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@oh.tegan, don't ever stop telling me how much you love me. (We love capturing moments like this, lets us know that we're getting somewhere on our mission to raise boys to love and respect others💙) #raisingFISHERmen #onelove #lovelife #lovedogs #spreadlove #respect

This is my face when I’m trying to determine the distance it would take to me to get to that squirrel over there 🤔🐿
Let’s talk guys... have any of your dogs ever caught a squirrel? Jaxson has never caught/eaten anything on our walks... little Sadie caught a field mouse and ate it a week ago 🤦‍♀️
Share your doggie rodent hunting story below 😂🐿😵

I was trying to get some shots of the other dogs today but the little mouse kept creeping in on their pictures...so I gave her the spotlight ☺️💕🐭

Transformation! 🐶
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#sweaterweather is the best weather 💙 #mochifashiondiaries

wait for it...wait for it...WRESTLE 🔔

Fungry: The state of being fucking hungry.

#Drewbert #Cravebert #corgi #tongueouttuesday #tot


Mom is working hard on my 2018 Calendar, so here is a late #TOT from when we were transformed into pumpkins at the farm 🎃😂. Who is ready for Halloween 👻?

#snapyourpet to benefit the Atlanta Humane Society - that's where Roxy found us! http://cheer.li/S19zb84aZ

Does anyone else see a picture of a wet dog and then experience the overpowering smell of wet dog? 😳🤷🏻‍♀️
Bandana: @StellaLunaCompany
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Have you tried @rawbistro? We love their raw Canine Chicken Entree!

🌟🐾 Pet Of Today🐾 Photo: @bunbun_madam
Date:18.10.2017 🌾
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The sumac is so pretty around here right now. The fall colors seem so much better this year for some reason!

Nothing captures the essence of this dog more then his soulful eyes. ❤️ Side note: I apologize for my absence as school takes up a lot of my time now. Thank you to those who kept up with me and continue to share their support, I know I may not be able to reply to comments all the time but I do see them and they mean so so much. Thank you guys SO much 👏🏼

Sorry guys for the inactivity, we don't have internet at the moment 😣.
So far we are loving the new place 🙂. We have a couple of parks near by and trail so that's a plus. Made friend with a puppy named Luke 😊 today while mom was working, she left me with auntie and grandma to get spoiled 😂.
Took this picture with the guys on the weekend i have more but I haven't been able to download all of them yet 🙃.
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