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When you get to work, at work #pastry #evilwriting #practicemakeperfect #nz2016

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It Begins. Ep. 2

Vrang watched Erenya.

The manner in which she took care of the Blight Wolf, he was mesmerized.

No fear, cold, calculating, fearless.

Against everything, he was impressed, he was actually proud of her.

He moved. She noticed. She screamed when she saw him.

Vrang smiled. His daughter remembered him.

That scream would likely have riled her friends.

Vrang weaved air around them, cutting off Erenyas screams. He added spirit and shrouded them in darkness, bending away the light so that they would not be seen.

He grimaced, she would not stop screaming.

It baffled him, amused him but, it also made him concerned and he couldn’t tell why.

Had he really manage to ruin her so completely.

Vrang shook his head and began to weave again.

Time to take his daughter back to camp with him. Vrang opened a Gateway but suddenly something came flashing, smashing down and into him. It was snarling, clawing, howling, it was rabid, it was…
Struggling to fend of the attacker Vrang realized the screaming had stopped. He was trying to defend himself from his daughter… She had broken free of her fear and now… now she was the most terrifying thing he had ever encountered.

Erenya was no longer afraid. She was not feeling anything. Nothing except, rage.
He struggled, she was channeling in some manner, she is not aware of it, the thought crossed his mind.

Vrang retreated, threw himself through the Gateway.

The Blight Wolves would have to take care of things. They should have spread the taint to enough creatures to make things difficult for Erenyas friends.

He was shaking as he arrived back at camp. Luckily, Erenya had not made it through. He was safe

#huntforcelestial #weavesofthewheel #talanverse #rp #evil #villan #evilstories #evilwriting

It begins. Ep 1.

The Dark Lords luck must be with him, Vrang mused.

He had return to the spot where the battle had taken place, the battle between his daughter, her friends and the Trollocs. ⚫

His rabid, tainted wolves were on the loose in the woods, he could hear them snarling and growling far-off.

Vrang had found the tracks of the hunting company.
After following them a while, he had seen flickering light in the distant among the trees.

A campfire. Their campfire.

Vrang concealed himself and waited. ⚫

Now what was this… a woman in grey with a… tiara… out on a lonely night walk.

Vrang felt that familiar itch, to open her up, bleeding her dry, it would be a wonderful pastime.

But no, he had other business to take care of tonight.

He didn’t have to wait long.

She came stumbling soon enough, also alone, in obviously pain.
His daughter.

Seemed she was following something… that she had been beckoned to come out here…

Then he saw the wolf, one of his, it was standing on fallen tree, looking straight into Erenyas eyes.
Rabid, tainted, foul, rotting.
A Blight Wolf.

His daughter. She, did not back away. She was not afraid.

In fact. His daughter seemed to be more of a monster than the rabid wolf.

It was Erenya, it was his daughter, but… something was wrong.

He realised… he was actually afraid of her.

#talanverse #weavesofthewheel #wheeloftimeseries #evil #villan #evilstories #evilwriting #villanstories #fanfiction #evilplans

Picture Credit, found them on Pinterest. Don't know the maker.

Mountains of Mist

That was unexpected… That was not meant to happen... As the battle died down Vrang left, he doubted that any of the wolfkin would have had time to catch his scent in the chaos that had erupted when the trollocs arrived. Then that Aes Sedai with the tiara fell into some sort of slumber and… and his daughter showed obvious signs of ailment… however, not in the manner he had expected.

Back at his camp Vrang took out another small pouch of the poisonous powder and looked at it thoughtfully. His daughter showed some peculiar side effects he had not expected…

Could it be… because she was a wolfkin… or was it something else… “Bring me some wolves… and villagers”, Vrang shouted to a Myrddraal.

This was a potent poison but subtle in small amounts, he had created it, with some aid… well, he had been told to find a new kind of poison, and so he had.

He had always believed that it was possible to turn the tainted plantlife and wildlife in the Blight into something… useful.

Vrang was pulled from his thoughts as pain ridden howls filled the air, as expected, when administered in large quantities, death came slow and painfully with obvious tell tale signs of the taint found in the Blight… however… no one of the previous experiments or any of the current had vomited black bile… only his daughter had done that, odd, very odd indeed.

A few wolves still lived. They had been given smaller doses of the poison but large enough to speed up the process. They were mad with pain now… rabid… with festering sores and bloody froth dripping from their mouths. “Let them loose, let’s see what manner of havoc they can wreck before they die”. Vrang created two Gateways, one to the Mountains of Mist, close to his daughter's last location and one close to the Borderlands, four wolves were released through each of the Gateways, three were taken to a closeby village. “Let the new experiment begin”, Vrang mused.

The Highest had complained a few times about his habit of disregarding orders… but he did cause plenty of suffering and panic wherever he went, she should be pleased with his latest whim.

