The last weekend of the school holidays was well spent by the seniors at the bowling alley 🎳 and in the Krispy Kreme line 🍩🤤 GOODBYE term 2! #evyouth #bowling #krispykreme

• Jeremiah Ch 31 v 33 • #evyouth #jeremiah31v33

Just like that, term 2 is wrapped up! We finished with a mid-winter Christmas which involved all good things such as competitive games, knitted jumpers, a festive spirit and full bellies. TERM 3 DEBUTS ON FRIDAY 27/07/2018🎄🎉❤️✨#evyouth #midwinterchristmas

This term we have been learning about God’s faithfulness. In Genesis we were reminded of how He perfected his plan using Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who were sinners like us. Through them, he blessed the world with Jesus so that we, and all the generations to come, may know Him! #evyouth #genesis #godisfaithful

Come check us out! 😎 #evyouth

At Ev Youth we are a bunch of young people excited about Jesus and the future He offers, and we are keen to share His story with everyone we know! We know we’re not perfect, but that’s exactly why we need Jesus, and we love spending time at EV Youth getting to know and love Him more alongside having lots of fun!
All youth years 6 - 13 are welcome to join us - we would love to get to know you! Details of Friday nights and Sunday mornings are in the link in the bio above.
SEE YOU THERE!! ✝️ #evyouth

I grew up in the lovely quiet streets of Kincumber. I had a loving and supportive family who loved me very much...but all that changed when the fire nation attacked.
In a last desperate attempt to save me, my family put me in a whicker basket and snuck me out of the house. That was the last I saw of them. The next thing I remember was waking up in Canada with oppa & nonnie.
They have made me the young woman I am today.
I went to study at Canada’s best veterinary school but after surviving off a diet of fairy floss and red bull and failing 70% of my subjects I left Canada and went to Antarctica to play with the penguins. That has been my life for the last 12 years.
Coming to phat has been so utterly life changing.
I’ve met the most beautiful people and learnt some astonishing things. I don’t want phat to ever end.
#phatfriends #evyouth #phatevyouth

Chicken Wings #evyouth

Its past midnight and i luv my friends

#photography #youth #fashion #evyouth

EV Youth's PHAT is fast approaching, and DJ K9 and Basssick will be heading up the final night dance party once again!

Their combined lighting setups will run alongside the week's gigantic sound production installation, which altogether will aim to blow the minds of the 300+ in attendance 🔊

Myuna Bay Sport and Recreation Centre will be the venue, contact us directly for info about dates and tickets.

Had a great time to night, thanks @kaysie.harrex & @jess.i.c.aa 🙌🏻💕
- #phat2k17 #phatreunion #evyouth

PHAT 2017 was absolutely bonkers 👻 @djbasssick and @k9ruffruff brought the magic again this year to their favorite crowd @_evyouth on Wednesday
Stay tuned to see to see this year's amazing set🔊
#djbasssick #djk9 #evyouth #tgif #music #dance #dancemusic #party #warehouseparty #jump #healthy #fun #health #rnb #electrohouse #futurehouse #strobe #blacklight #disco #hiphop #trapmusic #housemusic #electrohouse #traktor #traktordj @traktor_dj #dj

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