huomenta 🌤 #evknyytti

it’s rare to find someone you just click with, but when you find that person all time stops and it’s magical. i cannot count the times i’ve been baffled by the fact that i’ve known this girl for such a short amount of time. spending time with her and watching her be her amazing self is something i will never tire of. thank you for being the best of the best, friend. i’m so proud of the fact i get to call you that. ❤️ #vilmanda #evknyytti

rissekuvia? parempi myöhässä kuin ei koskaan ✨ #kalukelluu #evknyytti

porvoolainen turisti juo veriappelssiinilimsaa #evknyytti

kauhukaksikko valloittaa disneyn: osa 2 💖 #disney #evknyytti

i’m that chia pudding hoe now #evknyytti

fun times #evknyytti

nerF THIS I DARE YOU 💣💞✨ haha i just realized i forgot to post photos of my d.va cosplay from yukicon! these are some of my favorites 💓 #cosplay #overwatch #dva #yukicon #evknyytti

kävin teatterissa :) #evknyytti

in case anyone was wondering what my choreography process looks like, this is it. i’ve been working on my dance diploma for a few months now, and it has been so fulfilling. i hope that anyone who ends up seeing it will catch even a part of the feelings i have put into it. this here is just improv, but all the emotions are still there 🖤 (oh and shout-out to @vilmabrownie for unintentionally giving me the confidence boost to post this x)
#dance #contemporarydance #improv #evknyytti

everyone get your #wandsready for the crimes of grindelwald trailer TODAY!! ✨ i’m so excited aaaAAAAAA 💖💖 #evknyytti

joo siis kävin todellaki kattomas tätä enkä vaa pyöriny täs teatterin edessä #evknyytti

wishing i were anywhere but where i am now (miss you, sunny greece 🌸) #evknyytti

happy international women’s day! here is but a handful of inspirational, beautiful, strong, bad-ass ladies who i look up to 💓 #womensday2018 #girllove #evknyytti

thank you for being my rock, you absolute angel 💛 (also you’re so gorgeous i’m 100% sure taylor actually just wrote the song about you) #vilmanda #evknyytti

"bicycles are like the acoustic version of motorbikes" #evknyytti

i got no brand girls hanayo & (idk, casual?) ruby last week at @yukiconfin and i could not be happier with my little collection 💗 #lovelive #evknyytti

in serious need of this rn (whether i mean the cats, the netflix or both is for you to decide) #evknyytti

... ja eihän tää päivä (tai mikään muu päivä) ois ollu yhtä niin hyvä ilman tätä rakasta 💓 such a cute angel you are 💗 #penkkarit2018 #vilmanda #evknyytti

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