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#transformationtuesday 😁 btw, I'm one of the few users on Instagram that has a Nikon camera and a $3,000 lens. It is a shame that some people have the nerve to say their photos are better than others just because of the type of equipment they have. Sad. Why can't we all get along? 😕

I know on my last bath photo I said last one. Well, I lied. Because I forgot about this one. 😍😍😍 The donut is natural soap, by the way.

"Ehrlich du hast Urlaub? So richtig?" 🐶 -
Ja so richtig richtig! 😍 ab heute haben wir Urlaub und brauchen bis einschließlich der ganzen nächsten Woche nicht zu arbeiten 👍🏻. Das wird großartig, vor allem weil wir so viele schöne Dinge vor haben. Unter anderem geht es für uns nämlich für ein paar Tage in die Eifel wandern 🐾☀️. Ich bin schon richtig gespannt, was wir dort alles schönes erkunden werden. Natürlich nehme ich euch da auf Snapchat mit und wir haben danach hoffentlich auch viele schöne Fotos im Gepäck 📷.

Kissing Sebastian is one of my favorite things 🌸💕
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ご飯まであと五分頑張るMaxineでおはようございます☺︎。 ㅤㅤㅤ

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When one of your sheep decides to be cheeky and makes a break for it, it is your duty as a herding breed to chase him down and gather him back into the flock.
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Bro's 💙 - Do we experience pack problems? Well 99% of the time we don't but there's always that 1% when we do. What we do know is that Queen Kyra is never involved in the issue. Usually the riot starts between Gaia and Zeus; actually it always starts like that. They are playing rough and suddenly Gaia gets "angry& #34; because of the play and starts the fight. The problem comes when Boss is near. When he is he usually targets Zeus directly, he would never throw himself to Gaia. Its a matter of nature. The male will never "attack& #34; the female, at least not a balanced male as Boss is. And why does he react, well pretty much because his pack or group loses balance. What do we do? We keep calm. Our first step is looking around and finding Boss. We go directly to him and hold him, let the others fight along. A second person, usually my mother (if the fight didn't stop) approached the two pups and we don't pull them away from each other just hold them so they don't rip anything as a result of a pull and basically find the moment when they release to get them off each other. Or we use water if there is some available. If Boss gets involved we first go towards Boss and Zeus and then attend Gaia. After that they are asked to lay down in the floor submissively and calm. They won't be allowed to stand up till they are totally relaxed. #DobieTeam #Packissues #howtoaddressproblems


"Music can change the world because it can change people."
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#throwbackthursday to our recent Melbourne-Adelaide road trip with a short stop at #Coonalpyn , 150km from Adelaide on the Dukes Highway, to watch the internationally renowned artist @GuidovanHelten in action painting the 30m high grain silos. Now completed, the silos feature magnificent portraits of 5 local primary kids.
Fabulous work Guido, 👏especially in the soaring heat. ☀️Definitely worth the stop.

#Coonalpynsilos @creating_coonalpyn

Ears 😍

Está dada a largada 🏁🏃🏽‍♀️ , vem aí a DOG RUN, vocês não vão ficar de fora né ?! Obrigada a todos! Evento organizado pela @petparty_eventos
Acesse: matilha.site.com.br

oliver takes a selfie 🐶

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