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Dehydrating lemons, limes and mandarins. When you remove all of the water, it becomes condensed, making the fruit stronger and more flavorful. Perfect to throw into your lemonade, iced tea, hot tea or a glass of water! 👍🏻🍋 Just make sure you wash the fruit skins thoroughly!! #excaliburdehydrator #thekneadyhomesteader

When mangoes fill up the kitchen, it's time to bust out the dehydrator. #round8 #stacking #grip #hawaii #excaliburdehydrator ✨💛✨

Ready for SUNDAY SERVICE @cookdailylondon

✅ Силиконовые антипригарные листы 🐦 Excalibur Paraflex Ultra 🇺🇸 просто НЕЗАМЕНИМЫ для приготовления пастилы, батончиков и хлебцев в дегидраторе! 🍏🍞🥖🥐🍕🥞 Никакого контакта с поверхностями — они готовятся будто в воздухе! 🌬 Гладкость, равномерность, лёгкость и безопасные материалы! 🙏
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Did you know you can make tasty dehydrated breads, bars, & squares in your Excalibur Dehydrator? All this week we'll share a few of those recipes with you. Can't wait? Visit ExcaliburDehydrator.com for recipes (link in bio). #dehydrator #recipes #excaliburdehydrator #recipeshare #cooking

Fantastisk doft i köket!
#tomat #tomat

{3 quarts}
It seems like so much work for such a small amount but that's the great thing about dehydrating. Now I hide them from the girls until the winter months.
#dehydrating #excaliburdehydrator #stockingthelarder #eatlocal #winterprep

Dehydrating some veggies on this beautiful and hot Sunday 🌽#excaliburdehydrator #homesteading #driedcornislikecandy


It is a bit cooler and rainy here today so it is going to feel great having this 🌱Raw Pumpkin Red Pepper Soup🌱 that has been gently warmed in the dehydrator tonight. 😊 Warm and savory always hits the spot for me at dinner time! I do not use salt, oil, or sugar in any of my recipes. I added some celery and wakame seaweed to get that salty kick to it. 👍 I always eat greens with every meal, so YES I will be enjoying those greens on the side! I love dipping my greens in soup. It gives you a little crunch! I also added additional crunch by garnishing with sun-dried tomatoes, sunned and dehydrated mushrooms (Oh my! So delicious!!), and crushed walnuts. No, I will not be eating the lavender. 😉

La semana pasada nos pusimos a deshidratar Japón de pavo y tocino en nuestro deshidratador Excalibur y quedaron riquisimos.
Si quieres ver la receta no dudes en entrar a nuestro canal de youtube Omega & Excalibur Mx.
#Tocinodeshidratado #jamón #excalibur #excaliburdehydrator #botana #videonuevo

Oh my goodness.... This stuff is #awesome. Only 3.5 hours and it's perfect. I don't think this #jerky is going to last the day. I'm going to have to hide some away for @jared.buckner to try. Caleb already ate all those empty spaces worth (except the 2 I tried) These were full racks. @cmbuckner02 offered to buy the rest off me, that's how good it is. I told you #teriyaki is his favourite. We're thinking of heading to the store to buy meat!!!! Do you have any favorite jerky recipes? #excaliburdehydrator

Trying my hand at homemade #jerky . Marinated it for 18 hours in homemade #teriyaki and it's now in the #excaliburdehydrator. Teriyaki is @cmbuckner02's favorite jerky. If this works out, I'm looking forward to trying many flavors!!!

This side of the kitchen makes me happy! Homegrown and home fermented delights! #homebrew #excaliburdehydrator #saurkraut #kombucha

🤔What to do with 6lbs of Organic Strawberries • Eat'em 😜 • Freeze'em for smoothies • Share'em with your pupper pals 🐶 • Roll'em up #fruitrollups #fruitleather 😊If only this could be a smell-a-gram. Home smells delicious 🍓. Made using only puréed ripened strawberries and lemon juice.
Made without 🚫Chemicals 🚫Dyes 🚫Fake sugar #dehydrator
#excaliburdehydrator #vitamix #homemade #plantbasedchef #compassion #vegan #plantbased #crueltyfree #ahimsa #dairyfree #veganfood #veganism #plantstrong #love #grateful #healing #rawfood #health #poweredbyplants #vegansofinstagram #summer #animallover #chicagovegan #amstaff #staffy #adoptdontshop

Homegrown stevia extract: first try. #prairievodka #homestead #weck #excaliburdehydrator #backyardgarden

A special night. Dehydrated onion bread. Quite the tasty treat. #ExcaliburDehydrator #VeganDeliciousness

2-3 quarts of fresh picked heirloom cherry/grape tomatoes in the dehydrator that Jared borrowed from work. #sundriedtomatos #freshproduce #prepper #wastenotwantnot #mansandwiches #gardenproduce #excaliburdehydrator

Voilà une savoureuse recette de muesli salé qui accompagnera à merveille vos salades cet été en leur apportant une touche croustillante. Pour un bocal :
⚫Commencez par concasser 80 g de noisettes.
⚫Versez les dans un saladier avec 120 g de flocons de céréales (avoine, riz, pois chiche... Choisissez vos préférés), 60 g de graines de tournesol, 1 cuillère à café de cumin en poudre, 1 cuillère à café de sel, 2 cuillères à soupe d'huile d'olive, et 2 cuillères à soupe de sirop de riz.
Mélangez soigneusement pour lier le tout avant d'étaler la préparation sur une plaque en l'abaissant à 1 cm d'épaisseur.
Deux options s'offrent à vous pour la cuisson : la version "douce" au déshydrateur (environ 6h à 70°) ou bien la version rapide au four (15 minutes dans un four préchauffé à 160°).

Make this weekend a sweet one with this Watermelon🍉 Jerky recipe!

2 Watermelons
1-2 tsp Sea Salt

1. Cut watermelon into 1 inch slices
2. Discard ends and remove rinds
3. After removing the rind cut slices down to about 1/4 inch thick.
4. Lightly salt and then place watermelon slices on your Paraflexx lined Excalibur Dehydrator trays
5. Dry at 135 degrees F for 18 hours

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