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When he trying to tell you a story but you see right thru the yip yap

Fun night tho thanks to my ex husband @stokelyhathaway

For everyone in Queens last night... Thank you for sharing this with us. Since the day we signed our contracts it's been a road paved with matches against the best competition for the company that produces the most solid no frills professional wrestling today. It's only right we brought the titles home in New York City against two of our best friends who are two of the best wrestlers in the world. No gimmicks, no compromises. THIS is pure tag team wrestling. #evolve82

Things just got fancy! #EVOLVE82

Darby Allin suffered a fractured elbow Saturday night after he was hit in the elbow with a shovel during EVOLVE 82 — and his flesh was torn right down to the muscle.

Read the full story at ProWrestlingSheet.com (link in bio)
#DarbyAllin #Evolve #Evolve82

The God Timothy Thatcher vs. Matt Riddle #evolve82

Being 19 traveling the country getting to chase my dream is surreal. #theoryscoming. #evolvewrestling #wwe #prowrestling #evolve82

5:09 AM. Finally finished Ethan vs. Darby in the last man standing match. No description, you've just gotta watch it for yourself.


When @instagram still doesn't allow you to save drafts of multi photo posts.. Annoying #EVOLVE82 @stokelyhathaway

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