The Plot Thickens. Ep. 2 “The girl left through a Gateway with some other people, and it appears that both her and her warder have yellow eyes… one Grayman managed to follow them through…” Vrang listened intently to the Myrddraals report, delivered with a cold and raspy voice and counted… 10 days since he gave the pouches to the grey… Erenya would soon begin to feel the full affliction of the contents in the pouches… she should already show subtle signs… but a few more days and it would be taking over her… “Make contact with the grey and have it inform us of the whereabouts of Erenya and the others”. The Myrddraal vanished and Vrang cursed… yellow eyes… his daughter was not only an Aes Sedai… she was one of those blasted vermins, the yellow eyed vermins… still… Vrang jerked his head to one side with a snapping sound. A yellow eyed one could be useful to have around. “Mountains of Mist”. Vrang turned around eyeing the Myrddraal. Have the grey continue as before, he told it. Our treasure is within grasp, Vrang grinned.

#weavesofthewheel #talanversestories #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries #evil #evilwriting #evilstories #fanfiction

The Plot Thickens. Ep. 1

The Myrddraal stood in silence, uncertain if its report had pleased its master or not. “One dead of seven… and in direct contact with my girl… her warder killed it”. An interesting turn of events, Vrang thought. His daughter had already become an Aes Sedai, of the Green Ajah and had a warder… a peculiar one at that.

But how to proceed… Vrang grinned and fetched something from a tiny chest he always had with him. “Have the Grey continue to follow her and watch her, I want to know everything about her and that warder… also… have them put this in her drink and food as often as possible”. Vrang gave the Myrddraal six small pouches. “One for each grayman, only a pinch of it each time”. The path became ever more clear, his daughter would make a fine addition to the Dark Lord's collection, and to the ranks of his servants. The Highest should be pleased with his plans once they unfold entirely.

#wheeloftimeseries #wheeloftimerp #talanversestories #weavesofthewheel #evilstories #evilwriting #fanfiction (Credit: Myrddraal=patthompson008. Pouch=domesticgeekgirl.com

The Girl

Tar Valon, the girl had become one of those damn Aes Sedai, or was on in the process to become one!

However, a tiny sliver of… what was this… pride? Yes it was pride… the little girl could channel, just like him.

Perhaps… perhaps she could be salvage… yes… He could salvage her and bring her to the Dark Lord.

Vrang grinned, all thoughts of the golden eyed woman lost. He had a new goal. He would obtain the girl, she could be used, twisted, turn her to the Shadow.

Someone made a noise behind him. “You promised… you promised… to let me go... “

The woman sobbed, holding her chest, life quickly leaving her. “Yes, I did, and I have… I have been gracious enough to let you go from this world”. Vrang snickered and watched as his pet draw her last ragged breath.
Vrang turned towards one of the Myrddraals. Fetch me a few of the Grey… I have a mission for them, in Tar Valon.

The Highest probably doesn't mind if a few Aes Sedai dies.

#talanversestories #wheeloftimeseries #wheeloftimerp #evil #evilstories #evilwriting #robertjordan

Finding Answers

She had to continue, she had to, Master Vrang would spare her if she did…

Holding the knife had become increasingly harder with every finger the Master cut of her hands as payment for wasting his time. She was his pet now, to do with as he pleased, but if she did good… if she… he would let her live.
Vrang watched as his little pet sank her dagger in yet another Tuatha'an child, her work was sloppy but it still made the child produce horrible screams and causing the adults to wail in despair… It was sweet music. “Now, this will be all over once you tell me what happened to the black haired woman with golden eyes that you once harboured, we know this is the caravan she used traveled with”. One man eventually stepped forward. Apparently it was his daughter that Vrang’s pet were bleeding. He was crying, both in fear and sorrow it seemed and stuttered out his answer. “She left.. long ago.. when her daughter was brought to Tar Valon by a grey sister… please.. let my child go…” Vrang stood up and danced down to the man who had provided him with this answer. He laughed and embraced the man then led him about in a jerky dance.
Finally, Vrang stopped and looked the man in the eyes, uttering one word… No.
“Pet, kill them all and burn everything… then we will talk about if you pleased me or not”. Some more death and chaos spread about, the Highest should be content.

#wheeloftimeseries #wheeloftimerp #talanversestories #weavesofthewheel #robertjordan #roleplay #evil #evilstories #evilroleplay #evilwriting #fanfiction

When you get to work, at work #pastry #evilwriting #practicemakeperfect #nz2016

Diary" I've always had a diary, sometimes it's all what u need . And stimes when u are carrying a lot and u want to just take it off ur shoulder and burry it. Write like cross words , write words on top of each other :D it came out beautiful but still a secret ! Still art :D!!#evilwriting#blackbook#diary#writing#hobby#secrets#weird#beautiful#art#ink#drawing#peribelle#frames#topsecret

อคาเดมิค เลเวล 34726 😌 ##eviltutorrr #evilwriting

Ironically I hit the 666 word count mark last night. ‪#EvilWriting‬ ‬‪#IndieAuthor‬ ‪#AmTyping ‬Plus, a sneak peak at some of my writing.

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