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Once again, the sounds that come out of us have a very real impact on the universe outside of our "self". Really even the thoughts and emotions within us have a direct effect on our environment whether we are conscious of it or not. Self talk in your head is a conversation with the universe. Appreciate it and be grateful for this life and watch how much more comes to you. Thankyou, I love you 💙💙💙 #Repost @enlightenedprophets with @repostapp

I've been emotional about this all week. So much I could say here, but the photo says everything #💔 #evolvedconsciousness #grace #thankyou 📷 @cassblackbird (also thank you to the people who unfollow me because of this post - #clearlynotresonant #allset #✌🏼)

Surround yourself with people who uplift you. Those who empower you to be the best version of who you are. Those who make effort to show up and be there for you.
Let go of the people who drain you and put you down. Those that make you feel horrible and keep you from rising.
Fill your world with the individuals who honor and respect you. Those that want to see you succeed. Those that want to see you happy...that when you're happy- they're happy for and with you.
When you make the decision to love and honor yourself, you learn to surround yourself with those that love and honor you too. ❤
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"Mindfulness is moment by moment awareness of our thoughts feelings and outside environment. Live with compassion and understanding for others". If you can make it to Paddy Brosnan's next Practical Mindfulness Workshop on 28th May at Citywest hotel we highly recommend 🙏🏼👍🏻 www.paddybrosnan.ie #evolvedconsciousness #awakenedspirit #onelove #mindfulness #awareness #compassion

No propaganda, no hiding, no facade, no bullshit. I choose to rise. I choose to open my doorway of spirit. I choose to stay awake. I choose to break the hologram of the matrix. I choose to stand and face my fears, looking it's illusion right in the eyes. I choose to be one with conscious living. I choose my soul. 👁 #soulcalling #indigochild #healingvibrations #higherdimensions #ascendedbeing #evolvedconsciousness #indigochild #earthangel #spiritmission #collectivesociety #onelove #universalenergy


Art Art Art Art 💫✨🌈⭐️⚡️

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