rather, be treated as an outsider to it and be 'purged'. He realizes at the end that the only true release from the Sisyphean drudge is by rebellion. He dies, hence, happy.
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Little kids want to be superheroes. Then, they (girls in particular) grow up and act like it’s uncool and reject being that awesome 🤷🏽‍♀️ Science reminds us it’s our teenage fear of standing out that tricks us into playing along and preferring invisibility over risk & reward. What WE know, is even in street clothes, we can see you. We see right through your facade and fitting-in to the REAL you. Annnnnd, we love you!! 👋🏽 Thank you to singer/performer/superstar Janey Brown for bringing this timely convo to the forefront by inviting Young Elites to join her on stage at June 10’s “Got Superpowers?” event in Charlotte. Read her post below and click the 🔗 in our bio to download the Mind Body app and sign up to attend. You can swipe to see what the event looks like once you click the link
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….. Ok you can leave the singing part up to me, but working out with the incredible @ironman9437 and listening to the words of @wesleytknight will light a fire in you and have you feeling nothing short of a superhero!!

Society tends to glorify extroverted people who possess obvious talents… but our objective for the “GOT SUPERPOWERS?” event is to demonstrate that everyone has the ability to make an impact in their own way.

Stoked for the special appearances by the brave women of the @youngelites who will stand beside me and reveal their superpowers as I perform.. as well as goodies from @clean.juice!! ☆ ☆
Download the @mindbody app and sign up (LINK IN BIO) today- LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE!!!
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In my experience, when I know exactly what I'm working towards, the path lines up before me and I'm able to make a direct route to achieving my goal!
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Repost By jone_sy2: (CNN) An Australian woman has been sentenced to death by hanging after a #Malaysian court overturned an earlier acquittal of drug smuggling charges.

A three-judge panel unanimously threw out the previous ruling in 54-year-old Maria Elvira Pinto Exposto's case, her lawyers told CNN. "An appeal will be filed in the Federal Court -- the final appeal," lawyer Muhamed Shafee said, who added his client was "a strong person." The grandmother and mother of four was arrested in December 2014 while transiting through the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur on a flight from Shanghai to Melbourne.

She was found in possession of 1.1 kilos (2.4 lb) of crystal methamphetamine and faced a mandatory death penalty under Malaysia's draconian drugs laws.

Exposto claimed she had no knowledge of the drugs in her bag and had been scammed by a boyfriend she met online, according to CNN affiliate, SBS News.

According to SBS, Exposto's lawyers said she had gone to Shanghai to file documents in relation to her boyfriend's retirement from service in the US army. When she left China, Exposto claimed she was handed a black backpack at the last minute, which she was led to believe only 
had clothes inside. The report did not say who handed her the backpack.

The backpack was flagged as suspicious by Malaysian customs, and a search discovered a secret compartment stitched into it, which had packages of crystal methamphetamine inside.

Late last year, she was found not guilty of drug trafficking by the Malaysian High Court. Prosecutors appealed however, preventing Exposto from leaving Malaysia and returning to her home in Sydney.

The ruling comes despite changes to Malaysian law last year which made the 
death penalty no longer mandatory for drug mules. Exposto still has another chance to appeal the verdict.

Drug trafficking is among nine classes of crime, including murder and treason, which still bear the death penalty in Malaysia.

According to the Cornell Center on the Death Penalty Worldwide, the country carried out four executions in 2017, down from nine the year before.

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I don’t care what “people” think, but I care deeply what a person thinks. I welcome any person who are willing to have the difficult conversations with me because they help me become better. As a teacher becoming better is the result that I’m responsible for. #teachersfollowteachers #teachers #iteachtoo #teachersofinstagram
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My friends, do you really spend time and energy worrying about people judging your ambitions,
Plans, business, start up ideas, concepts and thoughts?

Please don’t.
Every second you spend on other people’s opinions on what YOU’RE doing is wasted on your ability to take that same time and use it to execute on your actions to win the debate in the end 😉.
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Double tap ♥️ :
Remember where you came from, it really matters.
Never!! Never ever lose that gratitude.
One of the best traits which all of us can develop, and is also one of the best business traits, and what makes people get ‘Sales-people’ is Empathy.
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the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.

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New #tattoo based on the #classichorror #comicbook cover of #webofevil number 3. #electricchair #execution #themanwhodiedtwice . Thank you @jammerdesignz @sacredspacetattoo . It's been a while. Always great catching-up.

Cuando las ejecuciones salen mal. El tema de la pena de muerte es muy controversial. A lo largo de la historia han ocurrido ejecuciones que por infortunio o error en el procedimiento, han ocasionado un sufrimiento atroz para los condenados. Se han citado casos de ejecuciones de decapitación con hacha en que, por no afilar bien el instrumento, se han tenido que dar de tres a cinco golpes para separar la cabeza del tronco; o de casos en la horca de personas que no mueren de forma inmediata.(En 1981 un tailandés ajusticiado en Kuwait debió soportar unos diez minutos de suplicio porque su poco peso no fue suficiente para romperle el cuello). Jimmy Lee Gray murió en 1983 en la cámara de gas bajo una completa agonía. Tuvo convulsiones durante ocho minutos golpeándose la cabeza contra un poste de acero.. Willie Francis (inferior centro) fue condenado a muerte en 1945. En su ejecución, la silla eléctrica falló en matarlo, ya que ésta fue incorrectamente instalada. En 1985, en Indiana, William E. Vandiver todavía respiraba después de haber recibido una descarga de 2.300 voltios. Fueron necesarias otras cuatro descargas, y más de 17 minutos, para acabar con su vida. Ejecuciones con inyección letal como la de Bert Leroy Hunter (inferior izquierdo), en Misuri, en el año 2000, que según un testigo murió mientras "su cabeza y pecho se sacudían rápidamente hacia arriba",o la de James Autry (superior derecho), en 1984, que tardó más de diez minutos en morir y durante la mayor parte del tiempo permaneció consciente y quejándose del dolor; o la de Clayton Lockett quien fue ejecutado el 29 de abril del 2014 en un proceso que terminó en agonía y tomó 43 minutos en lugar de menos de diez; nos hacen pensar en que éste procedimiento no sea tan indoloro como se cree. Muchos juristas insisten en que aun el culpable del crimen más horrendo merece un trato humano. Merece entonces un reo condenado a ejecución la muerte mas cruel?

Getting the best lenders vying to loan you money for your business takes strategy, nous and execution. If you want to make the best move for a commercial loan talk to me.

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