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So freaking stoked!!! 6:17 on 18.2 and 120kg /265lbs power clean PB on 18.2a. Got a bit hyped !! Did a little dab on my 115kg lift. Swipe <<<————————————————— #excusemyprofanity #intheopen #lildab #18point2 @crossfitdeck @starr_strength @crossfitdeck

oh well, f*ck ‘em dog, we gon see how hard they ride 😈
DAMSF last night w @thepackdance was a success! missing a few but it was so much fun vibing out w the crowd and everyone on that stage! i just wanna thank @craigchadwick_ for so many things. for supporting me as his sister and a dancer. thank you for letting me choreograph a little part and for letting me watch you grow as a leader, performer, and person. you’re amazing. 💛 thank you to Bibi for having this event for all dancers to come and just have fun. my second time coming to DAMSF and i can’t wait for many more! 😝 and thank you to @chapkisdance for letting us practice in your studio! •••
#thepackdance #excusemyprofanity #hadtousethatline #lookalivelookalive

120kg overhead squat PB. Nice and easy jerk finished a bit twisted due to feet positioning . But was in a good position just slightly stood diagonal. And stoked with a time of 3:41 on 18.0 —————————————————
#dumpit @mitchellcox_83 @brookesouth14 #18pointzero @asnhunter @aust_sports_nutrition #fu€k0ff #knewihadit #listenquietly #excusemyprofanity

I promise in the midst of trying really hard to get into the best shape of my life, to try not to flood your pages with just my food or gym pictures. I promise to get a new mirror without the bars or atleast just clean this one and lastly I promise to myself to keep squatting because I really need a bigger ass. 🙈® #excusemyprofanity #icansayitbutyoucant #allingoodfun #weightlosstransformation #ineedselfielessons #weightlossjourney #notfallingoffagain

PSA 🗣🗣🗣 #excuseMyProfanity 🙃

When I'm fuck*d up, that's the real me, babe... #ExcuseMyProfanity

breaky for the win this morning... best damn bagel I've ever eaten #excusemyprofanity

I remember these, these are the things that get me arrested! #fuckyeah #excusemyprofanity

I don't know why I sound this way...
#excusemyprofanity #imnothighyouare

When my brother knows me too well.... 😂😂😂 #excusemyprofanity #siblinggoals #bribery @wr250jallen

#MAIMOA - I’ll be honest, this year hasn’t been easy trying to push a kaupapa like this, uphill! But with the awesome whānau support from the families that each of these members bring in, we were able to make it a success! Managing 11 artists isn’t easy! Especially when they live all over The North Island. We endured and we reaped benefits from hardship that not everyone will know. Our personal experiences and hardships remain our personal lessons! So use them to your advantage! Kei noho kuare! These lessons are yours to shape and mound your future. Final gratitude is to those very lessons that I’ve gained this year! AND WHAT A FUCKING YEAR IT WAS! #ExcuseMyProfanity #Celebrate #Acknowledge #Release #UNIVERSE

How do I get so lucky that they play Fight Night almost every time I go out? IDK 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😭😭😭 @quavohuncho @offsetyrn @yrntakeoff #excusemyprofanity #sorrymom

They See Pictures 💁🏽 They Say Goals 😍 Bitch I’m Who They Tryna Be! 👸🏽💋 #PrettyLittleThing #ExcuseMyProfanity @forevermalika

To the people that broke into our home last night and took our passports with our sentimental stamps in them and important documents and tried to steal my television (it was on its way out the window) and invaded our privacy— f*ck you, kindly 😊. We refuse to allow you to ruin this house for us. Karma will come and find you. Also, the gang’s all good, so don’t worry :-). It could have been worse. Here’s a nice lil mandala flow outside to get my head right*~*~ .
#yogaeverydamnday #excusemyprofanity #morepracticelessperfect #morepracticelessego #atlyogi #homegrown #flowoutside

Real Pretty 😍 With A Lot Of Ambitions 🙌🏽 Bitches Throwing Slick Shots 🤦🏽‍♀️ & Still Missing 👅 #KhadijahHaqqMCcray #ExcuseMyProfanity @foreverkhadijah

Malika Ain’t From New Orleans 🙅🏽 But She’ll Fuck It Up 💅🏽 Like She Katrina 🌪🌊 #ExcuseMyProfanity @forevermalika

Khadijah Bothering 👸🏽 All The “Unbothered” 😏 Bitches 😍💅🏽 #ExcuseMyProfanity @foreverkhadijah

If She Hating, Tell That Bitch To Let It Gooo! 😍🔥🌫 #ExcuseMyProfanity @forevermalika

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