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Hello guys, I had a wonderful weekend. My boyfriend came over and we watched a bunch of movies and he helped me with accounting. I didn’t understand it but thanks to his help I do now 🤓 He is a student in accountancy so it’s his specialty 😛 Yes, the notes are not that pretty but he made sure we practiced until I understood every little thing! At the moment I am getting ready to eat kebab (or kapsalon) for dinner with my boyfriend and sisters. What are your plans for tonight?

Hey SPM victims 👏🏻😈 I know korg tgh berjihad utk 'pecutan terakhir'. So, here you go- last tips for studying science subjects. Ni balik sekolah, rehat sat then sambung lah apa yg patut dibuat. Basically, korg ada banyak masa jugak sebab exam start dgn paper bm etc (walaupun mmg tinggal a few days kan)

So what you can do:
1. Paper 1 (chem, bio, physics) utk tiga2 subjects ni sama je. Kena buat past years and state trials. If tak ada state trials pun, would do. Paper 1 ni dlm kereta pun boleh buat. Sebab, bulat2 then check kt jwpn blkg. If salah, habiskn tanda semua soalan dulu then get back to questions yg korg salah and try to solve it. Tak dpt? Tanya kwn/cikgu.

2. Paper 2. Utk paper 2 ni special sikit coz i took a few pics for you guys on how did i answer those questions.
i) For bio, time jawab latihan paper 2, PASTIKAN skema jawapan ada dgn korg. Sebab bio ni dia CEREWET -namampos- tak ada keywords yg dia nk, tkde markah. Hurailah pnjg mana pun. Markah tk dpt lol. (Harith buat cara ni dpt B+. So if korg put A as your target, you should do more lah)

ii) Chemistry 😍. For chem, i make sure i jawab semua past years. Bila dah habis baru i moved to trials. Nk compare btw these 3 subs, my chem book lah yg paling belacan. Lol. Sama jgk mcm bio, kena rujuk jwpn. If u tgk gmbr yg I snapped, kan ada brackets yg i buat then tanda kan? Haa that was when i rujuk jwpn blkg n found the answer mmg tepat. That is the way i marked my answers. And lg satu, ingt steps nk jawab specific questions. Contoh, last yr famous soalan oxidation of iron. Cerita lah blablabla n lukis the diagram.
iii) Phys. Last yr, physics was such a pain in my ass honestly 😅 but i didnt give up. What did i do? Focus on p1 n p3. Bila dah mcm master these 2 papers (master ke? 👀 lol), pergi p2 and buat spot questions yg cikgu kasi n rujuk jwpn.

3. Last skli: INGAT, masa malam before exam, that is NOT THE RIGHT TIME for u to DO/ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. Just READ n go through apa yg u dah buat. Kasi lah otak korg chance nk rehat before it battles in the war esok pagi 😆

So, that's all from me. I hereby bid my best wishes to all of you 💕🙌🏻 Dont forget to ask ur parents n tecahers to pray for u 😉

Love u Jackie..!
#srilanka #Studies #exam

Ne tatlı insanlar beni takip ediyor daaaa haberim yoook🙊
Hep yanımda olun oldu mu çiçeklerim, çünkü ben hep sizin yanınızdayııım🌸 Ruhlarımız aynı province de🌿 picamalarınızdan öptüm🙊 #yolunsonundamutlununyolarkadaşları

A beautiful Silver-haired Bat went through our examination process with flying colours! Weighing a healthy 14.1 grams, its mouth, hair and body all looking clean. It was brought to Wildlife Rescue after it was found grounded, unable to fly. This is actually normal for the Silver-haired Bat as they're unable to fly again without a bit of height to catch flight first. If it was blown off a tree and unable to climb back up, it can be grounded for awhile. It's going to be given a flight test soon, and if all goes well it will be released! #bat #silver #Exam #wildliferescue #wildliferehab #healthy #good2go #batweek

The final countdown 😱 1st anatomy exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!


@beyondblueofficial provide some great tips for students at www.youthbeyondblue.com/do-something-about-it/surviving-year-12
The team at MYND wish students and their families the best of luck as they enter this period of year.
If you, or someone you know, may benefit from support surrounding exams or other stressful periods, please feel free to call our psychologists on (03) 9810 3140.

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#경희대학교 #학부 #후마니타스칼리지 #중간고사 #midterm📚 #exam #한국어 #koreanlanguage #biginner1 #초급1 #교환학생 #정부초청장학생 #유학생
학부 중간고사 기간.
추석연휴 때문에 뭐 한 거 없이 시험 보는 듯.
50명이라 강의실이 꽉 찬다.
띄엄띄엄 앉지도 못해 커닝하기 쉬울 텐데 친구 거 보면 점수 없다는 말에 다들 고개도 안 돌리고 시험지만^^
얘들아, 시험지 구멍 나겠다~
그나저나 이번주는 이것저것 채점 하다 시간 다 가겠네😂😂

I am still in shock and elated to be as well as I am in my physics class...🌚🌝🤷🏽‍♀️👀😍♥️🤗AND to be falling in love with physics as deeply as I am. I never imagined wanting to actually major in physics 😳🤓🤔yet here I am....and how funny is it that the “father of physics” (Galileo) is Italian!?!! 😎🇮🇹🙌🌟☺️😋
I have been and continue to be extremely inspired by people in the field of physics. They make my passion and enthusiasm for our universe seen or normal or pale in comparison.
Thank you @siangoan for your spectacular example of a life lived with courage, fortitude and vision. I am taking notes and seek to make comparable impacts in my own ways. May any and all of you who strive to be more and help other along the way
#americaninlovewithitaly #physics #college #classes #exam #happystudent #chandaprescodweinstein #galileo #carlsagan #elonmusk #funwithphysics #futurecosmologist #dreamingofastrophysics #somanypossibilities #openmind #openheart #shineon

ㅎ ㅏ..시험 아직도 다섯개 남은거 실화?

Currently prepping to kill this exam this week 💪🏼📚👩🏻‍🎓

This week is #midterm week. #cafe #restaurant and even #park full of students bringing their #exam materials 😂 this moment is the perfect ones to capture how life is as a #student here. Anyone thinking of korean degree? Prepare to get beaten by your professors 🤣 Ah that picture taken at 1 am.
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Goddess of love... take me to your planet, take me to your Venus, your Venus, your Venus ✨ si, mañana tengo examen de Ginecología #studying #ginecology #exam

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